New Home Move In Cleaning Checklist: Free Printable

Moving can be so stressful especially after you just successfully bought a home in this crazy market. But you are almost there you are almost moved in! Just have to do some deep cleaning in your new home. Which is why I am sharing my new home move in cleaning checklist.

Of course, exactly what you need to clean will vary by what your home looks like and different features it includes and doesn’t include.

First up is the actual new home cleaning checklist that I created and used when we moved into our home in September. And then I also share some of my helpful cleaning tips for cleaning your new home!

Also, I have a helpful video here on how to spend less time cleaning that you may want to watch for helpful advice after you are done moving in!

Right below is the free printable new home cleaning checklist. You can either click the image for a PNG that you can save on your phone and use digitally. Or you can click the link below it and download the PDF to print it out and mark everything off as you complete them.

New Home Move In Cleaning Checklist

New Home Move In Cleaning Checklist: Free Printable

You can click here to download the PDF copy of the new home move in cleaning checklist!

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Tips for cleaning a new house:

{ Guide to my new home move in cleaning checklist }

Tip 1: Take it room by room

If you walk in and don’t know where to start it can get so overwhelming. And jumping between room to room completing different tasks will make it feel like you haven’t actually completed anything.

So instead of doing that one of the best things you can do is take it one room at a time. Complete that room first then go onto the next.

Tip 2: Clean high to low

In each room you are cleaning start at the top. Wipe down the walls and cabinets before you clean the floors so that if anything falls down onto the floors you don’t have to clean them twice.

This especially includes things like ceiling fans because a ton of dust can be built up on them so be prepared for the mess that can create when the dust starts falling.

Tip 3: Prioritize rooms you will be using first

This step is more important if you are moving in pretty quickly after getting keys to the home.

If that is the situation for you I definitely recommend cleaning the most important and used areas of your home. Such as the kitchen, bathrooms, and any bedrooms that will be getting used. That way if you can’t get to cleaning everything before your furniture gets moved in you know that the main areas will already be cleaned.

Tip 4: Clean the inside of cabinets/vanities/drawers- like really clean them

Maybe this is just my experience but this tends to be place that previous owners often forget. Or choose not to really clean. Either way they can get pretty gross and I recommend really scrubbing the inside of cabinets in the kitchen, drawers throughout the house, and vanities in the bathrooms.

Tip 5: Pull out appliances

I know this isn’t fun and you just want to get the cleaning done and over with. However, it is so important to do it now. Especially before you add everything else to the kitchen and life gets busier! So pull out your appliances and clean the floors as well as the walls that are blocked by them.

Tip 6: Get the right equipment

I won’t tell you to pay for pro cleaning because that would be hypocritical! However, if you can afford to do so it may be easier then buying the right equipment but chances are in the long run it’ll be more expensive. We bought a carpet cleaner on sale for about $199 and it has already paid off way more than having pro carpet cleaners come in every few months.

Tip 7: Don’t guess on what chemicals to use

Guessing games when it comes to cleaning supplies can destroy surfaces and materials throughout your home.

So if there is a countertop material you’ve never cleaned before or different floor types make sure to do a quick google search to ensure you are using the right chemicals.

Also, side note that it is so important to never mix cleaning chemicals and don’t let chemicals touch each other while cleaning they can cause harmful reactions to not only your home but to your health! Do your research and it’s always better to be safe rather than sorry.

Tip 8: Be logical about fresh paint

This means if you are going to be adding paint or fixing paint in the home to be logical about when you do it. It probably makes sense to do it before you carpet clean so that if any paint gets on the carpet you can just do/get the carpet cleaning once.

Tip 9: Take this opportunity to freshen up/deep clean furniture

Moving is a great time to really deep clean your furniture. For example, clean your mattresses, clean out dresser drawers, etc.

Once things are in them it is a lot harder to remember to deep clean them and more inconvenient so get some of your deep cleaning for the year done while it is easier to do!

Tip 10: Remember this is the last time it’s “someone else’s dirt”

The hardest part of cleaning a home I’m moving into is the feeling of yuck that it isn’t my dirt. And I expressed this feeling to some family and friends while moving in and they shared the sentiment so I know it isn’t just me!

It feels a lot more necessary to really scrub everything which means the cleaning so exhausting. Which is true honestly for sanitary reasons you do really need to deep clean more when you move in for sanitary reasons.

But remember that cleaning this home after this point is your own mess which just can feel better to remember!

I hope that this new home move in cleaning checklist is helpful and that my top tips for cleaning a new home were also helpful!

I know that moving can be an incredibly stressful time. So remember to be patient with yourself and don’t stress yourself out trying to clean everything perfectly. Patience and understanding with yourself is going to be crucial during the stress of moving!


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