17 Blogging Tasks To Do When You Have Extra Time

It can be overwhelming to remember everything you “should” be doing for your blog. Which is why I have compiled this list for you all! I am sharing 17 blogging tasks to do when you have extra time. These quick blogging tasks shouldn’t take too long but can be really helpful for growing and improving your blog.

I recommend saving this post so that you can return to it later when you find yourself again with a bit of extra time to do some helpful blogging tasks.

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So now let’s jump into this list of 17 helpful blogging tasks to do right now so hopefully this list will help you out on your blogging journey.

17 Blogging Tasks To Do When You Have Extra Time

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17 Blogging Tasks To Do When You Have Extra Time

Helpful blogging tasks to do now:

Task 1: Research blog post ideas

This first blogging task is definitely my favorite.

I completely prefer researching blog post ideas over writing them. There may or may not be 100+ ideas on my blog post ideas list!

Regardless, this is a simple blogging task I recommend doing at least once a month. So that when you have the time and motivation to actually write posts then you have a whole list of blog post ideas brainstormed and researched.

For more tips on brainstorming blog post ideas go check out this article here.

Task 2: Check for un-responded to comments

This will be more or less of a needed task depending on how many comments you usually get a day. But if you aren’t checking them daily it can really add up!

And if you get a lot of comments there’s a solid chance that you missed some along the way to check to see if that’s the case for you. That way you can ensure if someone asks you a question you can get it answered. Or just thank them for supporting your blog.

Task 3: Add affiliate links to old posts

This is so helpful if you are monetized or trying to monetize your blog.

Chances are you didn’t start monetized so your earlier posts may not have many or any affiliate links.

So going back through and affiliate links can help you get more affiliate clicks and make more money! Also, outbound links are supposedly good for your SEO (though I am not an SEO pro yet so take that with a grain of salt).

Task 4: Update your social accounts

A few sub-tasks for this is:

  • Check your social media bios to make sure they are updated and consistent.
  • Update profile pictures if they are outdated.
  • Make sure the links in your bios are updated and correct.

Task 5: Update your work with me page

This page is so important for getting collaborations and growing your blog.

Which means it is important for it to be updated regularly. Especially if your blog views have increased or your social media followings have increased. Then you really want updated numbers so you can be giving the biggest and most recent numbers to brands interested in working with you.

Task 6: Remove any visual clutter from your site

This step is so important for making sure that your blog stays visually appealing. Is there sidebar or footer clutter?

Duplicated links to your socials or contact information?

Make sure your blog isn’t cluttered so it is easy to navigate and easy for readers to actually read.

I have more tips for making your blog posts readable that you can check out here.

Task 7: Apply to affiliate programs

This is one of the most fun blogging tasks in my opinion. I love applying to affiliate programs that I think are a good fit and having more opportunities to monetize with brands that I already love.

Do some digging on brands you already like and see if they have affiliate programs. And consider applying to affiliate networks like Share a Sale and Reward Style if you aren’t already a member of those networks.

This task is important to do if you are wanting to make more money off of your blog!

Task 8: Check your Google Analytics

This is a task I wish I had started doing more regularly earlier.

I made a huge mistakes and lost out on a ton of ad revenue because I didn’t notice that for weeks google analytics wasn’t counting any views that came from Pinterest for some reason. I was able to get it sorted out but now I check my Google analytics regularly to ensure nothing like that happens again.

So I definitely recommend if you have some extra time going and checking your Google analytics.

Task 9: Make pins for old blog posts

Pinterest is an incredible tool for increasing your blog views.

So make sure you are getting views for your older posts by making pins on Pinterest for them!

Also, if you are anything like me your pins and graphics for older posts may be rough so consider using these updated pins as new graphics in the posts.

Task 10: Make email folders

Digital organization is so important especially if you are a blogger. You probably get a ton of emails so getting them organized and adding folders to help with this is key.

Take a half hour and make folders for different categories of emails. It will help you be a more organized blogger.

I also have a video on how I do Digital declutters that you can watch here.

Task 11: Comment on other bloggers posts

One of my absolute favorite parts of blogging is the amazing community!

And a big part of being involved with the blogging community is supporting each other. So go through and comment on your favorite bloggers newest posts and engage with them. A sweet comment is also a great way to make new blogger friends!

Task 12: Batch create social media content

If you have at least 30 minutes then this is the task I recommend you do the most.

Batch creating content for your social media accounts is an incredible way to save time in the long run. And it helps you with staying more consistent with your social media accounts.

A couple ideas for batch creating social media content:

  • Prep tweets to send out in the future.
  • Snap Instagram posts.
  • Make graphics for Instagram stories.
  • Pre-schedule posts on Facebook.

Task 13: Interlink blog posts

Interlinking blog posts is a great way to help you perform better on Google.

My understanding is that interlinking makes your site seem more reliable and knowledgeable to Google. Though like I said I am still learning SEO so take that with that warning!

But this is a good task to do also because it helps people stay on your blog longer.

Task 14: Make an email list freebie

This is a bit of a more time consuming blogging task to do but it can really help to grow your email list.

Having a variety of freebies increases the chances that you capture more emails.

And remember, email mailing lists are one of the most consistent things you can do for your blog. Because unlike social media platforms you are in control of your email list.

Task 15: Optimize images on your site

This blogging task is really important for helping your site speed. And a faster site speed has a ton of benefits for your blog.

I recommend getting a plugin to help with this (I use Smush). However, be warned that the first time can take a long time if you have a lot of images on your blog.

Task 16: Do keyword research on old posts

Keywords are also important for getting more views.

But there is a chance you didn’t know that when you first started blogging!

So go back through on your old posts and do some keyword research. And then incorporate those keywords on your old posts to help get them more traffic.

Task 17: Update (or make) your media kit

The final of these helpful blogging tasks to do is to update your media kit.

Or if you don’t already have a media kit then you should definitely make one. Media kits are so helpful for getting more brand collaborations.

There are a bunch of templates that you can use on Canva if you don’t have one already.

But if you already have one then make sure that your numbers and statistics are updated and add any new brands that you have worked with to it!

Simple blogging tasks to do now

I hope that these blogging tasks to do lists were helpful for you!

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