60 Small Ways To Make Your Life Better

No matter how much you love your life there is always ways to make it better.

Ways to improve your health, career, happiness, and honestly every aspect of your life can always be made better!

However, making steps towards improving your life do not have to be giant life changes. They can be small things you do daily, monthly, or even just once a year to start making your life closer to the life you want to live.

I have compiled a list of those small steps that you can start taking today to get to that goal of improving your life. You can go through and pick out a couple of things to start implementing or use this list as inspiration to create your own list if items that you want to work on to make your life better.


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1) Try to learn something new every week

2) Start planning your days in the morning (here’s how to make daily goals lists)

3) Organize your closet

4) Listen to at least 1 podcast a week

5) Put effort into improving your sleep – here’s a guide for that!

6) Try to drink more water

7) Clean out your fridge/freezer and get it organized.

8) Try to walk at least 8,000 steps a day

9) Start an annual bucket list

10) Listen to at least one audio book a month


11) Stretch your body for 5 minutes a day

12) Socialize with your friends at least every other week

13) Start journaling every morning

14) Listen to more upbeat music

15) Call a loved one at least once a week

16) Drink a little less alcohol

17) Aim to exercise 4 times a week

18) Try to spend at least a few hours a month with nature

19) Organize and declutter your phone- here’s how to do it!

20) Create and follow a monthly budget


21) Make a monthly wall calendar

22) Try to watch only 1 hour of TV a day

23) Have a no spend day every week

24) Start weekly meal planning

25) Make a few hours of your weekend “phone-less”

26) Take more pictures of what you do, yourself, and your loved ones

27) Volunteer once a month

28) Take steps to improve your mood when you’re having a bad day – here’s some ideas for how to do that!

29) Form a healthy before bed routine

30) Create and stick to shopping lists- for all stores, not just groceries


31) Use a weekly planner, my favorite one is the MAMBI Happy Planner

32) Read 3 self-development books a year

33) Work on creating a positive morning routine

34) Put effort into not comparing yourself to others

35) Spend a day logging your time so you know where your time is going!

36) Practice forgiving others and not holding onto grudges

37) Treat yourself to one new item of clothing a month

38) Send a hand written letter to a loved one once a month

39) Go through all the subscriptions you pay for and evaluate if you use them

40) Say out loud something you’re thankful for every day


41) Form a Sunday routine to set your week up for success

42) Learn to take at least a 15 minute break after every 4 hours of working- full guide on taking breaks here 

43) Work on not multitasking, rather focus on one thing at a time

44) Delete any social media apps that make you sad

45) Write weekly to do lists- here’s a free template for them

46) Celebrate your successes no matter how small

47) Buy small comfort items regularly (like candles and blankets)

48) Eat at least 2 servings of fruits and veggies daily

49) Invest in your skincare

50) Start a habit journal to track your progress on new habits

50) Make your bed every day


51) Only eat out once a week

52) Try to find a career or personal mentor

53) Work on always being on time to work and social events

54) Limit your intake or stop drinking pop

55)  Refresh your resume on a quarterly basis

56) Ask people you admire for feedback on your performance/life

57) Write a list of your “bad habits” and then start tackling one

58) Download a brain game app- like sudoku

59) Start a gratitude journal

60) Remember to put effort into loving yourself


Make sure to leave any ideas you have for improving your life in the comments so others can add it to their list as well!



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