Summer Bucket List For A Pinterest Summer: 2022 Edition

We all see those summer snaps all over Pinterest. Aesthetic afternoons, Instagram worthy activities, and a summer to remember. So I have compiled the ideas for how you can have a Pinterest summer too! Keep reading for my summer bucket list for a Pinterest summer: 2022 edition.

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Also, I want to note that yes I chat about things being Pinterest worthy and perfect for Instagram but remember that there is so much more to life than social media! These are just fun activities that have that Pinterest vibes to them and will add up to a wonderful and memorable summer.

Now let’s jump into the ideas so you can start having your Pinterest worthy summer time and have a truly aesthetic summer with this summer bucket list!

Summer Bucket List For A Pinterest Summer: 2021 Edition

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Summer Bucket List For A Pinterest Summer: 2022 Edition

Things to do in summer time:

1: Go to an amusement park

Is there anything more aesthetic than cute summer days spent at an amusement park? And of course, more importantly, it is such a fun summer time activity to do with your friends.

Make a whole day of it and enjoy all that your amusement park has to offer to truly make it a great day. Definitely something I recommend adding to your summer bucket list for 2022!

Summer Bucket List For A Pinterest Summer: 2021 Edition

2: Have a beach day with your friends

Beach days are a fantastic way to embrace the warm summer weather.

A couple essentials to make your beach day even more aesthetic are:

3: Take a road trip

Road trips can be super fun and exciting when done with the right people!

So if you have a group of friends, your siblings, a significant other, etc that you believe you would have a blast road tripping with then definitely add this to your summer 2022 bucket list ideas.

This doesn’t have to be a super long road trip either it can just be a fun little weekend road trip to somewhere within your state!

Little recommendation- get a “braless” top from Free Reign so you can be super comfy during your road trip. Truly life changing!

Summer Bucket List For A Pinterest Summer: 2021 Edition

4: Have a baseball game afternoon

Baseball games are a fun afternoon with yummy food and great entertainment.

It’s also a great reason for you and your friends to all get together and cheer on your favorite baseball team!

5: Host a BBQ

BBQs are a great summer time activity for family and or friends. As well as something you shouldn’t skip on if you are trying to have a Pinterest worthy summer.

Make a Pinterest board and commit it to different food, treats, sides, crafts, decor, etc for a totally Pinterest-ified (not a word but you get the idea!) BBQ day.

Your family and/or friends will never forget your Pinterest worthy BBQ.

6: Go to a fair/carnival

Fairs are definitely aesthetically cute and fun. And have tons of great opportunities for cute pictures and fun times!

Grab a group of your friends and check out a local fair or carnival for a fun weekend. Make sure to check the schedule because there’s often fun entertainment and shows that you won’t want to miss.

Summer Bucket List For A Pinterest Summer: 2021 Edition

7: Go canoeing or kayaking

Getting outside and truly embracing the outdoors is of course Instagram worthy and regardless something you should consider adding to your summer bucket list for 2022.

Depending on how close you live to water this can be a fun summer afternoon activity or a little weekend trip to a lake or the ocean.

8: Attend a local parade

Parades always feel so summery and festive to me and are always on my summer to do lists!

I love the energy and the sense of community around them.

9: Check out a farmers market

Farmers markets are another summer bucket list item I always have on my list each year and 2022 is no exception.

Make sure to bring a reusable tote (like this one) so that you can grab any fresh produce, baked goods, flowers, etc that your local farmers market has to offer.

Summer Bucket List For A Pinterest Summer: 2021 Edition

10: Go to a drive in movie

Okay picture this: you and your friends (or significant other) with comfy blankets and pillows and lots of popcorn spending the evening at a drive in movie? Sounds like a super fun evening that I hope you try to do this summer.

You can also use a projector to make your own drive in movie if you don’t have one in the area that you can go to. Just as Pinterest worthy if not more!

11: Host a bonfire

Bonfires are another IG worthy summer time activity that is extra great because it can involve s’mores.

And who doesn’t love s’mores and late night hang outs with your friends!

12: Watch fireworks

Fireworks have always been a fun and exciting summer activity and often are a result of local fairs or holidays too!

And of course it is completely Pinterest worthy and definitely something to add to your bucket list.

13: Fly a kite

Flying kites is totally not just for children.

As a teenager or adult you are also completely allowed to fly a kite and enjoy the fun of it. And get some cute Pinterest worthy pictures!

Here is a super aesthetic kite to check out if you don’t have one.

14: Watch the sunrise

When you think of summer time activities that are super aesthetic and of course will create sweet memories watching the sunrise immediately comes to mind. Or at least for me it does!

15: Spread kindness in your community

Spreading kindness is a wonderful thing to do year round and it is great to do when you have extra time during the warmer summer months.

I have a post here on 51 random acts of kindness that could get you started spreading some kindness!

16: Go to the zoo

I personally am biased towards this summer activity but I love going to the zoo.

Even as an adult! Not only is it super Pinterest worthy but it is also just a super fun day that is great to do with your friends and have a wonderful, wholesome day!

17: Play mini golf outside

Outdoor mini golf is such a fun group activity to do in the summer.

Wear a cute outfit and go with your friends for a super fun addition to your 2021 summer bucket list!

18: Go on a hike

Not only is this a fun and Pinterest worthy summer activity but it’s also a great way to get your daily exercise.

Try hiking a new local area with your friends and remember to be safe and do your research before hiking new areas and always go prepared!

19: Check out a modern museum

Rainy days happen- even in the summer unfortunately.

And this is a great summer activity for those rainy days where you still want to get out of the house but stay out of the rain! Find a local modern or unique museum and check it out.

20: Try roller skating

Roller skating is probably one of the most trendy Pinterest worthy activities for 2022! And for good reason- it is fun and a great way to get outside and be active.

pinterest worthy bucket list

21: Go thrift shopping

The final item on this summer bucket list is to go thrift shopping with your friends.

So get yourself some cute clothes, save money, and support your local thrift stores! And you can use Pinterest to get some inspiration for what you want to try and find when you are thrifting.

I hope that this summer bucket list for 2022 gives you ideas for your Pinterest worthy summer!

I want to end this with a reminder that social media shouldn’t be the focus of your summer but it can be a fun way to get inspired to do fun activities with your friends and family.

So get out there and have your perfect Pinterest inspired summer!


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