Gifts For The Bride On Her Wedding Day

Getting a gift to surprise the bride with on her wedding day is such a kind gesture. But it can be overwhelming to figure out what to get her with so many options out there. So today we are going to break down some of the best ideas for gifts for the bride on her wedding day!

Gifts that you can get for the bride on her wedding day that she can keep and cherish as a memory of their special day. Or gifts that will just bring her an extra ray of joy on a stressful day!

Either way she will love the thought and kindness that went into getting her a gift on her wedding day.

So let’s get into these gifts for the bride.

Gifts For The Bride On Her Wedding Day

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Gifts For The Bride On Her Wedding Day

Bride gifts for the wedding day:

Idea 1: Engraved custom glass water bottle

Shop: Hand K Design Shop

Buy it here!

Gifts For The Bride On Her Wedding Day

It is so important for the bride to be to stay hydrated on her wedding day. It’s easy to forget to drink water that day so you can help the bride out by getting her a cute custom water bottle that she will love to drink out of.

This is an extra great idea for a maid of honor or bridesmaid to get her since you will be with her on the morning of the wedding!

Idea 2: Initial ring dish

Shop: Mod Party

Buy it here!

bride to be gift idea for the wedding day

This is a cute little token that can keep the rings easy to find during the getting ready process and also be a sweet token that the bride and groom can use in the future as well.

Idea 3: Custom jewelry box

Shop: Mod Party

Buy it here!

I am obsessed with this idea and I am getting one for my wedding day! This is such a helpful gift along with being a sweet

Idea 4: Mrs. Last Name beaded clutch

Shop: Pretty Robes Shop

Buy it here!

This clutch is totally stunning! But if you know the bride has a clutch for the wedding day already then you can pass on this one and grab her something else. However, if she doesn’t than this is totally a dream gift for a bride on her wedding day.

Idea 5: Funny “look at you getting married” soy candle

Shop: Nutty Sparks

Buy it here!

Gifts For The Bride On Her Wedding Day

This is a great gift for a bride that would appreciate a little chuckle on her wedding morning. Bonus points if you get it in a scent that she loves! The names of the scents from this candle are also so fun and funny.

Idea 6: Wedding handkerchief for the bride

Shop: Mister and Mrs

Buy it here!

This is a thoughtful and sweet gift for the bride. And likely something that she has forgotten to grab for herself! This is a really great gift for a mother (or soon to be mother in law) or grandmother to get for the bride on her wedding day.

Idea 7: Wifey tote bag

Shop: Bride Bikini

Buy it here!

This is a great gift for the bride to collect all the random items on her busy day. And she can bring it to the honeymoon too which is like a bonus gift.

Idea 8: Custom bridal hanger

Shop: Shop The Beetique

Buy it here!

This is another gift idea for the bride on the wedding day that is both cute and helpful.

Taking pictures with the dress just on a plain hanger is totally fine but you can help her add a fun touch to the morning and her pictures by getting her a custom last name (or first name) hanger for her dress.


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