3 Days in Bermuda in Photos

Let me start with saying that Bermuda was absolutely beautiful and next time I go I hope to get more than 3 days to explore this stunningly beautiful island. There was so many parts that I didn’t get to see and it would probably take weeks to really explore what this gorgeous place has to offer. We had 3 days due to the itinerary of our cruise ship (Celebrity Summit).

It was 3 amazing days in paradise so lets jump into the pictures!

Day 1

Our first adventure off the boat was to take a mini-bus over to Horseshoe bay. Which was certainly the place I had heard the most about in Bermuda and saw the most pictures beforehand of!

Pink sand beaches and gorgeous rock formations are what this beach is known for.

The mini-bus ride to Horseshoe bay was filled with these fun bright and pastel colored houses. I couldn’t stop smiling during the ride and imagining myself living in a pretty yellow pastel house.

Our driver was so informative and told us about the limestone roofs! If I understood correctly the limestone balances the acidity in the rain water and makes it drinkable because there is no source of drinkable water found on the island.

I loved this little sign leading into the main tourist point in Horseshoe bay. It’s fun to check out how far places are! 1,035 miles to the coast of Miami from Bermuda.

At the end of the day we took a ferry ride down to Hamilton for their street fair and it was SO FREAKING CUTE. The streets of Bermuda were vibrant, colorful, and had such an amazing energy. I would have loved to spend more time just walking up and down the streets.

Gorgeous European vibes on this Hamilton street.

Look at those beautiful pink store fronts.

This was the beginning of the street fair. I can’t stop talking about the beautiful colors of the buildings.

We were blessed with clear blue skies every day on the trip. Never felt a single rain drop = so lucky!

Mosaic art on the exterior walls of a shop on the main street in Hamilton.

The plants were gorgeous all over the island. Clearly so much work and love goes into maintaining the public landscaping and it does not go unnoticed!

Day 2

Due to everyone we were with being large fans of Horseshoe bay we went back for day 2 in the morning! This time, though, Matt and I decided to go exploring past the end of where most of the people were at and we were so happy that we did.

We were able to climb over enough formations to get to smaller beaches that were completely empty!! The pink sand was much more noticeable in parts where there was less people/

I couldn’t get over the views that we were able to see on day 2. It made me truly understand the obsession with horseshoe bay.

At some points there were trails to lead you between the further parts. We never saw anyone else on the trails which broke my heart! If you ever are in Bermuda I highly recommend Horseshoe bay but go beyond the crowds and explore what the gorgeous island has to offer.

After Horseshoe bay we took an excursion through the cruise line which was a night time glass bottom boat tour. Above is a glance at the corals we could see through the glass bottom. Unfortunately I couldn’t photograph it very well but it was great and our tour guide was amazing.


We took the ship out to this shipwreck which is the most popular one in Bermuda due to how visible it is.

Fun Fact: Bermuda is the shipwreck capital due to how difficult their coral reefs are to navigate. There is only one safe route into Bermuda!

Okay the best part of this glass bottom tour was hands down the sunset. The colors were breath taking and if you look to the second line of shapes in this picture you will see the clouds. And yes those are clouds not buildings! The clouds looked like a skyline and it was incredible. My iPhone pictures do not do this gorgeous sunset justice.

The sunset turned the clouds a pretty pink shade later into the evening.

Day 3

Our last day in Bermuda was just as sunny and beautiful as the first 2!

I was so excited to see more of the pretty houses that I can not stop talking about.

For our excursion we did a snorkeling boat trip. We got to ride past more beautiful houses and had a hilarious and fun tour guide that filled us in on some of the history of Bermuda and some super fun facts.

The cove that we were taken to snorkel in was stunning. The water was so clear and “soft”.

The trip included kayaks and paddle boards. I did not venture onto either but Matt tried the paddle boards and he did awesome!! On a different camera there is awesome pictures of us jumping off the boat that I can’t wait to see again.

To wrap up the trip we walked around the Bermuda dockyard.

I mentioned this but the greenery was breath taking. The flowers were bright and eye-catching. The dockyard was full of local plants and flowers – I loved it.

Bermuda won the best dockyard in the Caribbean which is extra awesome considering they are not even in the Caribbean haha!

Matt was so excited to see the same two tug boats from when he was here as a child were still going strong- Faithful and Powerful.

I was a sad to see the boat depart from Bermuda but so grateful I got to explore such a wonderful Island.



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