100 Fun Summer Instagram Captions: Step Up Your IG Game!

Summer is right around the corner. Which also means it is time for one of the best times of the year for stepping up your Instagram game with these 100 Summer Instagram Captions!

School is out (even if it was remote!) for the year, the sun is shining, and it’s time to enjoy this wonderful time of the year.

But even after you get that adorable shot of you in your cute new sundress or a gorgeous video clip of the ocean waves crashing along the shore you still need to think of the perfect caption for your Instagram.

Thinking of captions for Instagram posts can honestly be one of the hardest parts of posting regularly so I went ahead and brainstormed 100 caption ideas for your Instagram pictures this summer. So that you don’t have to worry about it. I tried to think of fun summer Instagram captions, sweet ones, funny, ones, and just overall very summer-y ones. So hopefully there are some captions on this huge list that will work for you!

And at the end of the post make sure to keep reading because I am sharing some of my top Instagram tips and tricks that you don’t want to miss if you are trying to grow your Instagram and step up your IG game.

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Now let’s jump into this list of summer IG captions so you can find the perfect one for your cute pictures.

Summer Instagram captions

100 Summer Instagram Captions:

  1. Stay salty
  2. I never met a sunset I didn’t love
  3. A pineapple a day keeps the stress away
  4. Life is pretty cool when you’re by the pool
  5. My blood type is Sea positive
  6. Beaches be crazy
  7. Tropic like it’s hot
  8. I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream
  9. Watch more sunsets and less Netflix
  10. Catch flights, not feelings
  11. If you’re not barefoot then you’re overdressed
  12. Summer is a state of mind
  13. Every summer is it’s own story
  14. Let’s petition for less Mondays and more summer
  15. Girls just wanna have sun
  16. It’s tan o’clock
  17. The little moments create the biggest memories
  18. Catch me by the sea
  19. Life is a beach, enjoy the waves
  20. I don’t need a man, I need a tan and a margarita
  21. She acts like summer and walks like rain
  22. You & Me & The Sea
  23. At the end of a summer day your hair should be messy, your swimsuit sandy, and your heart full
  24. Summer nights & city lights
  25. Wake me up when it’s summer
  26. Go with the flow
  27. Don’t worry- vacation calories don’t count
  28. Pool hair, don’t care
  29. Summer lovin’ happened so fast
  30. Please enjoy my resting beach face
  31. Water you doing today?
  32. Don’t let the tide get you down
  33. I can sea clearly now that school is done
  34. You can stop looking for paradise,  I found it!
  35. No shirt, no shoes, no problem
  36. Happiness comes in waves
  37. No one likes shady beaches
  38. The Golden Days
  39. Try looking on the bright side of things
  40. If traveling was free you would never see me again
  41. Let the sea set you free
  42. Life’s like a roller coaster, enjoy the ride
  43. You are the pina to my colada
  44. Sea, sun, & smiles
  45. My favorite color is summer
  46. Summer be hitting different
  47. I found paradise but don’t ask for directions
  48. But oh, those summer nights…
  49. There’s something in the summer air
  50. Brighter days, longer nights
  51. Seas the day
  52. Relax, you’re on pool time
  53. Don’t be afraid to jump in
  54. Wind in your hair, sun in your face, summer in your heart
  55. Memories made by the pool last forever
  56. Fact: there’s no graceful way to get on a pool floaty
  57. Chlorine is my perfume
  58. The views we will never forget
  59. All my troubles wash away in the water
  60. Keeping it cool in the pool
  61. Meet me where the sky touches the sea
  62. Sky above, sand below, peace within
  63. I followed my heart and it led me to the beach
  64. Stay wild, ocean child
  65. Be a mermaid and make waves
  66. High tides & perfect vibes
  67. I’m walking on sunshine
  68. Pretty sure my birth stone is a seashell
  69. An ocean breeze puts your mind at ease
  70. Say yes to new adventures
  71. The goal is to die with memories not dreams
  72. There is always one summer that changes you
  73. Life’s a beach, find your wave
  74. Life is better barefoot
  75. Son of a beach!
  76. Live for the moments you can’t put into words
  77. If there’s a will there’s a wave
  78. You had me at aloha
  79. I’m a aquaholic
  80. Life is simple, just add water
  81. When all else fails, take a vacation
  82. I’m a better person with a tan
  83. I don’t sweat, I sparkle
  84. Happy as a clam
  85. Shell-yeah
  86. August is the Sunday of summer
  87. Vacation mode: on
  88. Summer should get a speeding ticket
  89. Create your own sunshine
  90. Out of the office
  91. Trying to get lost this summer
  92. Everyday of summer is a fresh start
  93. Love you like a summer night
  94. All you need is love & a passport
  95. Saltwater cures all wounds
  96. Stop thinking and just go
  97. I need some beach therapy
  98. Summer is in the air
  99.  You’ll find me chasing the sun
  100. Summer, I’ve been waiting for you
100 summer instagram captions

My top Instagram tips and tricks for growing your account:

Tip 1) Before posting ask yourself if your content is providing value? Will it inform or entertain your followers? If not then consider what you can add in the caption to provide value so your readers gain something from your post.

Tip 2) Stay consistent but don’t overwhelm yourself. Posting at least 5 times a week is ideal but don’t overwhelm your followers by posting 5 times a day! You don’t want anyone getting annoyed and unfollowing or forgetting who you are because you don’t post enough.

Tip 3) Try to link your content back into recent blog posts. Especially if you are a lifestyle blogger who blogs about a lot of different things. For example, if you just did a home decor post then try to link your most recent Instagram post to something home decor related.

Tip 4) Utilize relevant hashtags. Don’t just add 30 trending but random hashtags! Keep it relevant and think about things people could be searching that if they saw your picture would make them actually want to click on your account and follow you.

Tip 5) Fix your bio! Make sure that when someone clicks on your account that they know who you are based on your bio and what type of content they can expect.

Tip 6) Make sure you are staying active on stories. A lot of people just look at stories now on Instagram and don’t spend much time looking at in feed posts. 

Tip 7) Don’t forget to location tag. This is a great way to reach more people especially people that aren’t bloggers and don’t necessarily follow a lot of bloggers. Which tend to be the people who will shop your links the most!

Tip 8) Respond to comments. Of course you don’t need to respond to spam/bots but everyone who is “real” try to respond to those comments. It’ll encourage people to comment again and the algorithm likes comments. And it counts as true engagement to Instagram.

Tip 9) Share each new post on other platforms. If you want to grow your Instagram make sure to share the post across platforms. Especially Twitter and Pinterest!

I hope that there is a summer Instagram caption on this list for every one and every picture this summer! Or at least some of your summer instas!

Coming up with captions can be the least fun part of Instagram posting so I hope that this was helpful and gave you a few ideas for your IG summer pictures.

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