Ultimate Bucket List For Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone: 55 ideas

Getting out of your comfort zone is such an essential part of personal growth. However, coming up with ideas for escaping your comfort zone can be challenging. So if you relate to that feeling then I have you covered with this massive list of ways to get out of your comfort zone. Keep reading for the Ultimate Bucket List For Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone: 55 ideas! And as you are looking through this list I want you to remember that life begins where your comfort zone ends.

Before we fully jump into this comfort zone ideas list I want to quickly share some tips for learning to get out of your comfort zone.

Comfort zone advice and tips:

Write down your life goals. 

The first thing you need to do when you are trying to step out of your comfort zone is to think about what you want to accomplish and why. By knowing what you are working towards and how not feeling stuck in your comfort zone will help you get there can really motivate yourself.

I recommend keeping that life goals somewhere visible (like hung up in your room or make it your phone background). That way you can get that motivation and inspiration regularly.

 Change up your routines. 

Once you know what you want your life to look like by stepping out of your comfort zone then you can start to change your routines to account for this. Routines are generally a helpful thing but when you get really stuck into your routines and not willing to change them your personal growth often suffers. So make small changes to you daily and weekly routines to help you get out of your comfort zone.

Do one small new thing every week. 

The next thing you can do, which if you truly commit can be the most helpful, is to try one small (or large) new thing each week. This tip will really help you to get out of your comfort zone. Small changes can really add up in the long run but also don’t be afraid of big things as well! It’s all about balance.

Remember that sometimes you will fail.

You will try things that are out of your comfort zone and you won’t succeed at them. And that’s honestly just as important. Failure is absolutely an essential part of growing as a person and learning how to be your best self.

If you want some additional advice on how to prepare and motivate yourself to get out of your comfort zone then check out my video here!

Now that we have covered this advice for generally getting out of your comfort zone lets jump into the list of ideas for getting out of your comfort zone.

Ultimate Bucket List For Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone: 55 ideas

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Ultimate Bucket List For Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone: 55 ideas

1: Try a food you never have before.

2: Ask someone out on a date (or a friend date!).

3: Apply for a new leadership role- in a work or hobby situation.

4: Post a selfie every day for a week on social media.

5: Give a speech in public.

6: Attend a class or workshop related to a hobby you want to try.

7: Compliment a stranger in public.

8: Go on an spur of the moment trip.

9: Get a spa treatment you have never tried before.

10: Go out to eat all by yourself.

11: Disconnect from your phone for 24 hours (I have some tips for this here).

12: Unfollow anyone you want to on social media- don’t feel obligated to follow anyone who doesn’t bring you joy.

13: Go to a concert outside of your “normal” genre.

14: Try an outdoor activity you haven’t tried before ( rock climbing, hiking, mountain biking, etc).

15: Start a blog (I am biased towards this one!).

16: Try cooking a new recipe.

17: Volunteer to mentor someone.

18: Shop at a clothing store that isn’t your style.

19: Reach out to a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while.

20: Try doing a 30 day challenge (use Pinterest for inspiration for this!).

21: Introduce yourself to someone new.

22: Try going to a new exercise class.

23: Take dance lessons!

24: Read a book that is one you wouldn’t normally read.

25: Watch a documentary related to something you know nothing about.

Make sure to save this post so you can refer back to it later!

26: Volunteer with a new organization.

27: Start journaling (or try a new journal style). Here are 75 self improvement journal prompts!

28: Go on a road trip with a friend.

29: Take a cooking class.

30: Go hiking at local or state park.

31: Try meditating!

32: Ask the barista for a random coffee drink of their choosing.

33: Take yourself out on a fun date.

34: Learn a new instrument.

35: Visit a state you have never been to.

36: Decorate a room however you want to with no restrictions.

37: Learn to invest in the stock market.

38: Ride a ride at an amusement park that scares you.

39: Try a new craft like candle making.

40: Give someone a random gift.

Life begins where your comfort zone ends!

41: Ask the bartender to make you whatever their favorite cocktail is.

42: Request feedback at work (here’s some tips for taking criticism).

43: Have a friend decide all your meals for the day.

44: Apply for a dream job even if you don’t feel qualified.

45: Commit to making more eye contact for a day.

46: Pay for someone else’s coffee!

47: Start a side hustle.

48: Write a love letter to yourself.

49: Create a social media account for sharing your hobby.

50: Share a personal but harmless secret with someone.

51: Make an ultimate life bucket list and share it with a friend.

52: Update your resume for an aspirational job.

53: Enter yourself into a lottery or giveaway.

54: Hire a photographer and get professional pictures taken.

55: Post online about your comfort zone bucket list!

I hope that this list gave you some ideas and inspiration for also getting out of your comfort zone bucket list.

I want to take this final opportunity to remind you that life begins where your comfort zone ends! Take each chance you can to get out of your comfort zone and grow as a person. Growing and getting out of your comfort zone is how you can expand your mind and experiences and hopefully be able to become the person you want to be.

So go out there, say yes to new opportunities, and watch yourself flourish!

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