4th of July Blog Post Ideas For Every Niche

Working on creating some 4th of July content? Same! And as I was brainstorming ideas I thought about how difficult it was to come up with content ideas when I first started in the blogging world. So I want to share this list of blog post ideas for the Fourth of July for just about every niche. And hopefully it will help you have an idea or inspire you with some of your own ideas.

Either way I hope that this article is helpful and make sure to keep scrolling to the bottom for additional blogging tips, ideas, and advice posts!

I broke these down based on some of the most common niches but a lot of these posts can get slightly altered and work in a ton of niches.

Categories/niches in this post:

The categories we are going to talk about are: Lifestyle, Beauty, Fashion, Food & Drink, DIY, Blogging/Social Media, Self Development/Improvement, Financial, and Travel.

I don’t “blog about blogging” very much anymore but I am always interested and passionate about providing free content to help out my amazing fellow bloggers so I hope this is helpful!

Note: I know there are so many more niches out there but I don’t write about/have any knowledge on those niches (like parenting!) so I don’t know what your audience would like!

But now let’s get into these Fourth of July blog post ideas.

4th of July Blog Post Ideas For Every Niche

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4th of July Blog Post Ideas For Every Niche

Fourth of July weekend blog posts to write about:

Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

  1. Tips for hosting a 4th of July party.
  2. Your summer party playlist (bonus if it is 4th of July specific).
  3. Activity ideas for just you and your partner for this holiday.
  4. Amazon hosting essentials you need!

Beauty 4th of July Blog Post Ideas

  1. “No makeup” makeup looks for the long weekend.
  2. Fun 4th of July eye shadow looks.
  3. Tips for keeping makeup from melting off.
  4. An updated summer skincare routine.
  5. Your favorite red lips looks.

Fashion Blog Post Ideas

  1. Americana themed swimsuit ideas.
  2. Kids 4th of July outfit ideas.
  3. What you are wearing for the holiday weekend.
  4. Save vs. Splurge Fourth of July fashion items.
  5. The cutest red, white, and blue shoes.
  6. 4th of July fashion accessories you are loving.

4th of July Food and Drink Blog Post Ideas

  1. Cocktail ideas for the weekend.
  2. Kids themed drink ideas.
  3. Snack ideas for the 4th of July weekend.
  4. At home popsicle recipes.
  5. How to make a star spangled cake/cookie/cheese board/etc.
  6. Share your 4th of July weekend meals menu.

DIY Blog Post Ideas for 2022

  1. How to make an Americana wreath.
  2. Kids 4th of July craft ideas.
  3. Guide to make an at home 4th of July candle.
  4. Party decor ideas for the holiday parties.
  5. Where to find affordable tools for your crafts.

Blogging/Social Media Blog Post Ideas

  1. Share a check in on where your blog is mid year.
  2. Instagram captions for 4th of July posts.
  3. TikTok video ideas for the holiday weekend.
  4. Do a 4th of July themed Q and A.

Self Development/Improvement (personal growth) Blog Post Ideas

  1. Journal prompts for the 4th of July weekend.
  2. Personal growth books to read at the pool or lake.
  3. Things to declutter from your home during your day off.

Blog Post Ideas For Finance/Budgeting

  1. How to save money during the 4th of July festivities.
  2. What to do if you struggle to stick to a budget during holidays.
  3. Tips for spending less on groceries this weekend.

Travel Blog Post Ideas for 4th of July

  1. Easy weekend trips for Fourth of July.
  2. A bucket list of where has the best fireworks this weekend.
  3. A recap of everywhere you have traveled over 4th of July.
  4. Road trip tips for busy traffic weekends.
  5. Where to take kids over summer holiday weekends.
  6. How to make the most of a long weekend trip.
  7. Your 4th of July trip packing list.


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