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How To Brainstorm Blog Post Ideas

Thinking of blog post ideas can be one of the hardest part of blogging.

Especially when you find yourself STUCK.

So when you find yourself stuck you need to start brainstorming ideas for new content.

But how do you do that? Below is 6 tips for brainstorming ideas for your blog!

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Tip 1) Think about what you would want to read

One of the best things you can do to start your brainstorming session is to really think about what you would want to read/what you like to read.

*Remember there is no wrong or write answers for what you should blog about!

So grab your paper or open your laptop and think about your past week. What content did you consume on the internet that you really enjoyed? What content would you have loved to read or see if it existed?

Start jotting down anything that comes to mind. And remember- no idea is dumb! Writing down one idea can lead to you thinking of another idea that could end up being great content for your blog.

For example, I found myself when I first started blogging looking for help with regularly posting to my Instagram so as I got better at that I created a 35 day content guide for bloggers.

Write about what you want to know!

Tip 2) Stay up to date on new trends

Evergreen content is important for your blog but so is seasonal content- especially if you are to the point on your blog where you have run out of ideas for evergreen content.

So keep an eye on social media, the news, Google trends, etc. Being one of the first blogs to write about new trends in your niche or something exciting happening in the world then you have a higher chance of getting the post established and a lot of business.

Add this to your daily after work routine to browse through your preferred platform to keep an eye out for new trends.

Tip 3) Branch off old content

Scroll through old content and look at what you could branch off of.

Look primarily through posts that are list style. See if any of the individual steps/bullet points could be turned into an entire post. Sometimes you will realize that the each bullet point could become its own post which could lead to a multi-post series full of links to the other posts!

Looking through old content also can help you see things that interested you in the past and you can start brainstorming something more relevant to today.

It can also help to get your brain into the blogging mode.

Tip 4) Scroll through your Pinterest boards

Pinterest is a wonderful site for collecting ideas and getting inspiration.

Part of this tip is making sure that when you see something inspiring on Pinterest to make sure that you save it! Of course it’s needed to remind everyone not to copy anyone else’s work!! But getting inspiration to get your brain working can be very helpful during brainstorming sessions.

Another part is to watch what others are pinning. That can help show you what content others are wanting and reading!

Tip 5) Think about problems needing solved

This seems like a strange thing to focus on but once you get going it becomes a pretty easy thing to focus on while brainstorming.

What problems exist that are relevant to your niche?

And what help can you give.

Even if others have also written about solutions it’s okay to throw your ideas into the conversation too! It’s a great way to brainstorm content ideas that will truly have important value for your readers.

Tip 6) Keep a running ideas list

Either on a notebook that is with you all the time (try a tiny notebook!) or on your phone. It’s so easy to forget awesome blog post ideas if you don’t jot them down.

It’s also great to jot down general concepts or problems you encounter that could lead to new post ideas even if you don’t have the exact post figured out yet.

This is such a big help when you can’t think of any new ideas when you get time to write. If you already have a list of ideas that you can write about or at least give you some general inspiration!

Make sure to keep the list and the rest of your phone organized to avoid your phone getting cluttered though. Here’s a guide with 8 steps for getting your phone organized.


A final little tip I have is if you feel overwhelmed and like you can’t get yourself into the blogging mindset then walk away from your laptop for a bit.

Also, if you are really stuck on your brainstorming then look over these 15 generalized blog post ideas to get you on the right track!



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