8 Essential Tips For Setting Blog Goals

Setting goals is a necessary part of growing your blog whether you are trying to make a living off of your blog or if you are just trying to get eyes on your content. However, if you are new to setting blogging goals you may not know where to start. I know I didn’t as a new blogger! Which is why I am sharing 8 essential tips for setting blog goals.

Growing as a blogger can seem like a daunting idea but if you set actionable blogging goals you will see that it can be attainable to slowly but surely grow your blog audience.

Setting blog goals is especially important if this is your first year of blogging and you are still getting the hang of things! But I recommend every blogger no matter their “size” continue to set monthly and annual blogger goals.

So let’s get into how to set blog goals!

8 essential tips for setting blog goals!

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8 Essential Tips For Setting Blog Goals:

Tip 1) Write a list of where you want your blog to be in one year

The first tip for how to set blog goals is about understanding where you want your blog to go and what direction your blog is headed.

If you don’t know what you want from your blog then now is the time to think about it!

You won’t be able to help yourself achieve your blogging goals if you don’t know what you are striving to get to with your site.

Tip 2) Make a list of all your goal ideas.

Brainstorming is a necessary part of this process. Grab a notebook and start listing out all of the goals you would like to one day accomplish for your blog.

It’s better to list crazy and “unlikely” goals than to hold yourself back. Never doubt what you are capable of! You may also have not thought about certain areas of your blog until you start brainstorming all of the ideas.

Tip 3) Prioritize your top goals.

Okay, so you brainstormed an awesome and massive list of goals! Yay!

But realistically you can’t work on each of those goals right now. So the next step is to go through and prioritize. If blogging is a hobby for you then I recommend setting 3 goals at a time. If it is your main source of income you can focus on 5-7 goals at a time.

I recommend breaking it down into one goal per category: content creation, audience, and improvement.

Content creation is the actual creation of new blog posts and content for related social media accounts. This is the output of your blog!

Audience is the people who actually view your site. This can be social media following goals, audience relationship goals, or just blog view goals.

Improvement is the less fun side of blogging. It is anyway that you are improving your blog besides content. Things like finding a theme you love, improving site speed, working on SEO keywords in old posts. Anything that improve your site!

Tip 4) Start small and work your way to bigger goals.

The next tip is about remember to start small and realistically.

Even if you prioritized your favorite goals you also need to make sure that they are realistic for your current growth and how much time you have.

Which is why I recommend starting smaller and hitting those goals first then moving onto bigger goals. There is something to be said for finishing a goal and the momentum and motivation it can give you!

Tip 5) Set an attainable and measurable game plan.

Planning is arguably the most important part of actually achieving your goals!

One of the biggest mistakes I see new bloggers make is setting big goals and then not actually having a plan for getting to those goals.

If you aren’t overly familiar with making plans for achieving goals than I really recommend getting a goal planner like this one to help guide you through the actionable steps of goals.

Tip 6) Hold yourself accountable.

It is hard too hold yourself accountable for anything. I get it!

But if you want to actually achieve your blogging goals then you really should try to hold yourself accountable.

I have personally found the best way to do that is to tell your goals to others in the blogging community. By making your goals public to your blogger friends it will help you stay accountable.

I primarily do this on my Twitter and would love for you to join me on Twitter and we can help hold each other accountable! Check me out on Twitter here!

How to set blogging goals!

Tip 7) Break your blogging goals into time frames.

This is related to some of the other tips but it’s so important I wanted to break it out into it’s own tips.

I set different “levels” of goals for 3 major time frames and I know this is a common strategy but I didn’t do it at first when I was a new blogger and it hurt my growth!

The 3 time frames I do are weekly, monthly, and annual goals.

There are a lot of bloggers who had a 4th level or quarterly goals but I don’t find that time frame to be overly helpful for my blog but it may work for you!

Tip 8) Review and re-evaluate your blog goals consistently.

The final tip for setting your blog goals is to make sure that as you go you are reviewing and re-evaluating.

For reviewing, just make sure you are staying on track and following your actionable steps. If you don’t review your goals and keep them in mind it can be hard to actually stay on track to achieve them!

For re-evaluating, it is important to accept and act upon the fact that things change. You could have major life changes and have more or less time to work on your blog. You could have something really take off and need to set “larger” goals. So take the time to re-evaluate your goals pretty regularly.

Setting blog goals is an essential part of blogging and growing your blog but it doesn’t have to be hard or overwhelming. I hope these tips for how to set blog goals helps you out.

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  • This is exactly the type of post I needed! For the most part, I do at least one thing for my blog every day, even if it’s as simple as a social media post, but goal setting and figuring out which ‘thing’ to work on first is an issue. This is so perfect, I know this will help me get a more concrete plan in my head! Thanks for sharing!

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