7 Tips For Having Productive Weekends When You Need To!

The weekends are for fun and relaxing but sometimes we all need one of those productive weekends. But getting the motivation and organizing a productive weekend can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. So today we are going to talk about the top 7 tips for having productive weekends when you need to! The goal of these tips for how to have a productive weekend is to help you have them when you need them but don’t forget to prioritize relaxing and having fun when you can.

Also, these tips are for any of your days off of work or school during the week. It doesn’t necessarily mean Saturday and Sunday! I worked in an industry for years where I worked weekends and my days off were weekdays but these are still tips I used for those days too.

That being said, let’s get into these tips for how to have a productive weekend!

7 Tips For Having Productive Weekends When You Need To!

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7 Tips For Having Productive Weekends When You Need To!

How To Have A Productive Weekend:

Tip 1: Complete one simple task to start your productivity streak.

Completing a simple task to cross it off your to do list and get you moving and thinking can be so helpful. 

Sometimes all you really need is to rip the bandaid off and get your day going. So completing a generally simple and easy task can accomplish that.

It can start off a “productivity streak” which are so helpful for having productive days. But getting a productivity streak started is the hardest part. It gets better once you get going. So start with just one simple task to get you going.

Tip 2: Take breaks!

Believe it or not taking breaks is so helpful for boosting productivity. And every weekend deserves some fun parts in it.

I have a whole guide on taking breaks here but in a nutshell when you take strategically timed and planned for breaks throughout your day you actually can help yourself be refreshed and recharged. Which ultimately leads to improved productivity each day including on the weekends.

It also helps you avoid feelings of burn out and declining mental wellness. Which you don’t want for a lot of reasons of course including that if you get to feeling burnt out you won’t be productive and working towards your dreams. Balance is important in your life and taking strategic breaks is an amazing way to ensure you have balance while still helping with improving your productivity. You will feel tired and overwhelmed if you work all week and then don’t take any breaks on the weekend too.

Tip 3: Make to do lists.

I strongly believe in the power of to do lists.

They are wonderful for helping keep you organized and on track. And they help you figure out what you are prioritizing getting done on your productive weekend.

So at the start of the weekend sit down and make a master to do list. And then if you are feeling ambitious break it into multiple to do lists for the different days!

Tip 4: Be careful about phone notifications.

The next way to be more productive is to make sure you are being aware and cautious with your phone notifications.

If you really need to focus for an hour or so I recommend putting your phone on Do Not Disturb to really stop all notifications.

But in general I recommend going through your notifications settings in your phone and turning off any notifications that you don’t actually want so they aren’t distracting you.

Chances are you get lots of notifications. And chances are you don’t actually want to see most of them. But every time they ding on your phone they are distracting you. Which makes you less productive in the long run.

I talk more about this on my https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8VtHNeHR0NY&t=122sdigital declutter video linked here!

Tip 5: Make every room change efficient.

This tip is for your weekend cleaning that is apart of most productive weekends!

What I mean by that is to make sure that each time you go to a new room you make it efficient by bringing something.

I recommend grabbing a laundry basket and as you are cleaning in one room fill it with items that don’t belong in there. Then when you leave that room drop off the items to their correct room as you are going to the next room. 

Walking around and putting things into their correct room can be done simultaneously with other cleaning tasks which can really cut down on the amount of time you spend cleaning!

Tip 6: Get up early enough.

How early is early enough really varies by the individual person. However, the key to this tip is to figure out how early you need to get done to get all of your to do list done.

Because if you have 12 hours of stuff to do on Saturday but you sleep in until noon then that is doing to be very difficult to accomplish. So figure out what your early means and set your alarm for that time. And then of course actually get up and get going when that alarm goes off! This is definitely one of the most important tips for how to have productive weekends.

Tip 7: Set a 30 minute timer

This next tip is one that can really help especially if the ones above aren’t working for you.

Grab your phone and set a 30 minute timer and force yourself to do some sort of work for those whole 30 minutes. No checking your phone, no going on social media, no chatting with your significant other or family. Just straight work for 30 minutes.

It can be difficult to force your mind to get on track and be productive. So sometimes you need to just remove everything except your work from your mind and your line of vision. 

For me I usually find that after those 30 minutes I feel like I have accomplished so much and I have the motivation I need to be productive the rest of the day. 

I hope that these tips were helpful for you and will help you have a productive weekend when you are needing to. It’s important to be able to have productive weekends when you want to. But don’t forget that often the most productive thing you can do is rest! So don’t feel that you have to be productive every single weekend. You can rest and take care of yourself and that is so incredibly important too!

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