Social Media Printable Calendar For Bloggers

Staying on top of social media is one of the hardest parts of growing your blog (or business!). Which is why I made myself a social media schedule. To make sure I was staying on top of social media posts and staying consistent. So I wanted to share it with all of my blogging friends as well! So keep reading for my free social media printable calendar for bloggers.

I know that staying on top of all the different social media accounts and feed/ algorithm changes can be absolutely exhausting. And super overwhelming. But by using a calendar to track when you post and stay organized with content ideas and progress you can use social media to your advantage. Remember, social media can be an amazing way to not only drive traffic to your blog but also keep you connected with your audience.

Which means you can get better ideas of what your audience wants to see from your content and gives you a chance to build actual relationships with your most loyal audience. Both of those aspects are super essential for growing your blog platform.

This free social media schedule will help you stay on track to make sure you are posting enough and keep track of your engagement progress and all your awesome content ideas.

Below you will see the PNG as well as a link to actually download the image- and some more detailed instructions. Then below that I wanted to share some additional tips for using social media as a blogger and how to stay organized as a blogger.

Social Media Printable Calendar For Bloggers

Social Media Printable Calendar For Bloggers

Social Media Calendar PDF

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How to use this social media printable calendar:

Click the image to open up the printable as a PNG and print it off (already letter size) or I recommend saving the image and uploading it to your free Canva account to add the text you want!

Below the image is also the PDF link as well if you prefer the PDF.

Check off as you post to keep track and hold yourself accountable. I use the note section to list out caption ideas but you can use it for whatever you want! And for progress I really like to keep track of engagement from followers!

Tips for using a social media calendars:

  • Remember what the vision is for your brand and make sure that when your planning content that you focus on that vision.
  • When you think of captions jot them down so you don’t forget them.
  • Track your progress and engagement. You can then look back at past weeks and see what you did to increase engagement across your social platforms.
  • If you’re feeling creative make sure to brainstorm ideas when you can.
  • Remember to post during peak times (like 2pm-6pm on instagram and 7pm-10pm on Pinterest).
  • Keep any hashtags authentic- putting a bunch of irrelevant hashtags won’t have anyone engaging with your content and won’t grow your engaged followers at all.

And really quickly I want to share some general organization tips and tricks as well. Because staying organized and consistent on your social media will be 100x easier if you are feeling organized overall!

Organization Tips and Tricks:

Getting organized is so important for staying on top of your social accounts and marketing for your brand. I also have a free printable and free downloadable weekly to do list (How To Write Weekly To-Do Lists + Free Template) that will help you as well.

I have also found that making sure I have a fully stocked camera bag (this is the one I am using now!) is so helpful for keeping you organized when you are getting social media content.

If you are on an organizational kick then make sure you are taking advantage of a full weekly planner as well. Seriously it’s the key to an organized life! Here’s my favorite one that I highly recommend and have used for years:

The Classic Happy Planner Your Best Year 2020

Seriously I can’t say enough how important it is to use a planner whether it’s pen and paper or digital to get yourself organized. And of course to actually stay organized in every aspect.

Hope you love the free social media printable calendar as much as I do and it helps you stay on top of your blogs social media accounts. I know it can be overwhelming but by staying consistent your social media accounts can really help you grow your accounts. Which can lead to increased blog views and a better relationship with your audience. Which is a total win-win!

Let me know if you have any questions or want any new social media or blogging tips or advice!


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