Why It’s Important To Have Hobbies As An Adult: Hobby Tips!

We all know that hobbies are fun but do you know that they actually have a lot of benefits. Benefits to your mental wellness, personal growth, happiness, and often even your physical well being. Which is why today I want to chat a bit more in depth about why it’s important to have hobbies as an adult. This helpful adult hobby tips can really help encourage you to make your hobby a priority.

We’re going to talk about why you need to have hobbies as an adult especially if you have found yourself lacking a spark in life. I have found that in a lot of situations when adults feel like they are stuck in a rut or lacking a spark in their life it can be largely helped with putting time into a hobby they love or finding a new hobby. More about that as you read I promise!

Want to hear me go more into depth on the importance of hobbies? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tnp405wIpQQThen check out this YouTube video here!

Now let’s jump into the reasons and benefits for why it’s important to have hobbies as an adult.

Why It's Important To Have Hobbies As An Adult: Hobby Tips!

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Why It’s Important To Have Hobbies As An Adult:

Helpful tips and advice about adult life hobbies!

Hobbies can help you find your spark.

This is first because I find it personally to be the most important.

It happens to so many people. We get out of high school or college and we find that the “real world” can really dull our sparkle. Which a lot of times is where hobbies can come into play.

When you have a hobby it can be a wonderful way to make your passions and interests a priority in your life again.

By making yourself and your interests a priority in your life you are allowing yourself to feel that spark again. It can be so easy to get trapped into a cycle of each day being the same. Day after day. But by making time in your week it can break that repetitive cycle and help you find your spark.

I find it very helpful to keep up with a journal while you are working on finding your spark again. Specially to keep a log of the days you do your hobby and how it makes you feel! It can be very encouraging to know that it is bringing you joy and happiness.

Hobbies help with personal growth.

Personal growth is so important yet it is often forgotten when we become adults. Despite the fact that it is actually a time in our lives where growth isn’t taught or forced on us so we need to do it ourselves. And make it a priority!

Which is something that having hobbies can do. Focusing on improving and growing through a hobby is a great way to keep personal growth on the forefront. So add a hobby to your life that can help with your personal growth.

Such as reading, podcasts, writing, meditation, etc. This can be a “side” hobby I addition to your main hobby as well. Remember you can have as many or as few of hobbies as you want.

Hobbies are a great way to socialize and make friends.

Making friends as an adult is hard!

But one of the best ways to do it is to find people who have shared interests. Specifically, people who have shared hobbies with you.

Some hobbies like team sports, dancing, volunteering, concerts, etc are naturally very social. So making those hobbies you are interested in a priority is a great way to stay social as an adult.

But even if your hobby isn’t naturally social chances are there are groups out there and ways to make it social. Book clubs, running clubs, gardening clubs are all great examples of making a normally solitary activity become a social hobby.

Hobbies help you disconnect from work (and other adult stressors).

Hobbies are also a wonderful way to disconnect from your job and anything else that is stressing you out in life.

It gives you a chance to disconnect from your problems and focus on things that you truly enjoy. If you find yourself feeling very stressed out and not really enjoying your life there is a good chance it’s related to you not making your hobbies and interests a priority.

So make an effort to make your hobbies a priority because it can really help your mental wellness in the long run.

Hobbies can help you be healthier.

Of course not all hobbies will have noticeable physical benefits though they all have the mental health benefit of helping you be less stressed!

But in terms of the physical health it can be really beneficial to make one of your hobbies one that involves physical activity.

Plus this is a great way to make your exercise something that you love! If you love dancing and consider it a hobby then why not start taking dance classes a few times a week. This can work as your physical exercise as well as helping you make time for you passion!

Also, remember that if you are someone who prefers to exercise in private there are so many online resources. Going off of the dance example, if you prefer to do dance workouts at home rather than going to a studio you can always get an affordable instructional video like this one.

Hobbies can stimulate your brain and improve your intelligence.

Next up is the benefit that hobbies stimulate your brain and they can also help you become a more intelligent person.

I talked earlier about how hobbies can help pull you out of a rut. Which not only can help you find your spark in life but it can also improve your intelligence. Anytime you are making an effort to learn new things you are making your brain work which is great and it is helping you gain new knowledge.

If you are someone who really like to gain new knowledge and improve your intelligence with your hobbies you should definitely consider some hobbies such as reading, podcasts, teaching/mentoring, etc!

Hobbies are a wonderful conversation starter.

The final reason I want to discuss about why it’s important to have hobbies as an adult is definitely the most light hearted reason. And that is that it is a wonderful conversation starter.

Have you ever been in a social situation and struggled to start up a conversation? Or been at a new job and told to say something interesting about yourself?

Well in those situations and so many others if you have a hobby then you can discuss that. And of course there’s bonus points so to speak if your hobby is interesting and/or unique.

I hope that this post on the importance of having hobbies was helpful and encouraging!

If it was helpful make sure to keep scrolling so you can keep in touch with me and know about all of my future posts and content. And as always let me know if you have any questions!


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  • Hobbies are so important to me, even more so now that I’m an adult. Luckily, I’ve been able to turn a hobby into a job. But even with that, I have things that I like and need to do regularly to keep a clear mind. I especially love the small hobbies or things like doing a crossword puzzle when I’m getting stressed in the middle of the day. Taking a 15 minute break to allow your mind to focus on something else makes such a difference for me.

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