8 Weekly Blogging Tasks To Add To Your Schedule To Get Organized

Staying organized as a blogger is one of the most essential keys to being a successful and, more importantly, a not overwhelmed blogger. And having a list of weekly blogging tasks is one of the best ways you can stay organized. Which is why today I am sharing some of my most important weekly blogging tasks. So keep reading for the 8 weekly blogging tasks to add to your schedule to get organized!

Also, if you want more blogging tips and tricks make sure to check out my blogging playlist on YouTube (linked here). I often find that watching can be more helpful than reading when it comes to certain different things and areas of advice. At the bottom of this post is posts that I think you will find helpful if you found this one helpful so I also recommend scrolling until that point for more blogging tips!

Now let’s get into these blogging tasks to do each week and remember that you can always ask me questions in the comments and I will try to answer all of them!

8 Weekly Blogging Tasks To Add To Your Schedule To Get Organized

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8 Weekly Blogging Tasks To Add To Your Schedule To Get Organized

Blogging tasks to do each week:

Task 1: Research blog post ideas

This first blogging task is definitely my favorite. 

I completely prefer researching blog post ideas over writing them. There may or may not be 100+ ideas on my blog post ideas list! 

Regardless, this is a simple blogging task I recommend doing at least once a week. So that when you have the time and motivation to actually write posts then you have a whole list of blog post ideas brainstormed and researched. And you never want to run out of blog post ideas!

For more tips on brainstorming blog post ideas go check out this article here.

Task 2: Check for un-responded to comments

This will be more or less of a needed task depending on how many comments you usually get a day. But if you aren’t checking them daily it can really add up!

And if you get a lot of comments there’s a solid chance that you missed some along the way to check to see if that’s the case for you. That way you can ensure if someone asks you a question you can get it answered. Or just thank them for supporting your blog.

Task 3: Check your Google Analytics

This is a task I wish I had started doing more regularly earlier.

I made a huge mistakes and lost out on a ton of ad revenue because I didn’t notice that for weeks google analytics wasn’t counting any views that came from Pinterest for some reason. I was able to get it sorted out but now I check my Google analytics regularly to ensure nothing like that happens again. 

So I really recommend checking your Google analytics every week.

Task 4: Batch create social media content

If you have at least 30 minutes each week then this is the task I recommend you do the most. 

Batch creating content for your social media accounts is an incredible way to save time in the long run. And it helps you with staying more consistent with your social media accounts.

A couple ideas for batch creating social media content:

  • Prep tweets to send out in the future. 
  • Snap Instagram posts. 
  • Make graphics for Instagram stories.
  • Pre-schedule posts on Facebook.

Task 5: Send out an email newsletter.

I believe so strongly in the importance of emails to your followers! It’s the only thing besides your site that you can “own” and you are in total control of who it goes to and when.

So I really recommend having a weekly newsletter and making that a task you do each week.

Also, if you don’t have an email newsletter yet I recommend checking out ConvertKit which is hands down my favorite email service.

Task 6: Do keyword research.

Keywords are also important for getting more views and being successful with SEO. And SEO is a huge part of growing any blog.

So keep up with researching keywords for current and future posts.

Also, there is a chance you didn’t know that when you first started blogging! 

So go back through on your old posts and do some keyword research. And then incorporate those keywords on your old posts to help get them more traffic.

Task 7: Plan out posts and content.

I really recommend every week planning out the next weeks blog posts and social media content.

Staying on top of planning content is one of the only ways I have found to stay consistent with posting.

I use my Erin Condren life Planner to plan out my blog and social media content and it works great and isn’t too complicated.

Task 8: Add affiliate links to old and new posts

This is so helpful if you are monetized or trying to monetize your blog. 

Chances are you didn’t start monetized so your earlier posts may not have many or any affiliate links. 

So going back through and affiliate links can help you get more affiliate clicks and make more money! Also, outbound links are supposedly good for your SEO (though I am not an SEO pro yet so take that with a grain of salt).

As well as making sure you are adding enough affiliate links to the posts you are writing now and the ones you have scheduled for future days.

If you want me to share any other tasks posts (daily, monthly, annual, etc) let me know in the comments so I can add it to my list!


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