The Coziest Winter Morning Routine Ideas

Having a good morning routine sets the mood for your entire day. Which is why it is so important to re-evaluate your morning routine for any life changes including new seasons. Because your days in the cold winter months really don’t look the same as during the some months! Which is why I am sharing The Coziest Winter Morning Routine Ideas today.

Just because it’s cold and dreary outside doesn’t mean your morning routine can’t be healthy and happy!

Wait! Want to see these habits in action? I show you my winter morning routine here and show you how to implement these habits in this video on my YouTube channel!

Keep reading for the best habits to add to your morning routine this winter to help you have healthier and better days. So you can start creating your coziest winter morning routine ever!

The Coziest Winter Morning Routine Ideas

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The Coziest Winter Morning Routine Ideas

Habit 1) plan your to do list right away.

If you have been around for a while you know how much I value and swear by daily to do lists.

But I know that myself and most people struggle with productivity during the colder, darker winter days.

Which is why building your daily to do list into your winter morning routine right away can help you stay productive and motivated during the winter. The dark mornings can be difficult to stay on track but you can plan out your cozy but productive days by writing your to do list right away.

Add a sweet winter touch by writing it on this winter inspired to do list note pad!

Habit 2) get some natural light.

Don’t get scared about this habit if you live somewhere too chilly to actually go outside. Trust me, I grew up in Minnesota and going outside in the morning was definitely something I wasn’t trying to do!

But there are natural light lamps that you can get (here is an affordable one) that you can put on in the morning that will really help you mentally and physically in the winter.

Habit 3) adjust your skin care routine for your winter morning routine.

This is a super essential aspect of any good morning routine- a solid skin care routine.

However, during the winter you probably need to adjust your skin care routine. The main thing you probably need to adjust for is a better moisturizer or more moisturizing.

This is because your skin gets dryer in the winter time! So invest in a good moisturizer like this one and make sure your skin care routine is a morning habit you definitely have in the winter.

Winter morning routine habits!

Habit 4) get your exercise in the morning during winter.

With there being more daylight in the morning compared to the evening in the winter it can be so helpful to do your workout in the morning.

I totally get that working out in the morning can be difficult but trust me when you get home and the daylight is almost gone you will be so glad you already worked out.

This is a winter morning routine habit that is so helpful for your mental wellness in the winter.

Habit 5) drink a bottle of water as soon as you wake up.

It is common to struggle more with getting enough water in the winter. Because when you aren’t feeling as warm and sweaty from summer weather you don’t think about drinking water as much.

So starting your day by drinking a whole bottle water (this is my current reusable bottle and I love it!) right away can help you stay hydrated.

Another good morning habit for your physical wellness in the winter.

Habit 6) add a little yoga or meditation to your winter morning routine.

This is something that is great to always have as a morning habit.

But with the increased occurrence of seasonal depression and all of the health and mental benefits adding yoga or mediation into your winter morning routine is so helpful.

There’s also no need to pay for classes- you can find so many free videos and tutorials on YouTube!

Habit 7) switch up your coffee routine.

I am definitely not someone who generally recommends not drinking coffee. I would be a total hypocrite!

Coffee in moderation is fine for most and it gives you a chance to add some fun winter cheer to your winter morning routine.

Adding some peppermint syrup or getting a Christmas inspired coffee roast are great ways to make you smile and add some winter fun to your morning coffee.

Habit 8) start journaling in the morning.

Journaling is an amazing way to help yourself and work through your thoughts and emotions.

So adding journaling as one of your morning habits is so important for your mental wellness and this winter is a great time to add journaling. I have a couple lists of journal prompts that you could start with:

Habit 9) wake up earlier in the morning.

If you read that sentence and were immediately filled with dread… I get it.

Waking up earlier in the morning isn’t something that most people enjoy doing. Or at least enjoy learning how to do.

But doing it is so helpful for both your mental and physical wellness because if you wake up earlier then you will be awake for more of the daylight. I have a guide on waking up earlier every day here.

Trust me it’s not the most fun but this is such a helpful habit to learn for any morning routine!

habits to add to your winter morning routine!

Habit 10) add some winter scents to your winter morning routine.

I am in love with making this a habit in the winter time!

Adding winter scents into your morning routine is a great way to feel happier in the morning and embrace the winter months.

Here are a couple of my favorite items and scents for the winter time:

Hope these habits help you develop coziest winter morning routine ever.

Creating a good morning routine is so helpful for having a better day. So adding these and other positive morning habits can really help yo improve your life!

Make sure to stick around for more winter and holiday content that is coming in the next few weeks.


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