8 Tips For Making Your Home Feel Calmer: Create A Calm Home

Your home is the place where you should feel the calmest and most at peace. But often our home environment does the opposite. It can make us feel chaotic and overwhelmed. Thankfully, there are steps you can take to make your home feel much calmer and truly make it a peaceful place to be. So today we are going to chat about the tips for making your home feel calmer. That you can then implement in your home so you can really have a calm home!

Before we get into these tips I do want to quickly chat about the importance of making your home calm.

Why is a calm home so important?

  • Creating a calm home environment can be incredibly beneficial to your mental health. It allows you to have a space where your mind can focus on growing and healing and not be caught up in the items/chaos around it.
  • Your home is your place to feel good. It’s really the only place you can have that kind of control over. So make it a place where you truly feel good, calm, and happy.
  • A chaotic home can pull you away from being productive and efficient. A calm home is a notably better environment for being productive so you can work towards making your dreams come true!

Now that we have covered why a calm home is so important let’s get into these tips for making your home feel calmer.

8 Tips For Making Your Home Feel Calmer: Create A Calm Home

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8 Tips For Making Your Home Feel Calmer

How to have a calm home:

Tip 1) Don’t buy the clutter.

The first tip is the most obvious but it’s the most helpful!

If you don’t let the clutter get into your home then your home won’t get cluttered again. Therefore, a less cluttered environment will make it also a calmer and less chaotic environment.

However, that is a lot easier said than done. So I have a couple sub-tips for keeping yourself from buying the clutter.

  • Avoid the clearance racks. If it’s on clearance there is a high chance you’re buying it just for the deal not because you actually need it. 
  • Don’t go into stores that you don’t actually need anything from. Stopping into TJ Maxx that’s right next to your grocery store can be tempting but that’s how you end up with clutter!
  • Have a game plan for everything you buy. If you see something cute in a store that you really want make sure you have a plan for it. Where will it go in your home? When will you wear it? Etc! If you can’t answer those questions then don’t get it.

Tip 2) Only use decor that you really like.

Throwing up a piece of artwork or keeping a random knickknack on your shelves just because you have them doesn’t mean that you are creating calm and peace in your home.

Actually it could be doing the opposite! Clutter causes chaos but you can fix that by going around your home and only keeping the decor up that you actually like to see and adds to your home in a positive way.

If a piece of decor does not add positively to your home environment then it shouldn’t be in your home!

For me this means adding decor that reflects myself and my family. Photo Wall (https://www.photowall.se/) has great options for adding personalized art or getting wall decor that really reflects you because they have so many design options with something for everyone!

Tip 3) Keep counters clear and organized.

Messy counters is one of the quickest ways a home can feel overwhelming and not calm.

This can be a really simple tip for keeping your home calm once you get them cleared and organized one time. After that it is just a matter of maintaining!

I recommend taking one weekend day and addressing all of the counters in your home (Kitchen, bathrooms, etc). Which can feel like a lot but it will be worth it in the long run for the calmness it creates in your home.

Tip 4) Accept that not everything needs filled or decorated.

This can be a hard one to accept. Or maybe that’s just me!

But embrace the white space. Embrace places that don’t need to be decorated just because they don’t have decor on them yet.

Allowing spaces in your home to be calm and not cluttered will majorly help your home feel calm.

Tip 5) Have a constantly running donation bin.

The next tip is to have a donation bin in your house that everyone know where it is! So when someone realizes they don’t want a certain piece of clothing or a kid outgrows something you can just toss it right into the donation bin.

Then when the bin is full drop it off at your local charity of your choice! 

That way the clutter doesn’t stay in your home until your next decluttering session. Maintaining a small amount of decluttering through having a constant donation bin is an awesome way to keep your home clutter free.

Tip 6) During weekly cleaning make sure everything has a home.

I am a big fan of taking 30 minutes during weekly cleaning to ensure that everything in your home has a home. 

Make sure all the flat surfaces are cleared off and any new purchases have been put into their new home. 

I also like to always double check that no one else in my home has been shoving things into random places (we all know it happens) and then put them in their right home or declutter them out of the house.

Tip 7) Keep storage out of sight.

Out of sight storage is huge for making your home feel like there isn’t things all around you causing constant distractions and chaos.

This means storage with doors/cabinets/drawers etc. where you don’t have to see the items that are inside of it unless you open up the door to them.

Tip 8) Rearrange/reevaluate as needed!

This final tip is so helpful!

Life changes, things change. It happens.

So don’t be afraid to rearrange and reevaluate as needed. That way you can always keep your home calm and peaceful even when your life changes.


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