How To Turn Around An Unproductive Day: Get Productive!

We have all experienced those unproductive days. Where you feel like blah and just can’t seem to find the motivation to get things done. Which is why I want to share my helpful tips and steps for how to turn around an unproductive day.

Having productive days every single day is not realistic. And it will naturally happen that somedays you are super productive and motivated and other days you are just a standard level of productive and accomplishing tasks but nothing above and beyond.

However, some days we all find ourselves in situations where we can’t get the motivation to get anything done. Resulting in a totally unproductive day. So if you find yourself feeling that way then this is the post for you and hopefully these tips will help you turn around your unproductive day.

But real quick- I want to remind everyone that is okay to have chill and lazy days! There is nothing wrong with having relaxing days. But if you are wanting/needing to get some productive tasks done to get you in the right mindset to get things done. Or just looking for a little motivation! Then keep reading for these tips on how to turn around an unproductive day.

Also, I have a video talking more in depth about how to turn around an unproductive day to get more productive that you can watch here!

How To Turn Around An Unproductive Day: Get Productive!

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How To Turn Around An Unproductive Day

Tips For Making Today More Productive

Tip 1: Dress for success

This first tip can be so helpful for really turning around an unproductive day.

When you are lacking productivity and really need to get motivated making sure you feel your best is so important. And for so many of us dressing for success can really help you feel your best.

So if you are in casual clothes, pjs, or just not dressed for success then go make that change. It can really help you make your day more productive by almost tricking your mindset because it makes you feel your best.

Tip 2: Make a to do list

This next tip is something I swear by every day and if I feel like my day is unproductive it is usually because I slipped up and didn’t’ make a to do list that day.

To do lists are an incredible tool in general for productivity. Which means if you have a day where you are really struggling with productivity it can really hep you to use this helpful tool.

Sit down and commit just 10 minutes to making a to do list for the rest of your day to get you on track and force yourself to be productive and get things done. I also recommend going back through and prioritizing your to do list. Prioritizing your daily to do list can help you realize what you need to get done so you can be more productive.

Tip 3: Complete a simple task

Completing a simple task to cross it off your to do list and get you moving and thinking can be so helpful.

Sometimes all you really need is to rip the bandaid off and get your day going. So completing a generally simple and easy task can accomplish that.

Plus getting anything done when you aren’t feeling productive can give you a surge of energy and motivation that you can use to complete more tasks and larger tasks. So look at your to do list and pick the simplest task even if it isn’t the most important so that you can cross something off your to do list and start feeling more productive and motivated.

Tip 4: Set a 30 minute timer

This next tip is one that can really help especially if the ones above aren’t working for you.

Grab your phone and set a 30 minute timer and force yourself to do some sort of work for those whole 30 minutes. No checking your phone, no going on social media, no chatting with coworkers. Just straight work for 30 minutes.

It can be difficult to force your mind to get on track and be productive. So sometimes you need to just remove everything except your work from your mind and your line of vision.

For me I usually find that after those 30 minutes I feel like I have accomplished so much and I have the motivation I need to be productive the rest of the day.

Tip 5: Turn off any background noises

Normally I can work with background noises with no issues.

But when I am having a day that I just can’t get anything done then I find to really turn around that unproductive day I have to eliminate all distractions. And background noises are one of the most distracting thing!

So turn off the TV or music and shut your office door.

Make sure that you can focus on your work because if you are lacking motivation that day then any little distraction will be more tempting than it usually is.

Also, if you are really struggling then it is probably best to take 20 minutes to eliminate any other distractions. Including turning your phone on do not disturb and clearing off your workspace. Set yourself up for productivity by making sure that you aren’t allowing distractions around you to stop your productivity.

Tip 6: Take a short break

Taking strategic breaks is actually an awesome productivity tool.

When you walk away for a minute and take a breather it allows your mind to re-set and re-charge so that you can return to your tasks feeling ready to accomplish them.

Of course this means short strategic breaks not taking 3 hours off!

I have a whole guide on taking breaks to boost productivity that you can read here.

But ultimately what it comes down to is allowing your mind to get refreshed and recharged so that you can tackle your work. Remember that breaks are actually a tool not an excuse.

Tip 7: Ask a coworker or friend to hold you accountable

This is what I consider my last resort tip. For those days where nothing else seems to be working and I just can’t shake the lack of productivity.

I’ll ask a coworker, my significant other, or even a friend to check up on me in an hour to see what I have gotten done. In general I don’t like to do this because I don’t want to bother others while they are working but sometimes even just telling someone you are struggling with motivation and productivity can help.

By making it a more public situation you may start to feel a lot more pressure. Which as a result that pressure and make you get things done that need to get done and help you ultimately have a more productive day.

How To Turn Around An Unproductive Day: Get Productive!

I hope that this post is helpful for you and assists you having more productive days!

Remember that it is totally normal to have days where you struggle with productivity and just don’t feel very motivated. So don’t beat yourself up. Just use these tips to help boost your productivity so you can turn around your unproductive day.


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