16 Gift Ideas For New Homeowners!

This has been a very crazy year for us (and everyone else!) but one of the better parts was that we bought a house! Which is what has inspired this gift guide for new homeowners. We have had so many friends and family members asking for gift ideas for housewarming presents. Which made me realize that others are probably experiencing this situation too. So I have compiled 16 gift ideas for new homeowners that they will love!

Housewarming parties are a great way to celebrate a new homeowners experience and their new pride and joy.

But with changes to the world it is becoming more common that a new home owner probably already has basic supplies from their past apartment. Which means finding them a gift can be more difficult now.

So keep reading if you want a truly helpful list of gift ideas for new homeowners written by a new homeowner!

16 gift ideas for new homeowners!

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16 Gift Ideas For New Homeowners: Housewarming presents!

1: Warm and Cozy Reed Diffuser

Giving the gift of a comforting, homely scent is always a win especially if you don’t specifically know that the new homeowners will want as a gift.

warm and cozy reed diffuser

2: Home Sweet Home 2020 Ornament

This ornament is such a sweet one that they will treasure for a long time as a reminder of their first holiday season as a homeowner.

home sweet home 2020 ornament: gifts for new homeowners

3: Welcome Doormat

Getting a new homeowner a welcome mat as their housewarming present is a useful and decorate gift so a total win!

housewarming present: welcome mat

4: Funny homeowner wine glass

The next of the gift ideas for new homeowners will definitely bring a smile to their faces! This is such a funny gift that celebrates the moment while also acknowledging the effort put into being a new homeowner.

5: Trendy New Coasters

These are a gift that’s great because many new homeowners won’t even realize how many coasters they need until they are in their home! Or at least I didn’t!

gifts for new homeowners: coasters!

6: Tools and Supplies Storage

This is a fantastic gift idea for new homeowners because chances are they suddenly have a lot more tools and supplies but no where to store them all. Trust me this is an awesome gift!

gift ideas for new homeowners: tools organizer

7: Home command center

This is a present that probably won’t occur to a new homeowner to buy right away but they will be so thankful they have one once it’s in their home!

command center: gift ideas for new home owners

gift ideas for housewarming parties!

8: A luxury candle

As we talked about before, any scented products are a great gift especially if you aren’t sure what they actually need. And a luxury candle is something they will love but probably aren’t splurging on right now!

luxury candle- great housewarming present ideas! Gift ideas for new homeowners!

9: Key holder/ mail holder

This is another thing that they may not think of getting but is one of the gift ideas for new homeowners that they will immediately use and appreciate having!

10: Letterboard Wall Decor

Getting a letterboard is one of my favorite gift ideas for new homeowners because they can personalize what it says so you don’t have to worry about picking something that matches their taste as much.

11: Simple throw blanket

Gifting a simple throw blanket is always a great housewarming present idea. If you go for a simple color then chances are they can use this throw blanket in a room in their house. And you can never have too many throw blankets!

12: Serving tray

This is another one of the gift ideas for new homeowners that they probably won’t already have and may not have thought of- a serving tray.

gift ideas for new houseowners: serving tray

13: Bar tending tools set

This drink making set is such a fun gift idea since this friend or family member is now really adulting with their new home! This is definitely going to be a hit as a present at a housewarming party.

housewarming present idea: bar tending set

14: Marble trendy cheeseboard

Or any cheeseboard is a great housewarming gift but this one is so cute and cool. They also have a round version that would make another great idea for a gift for a new homeowner.

cheeseboard: gift ideas for new homeowners. housewarming present inspo!

15: Monogrammed Coffee Mugs

These monogrammed coffee mugs are so classy and are going to be an absolute win as a housewarming present! These are not only practical but also would look so cute on a shelf for decor in between use!

Monogrammed mugs: gift ideas for new homeowners, housewarming presents

16: A welcome sign

The final of the gift ideas for new homeowners is a welcome sign for their door! This is another thoughtful but simple decor idea that works as a wonderful housewarming party present.

housewarming presents, gift ideas for new home owners: welcome sign!

I hope this list of gift ideas for new homeowners helped you find a great gift for the holidays or for a housewarming party present!

Being a new homeowner is a super overwhelming experience so any little gift is such a welcomed thing that can help ease some of the pressure and add some fun to the experience! And remember that no matter what your housewarming present is the new homeowners will definitely appreciate the thought and effort.

The ultimate gift guide for new homeowners!


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