Wedding Deals To Watch For During Black Friday Sales

Weddings have so many expenses! But if you are reading this post then I probably don’t have to tell you that. So it is beyond important to take every opportunity possible to save some money. And Black Friday is the perfect example of taking those opportunities! Black Friday deals are not just for clothes and makeup you can also save on wedding items. So let’s get into these wedding deals to watch for during Black Friday sales.

Also, a little sneak peek information- my Etsy shop (KorraShayDesigns) has super affordable wedding sign templates and we will be running an amazing Black Friday weekend sale! So go favorite your fav items now. So you can know when they go on sale and get awesome deals on your wedding sign templates.

But now into these wedding deals to start keeping an eye out for!

Wedding Deals To Watch For During Black Friday Sales

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Wedding Deals To Watch For During Black Friday Sales

Black Friday Wedding Sales To Look For:


Shutterfly is a great place to get personalized wedding items! Below I share a few of the really fun personalized wedding ideas that are quite possibly going to be on sale on Black Friday (due to past Black Friday sales!). Also, if you aren’t signed up for their emails I highly recommend it. Because there are often wedding product sales that are really quick like 1-2 days long so check those emails regularly.

A few things I really think all brides should watch for on Shutterfly during Black Friday sales are:

Wedding Deals To Watch For During Black Friday Sales

1: Invitations

This probably seems obvious but if you haven’t purchased invites yet let me tell you- they are crazy expensive! So every dollar you can save is worth it. Before Black Friday hits I recommend checking out their invites and seeing if you like any so you don’t feel a lot of pressure to pick ones that day.

2: Custom napkins

Personalized napkins are such a fun touch to add to your wedding bar! And they are generally affordable but if you can save some money on them during Black Friday deals then why not jump on that. Especially if you are having a larger wedding because that can all really add up quickly. But Shutterfly is a great place to go for customized wedding napkins because they have so many different designs and options.

3: Programs

If you are on the fence about adding programs to your wedding due to the cost then keep an eye out for Black Friday deals that can make them more affordable so you can add them. They can be really helpful for informing your guests about your wedding day details, ceremony order, and filling them in on who your bridal party members are. Plus they can help build the aesthetic of your wedding!

4: Menus

Menu’s not only add to your wedding aesthetic at tables but they also serve a safety purpose. Chances are when you sent RSVP’s you either asked for a simple 2 choice option (aka beef or chicken) or didn’t give meal information if you are doing a buffet. So menus can help to give more food information so people with allergies can look for subtle ingredients that could give them a reaction on your wedding day.


Lulu’s has tons of great wedding finds in their wedding section. Ranging from wedding dresses, wedding accessories, and bridesmaids dresses there is so many great finds in their wedding section. Below I will quickly share some of the best ones to keep an eye out for during their Black Friday weekend sales.

1: Bridesmaid dresses

Are you letting your bridesmaids choose dresses based on a color? Then make sure to send them to Lulu’s during Black Friday so they can save some money. The bridesmaids dresses from them are so cute while also being on top of the trends.

2: Little white dresses

If you haven’t realized this yet you need a lot of little white dresses during your engagement time. From engagement parties to showers to bachelorette all the way to the rehearsal dinner you need lots of little white dresses. Which can quickly break the bank. Especially since lot’s of brides forget to budget for them! So check out Lulu’s little white dress section during Black Friday weekend to get some great deals on cute little white dresses.

3: Wedding Shoes

Wedding shoes like little white dresses are something that you probably need more of than you realize. So it’s definitely worth checking Lulus for some sales on their wedding shoes section because they have a huge selection! Totally something for every brides style.


Etsy is pretty much the best place to find items for your wedding in my experience! With so many shops all on one site there is pretty much something for everyone and everything you could need. I’m going to cover some of the best things to watch for but there is so much more than can be covered on this list so make sure to like things so you can know when/if it goes on sale.

1: Favors

Favors can add up quickly but they are a great thing to give your guests to thank them as well as give them a little token to remember your wedding by. But if you can get a deal on them then that is a total win! It’s never a guarantee a shop has Black Friday deals but most of them usually do. So favorite your fav shops so you can get notified when they have favors on sale. And I recommend getting a good idea of what you want for your favors so you don’t feel pressured on Black Friday to decide.

2: Signage

This is the final of the wedding Black Friday sales to watch for I want to share but it is a very important one! Something that is very expensive but doesn’t always feel “worth” spending a ton of money on is wedding signage. But it can really add to the feel and aesthetic of your wedding. Small details can make a huge difference! So this is a great time to watch for deals to see if you can get your wedding signage for a bit cheaper. Then you can get the whole design experience without breaking the bank.

Quick takeaway:

I hope that this list was helpful and gives you some ideas for things to watch for during Black Friday sales! The main takeaway I hope you have is that by watching for sales and be aware of when you are buying things for your wedding that you can get some great finds and save some money.


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