23 Ways To Constantly Improve Yourself This Year

Want to start improving yourself? Trying to better yourself? Want some personal improvement ideas? Self improvement ideas? Then you need to read this ultimate guide to improving yourself. Below is a list of 23 ways to constantly improve yourself this year!

Improving yourself can be a challenge but it is so important so you can start to become the awesome person you want to be.

Why is improving yourself so important?

It seems obvious that self improvement is important but it is so frequently overlooked.

To set yourself up for a better future you need to prioritize yourself and your personal improvement. Making a small effort each day to better yourself is how you set yourself up for long time success!

I wish I had started putting effort into self improvement sooner but by focusing on consistent personal improvement I have learned how to constantly improve myself. And it has made the world of a difference in my life!

Which is why I want to share these ideas for self improvement so you can also work on improving yourself and feel the joy of bettering your life!

23 ways to constantly improve yourself this year!

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23 Ways To Constantly Improve Yourself This Year:

1: Listen to more podcasts

Podcasts are a great way to practice personal improvement.

You can learn so many new things while also doing daily tasks like commuting to work and folding laundry!

2: Read a few chapters from a book daily to improve your mind

Reading a bit every day is one of the best things you can do to continue to learn as an adult and keep your mind sharp. I recommend incorporating at least some non-fiction into your books!

I also recommend grabbing a Kindle and a Kindle unlimited plan so that this actually will be affordable compared to buying new books all the time!

3: Learn to overcome perfectionism

Perfectionism is one of the things that holds you back from improving yourself.

Overcoming perfectionism can be a real struggle but I have a full guide on my site right here!

4: Do 5 positive affirmations every day.

Keeping a positive mindset is so important for constantly improving yourself.

And by doing positive affirmations you force yourself to stay in a more positive mindset. Which allows you to improve yourself to stay positive throughout the day.

5: Try out a new hobby for personal improvement

If you want to improve yourself then you need to make sure you are improving all aspects of your life including what you do in your down time.

But if you don’t have a hobby that you want to put effort into then it is time to find a new hobby. I have a list of 20 hobbies to try out here!

6: Stop comparing yourself to others

Comparison can really destroy your motivation and mental wellness.

Learning to stop comparing yourself to others and focus on your own success and goals is one of the most important personal improvement tips I have!

I recommend starting this with social media by reminding yourself that it isn’t a realistic look into others lives and that they have struggles too that you can’t see.

7: Take a free online course

I am a huge supporter of learning new things as an adult and taking free online courses is a great way to do that. Interested in astronomy? Photography? Digital marketing? There is free courses online for everything and anything!

8: Learn to meal plan for self improvement

Meal planning is a great self improvement idea to start improving yourself.

By meal planning you start to eat healthier and you save money on groceries. For tips on sticking to a meal plan you can read these tips!

9: Make time for having fun

The next way to improve yourself is to make time for fun!

If you are on a work, work, work mindset all the time you will burn out.

You also won’t have the opportunity to improve your personality and grow as a person. So make sure to carve out time for things that you enjoy!

10: Create a morning routine that works for you

Morning routines are so helpful for bettering yourself and becoming the person you want to be! I have a lot of guides and articles about morning routines because they are so important. Here are a few of them:

11: Get more time outside for wellness

Spending time outside has a lot of physical and mental benefits that can lead to self improvement.

Plus, anything you do to put yourself in a better mindset is helping to improve you and better your life!

Hos to really start improving yourself!

12: Volunteer regularly to improve your life and the life of others

Volunteering is an absolute win.

You help out other and your community while also having personal growth.

Find the right organization/place for you to volunteer that properly uses your knowledge, skills, and passions!

13: Learn to wake up earlier in the morning

Waking up earlier in the morning helps set you up for a better and more productive day.

It’s amazing what a difference waking up earlier in the morning can have to improving your days. I have a guide on waking up early here!

14: Take the time to learn how to prioritize

If you have followed this site for a while you would know that I really highly value prioritizing.

Taking the time to learn how to prioritize your tasks and your days is one of the best things you can do to improve yourself this year. Take the time and read up on how to prioritize your days.

15: Start practicing daily gratitude

This self improvement ideas is one I truly stand by.

Daily gratitude is one of the best things you can do for not only personal growth but also for your heart and soul!

I recommend doing a gratitude journal which only takes about 5 minutes a day. Incorporate it into your morning or evening routine and watch it start to help your heart.

16: Learn to take criticism to grow from it

Criticism is one of the best ways to have personal growth and personal improvement.

By hearing what people you admire think you can do better either professional or personally is a huge part of growing as a person.

Check out these tips if you need help with taking criticism better!

17: Do a couple brain games every week to keep your mind sharp

One of the most fun ways to improve yourself is to start doing regular brain games.

You can download so many free apps for this tip and doing these regular brain games will really help keep your brain sharp. My personal favorite is Sudoku!

18: Learn to unplug from your phone

Okay, you hear all the time that having no screen time and unplugging from your phone is important for your mental and physical wellness.

But do you actually do it? And do you know how?

If not then check out this unplug from your phone guide! It really is important to have time where you are present in the moment and focusing on yourself and your loved ones. This is one of the most important self improvement ideas to start implementing!

19: Try mentoring someone

Being a mentor is a great way to improve yourself while helping others.

Sharing your knowledge with someone and helping guide them allows you to stay sharp on your own skills.

Have you ever helped someone with math and thought “wow I almost forgot how to do that”? Because same! But by mentoring others you keep your skills up to date.

20: Start a habit journal

Starting a habit journal is a great way to start tracking your current habits and then forming new, positive habits.

Tracking new habits is the best way to make them actually stick. And making new positive habits is one of the best self improvement ideas to truly better your life for the long term.

21: Make your bed every day

This is an easy one but one that I really stand by!

Making your bed every day sets your day up for organization and there is nothing better than going to bed after a long day to a clean, fresh, and made bed.

22: Put effort into improving your sleep

Chances are you, like most people, would love to get better sleep at night.

But do you actually put the time and effort into improving your sleep?

If not then check out these 5 tips for better sleep so you can be more rested to improve yourself.

23: Learn to break a bad habit for bettering yourself

Bad habits obviously hold you back.

And if you want to be constantly improving yourself then you need to cut those bad habits out of your life. If you need help with this self improvement idea then check out this guide!

23 Personal improvement ideas to become who you want to be!

Learning to constantly improve yourself is the best way to better your life and start becoming who you want to be! Implementing some off these ideas can be difficult but it is totally possible. Please let me know if you need any tips or advice.

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