11 Trendy Summer Notebooks You Will Be Obsessed With Too!

We all know that I am so obsessed with notebooks. And I am totally someone who goes through notebooks crazy fast which does mean that I can change them out seasonally. So while I was shopping for my summer notebooks I thought I should share the ones I found. Hopefully you can find your perfect summer notebook! Keep reading for the 11 trendy summer notebooks you will be obsesses with too. There is also hopefully something for everyone with everything from blue spiral notebooks to 4 subject notebook to crazy patterned notebooks. A little for everyone.

If you are looking for ideas for how to use your notebooks here are a few posts I have that could be helpful and give you some ideas:

So enough chatting let’s just jump right into this list of trendy summer notebooks!

11 Trendy Summer Notebooks You Will Be Obsessed With Too!

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11 Trendy Summer Notebooks You Will Be Obsessed With Too!

Check out these different notebooks for summer time:


11 Trendy Summer Notebooks You Will Be Obsessed With Too! Blue notebook

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This blue notebook with floral details is everything! I have other things with their wild flowers design on it but I immediately added this notebook to my cart. I love it and I love their notebooks they are fantastic quality.

2: Composition Notebook: Orange Design (independently published)

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This is so cute! I love the oranges design is just absolutely feels like summer in a notebook. There is also other fruits in the series so make sure to check those out too.

3: DesignWorks Ink Leatherette Storage Journal Khaki Rainbow

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When I say my jaw dropped when I saw this notebook I am truly not exaggerating. I love the color and the rainbow detail. Also please go check this out because the rainbow design continues into the pages as well. A summer dream notebook!

4: Green Inspired Ruled Journal Hardcover Sewn Houseplant

11 Trendy Summer Notebooks You Will Be Obsessed With Too!

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The houseplant image on the front is so cute. This notebook is super trendy and works awesome for summer though you can definitely use it throughout the whole year. Especially if you don’t go through notebooks as weirdly fast as I do!

5: Castelli Notebook – Eden Jungle Design Medium A5, Blank, Flamingo 

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Let’s just all accept now that this is definitely the most summer-y notebook on this list. So if you really, truly want to embrace some summer vibes then this is the notebook for you.


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This is such a trendy notebook and I totally love it! I love the little boost of inspiration because if you have been around here for a while you will know that I am a huge supporter of keeping inspiration visible whenever possible. And that includes little places like your notebooks!

7: Chronicle Books Succulent Garden Notebook Collection

11 Trendy Summer Notebooks You Will Be Obsessed With Too!

Shop it here!

I can’t be the only one who is super into plants and succulents who also wants them on notebooks. Or at least I hope I’m not the only one! I love this notebook it is so cute and totally perfect for summer time.


11 Trendy Summer Notebooks You Will Be Obsessed With Too! blue notebook

Shop it here!

I have to mention the rose gold rings on this notebook because they are amazing though you can personalize and do simple black rings instead if you prefer those. Either way this notebook is so cute and I love the summer aesthetic to it. I am so in love with the ease of using spiral notebooks and Erin Condren makes such great ones.

9: Cheerup Spiral Notebook, B5 10″ x 7″, 4 Subjects with Divider, 240 Pages Wide Ruled

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I love the bright pink color of this notebook it really screams summer to me! Also I love that it is a 4 subjects notebook which I often struggle to find compared to 3 or 5 subjects so that’s great if you prefer 4 subject notebooks.

10: West Emory Special Lined Weave Patterned Composition Notebook Blue

Blue notebook

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This is another blue notebook that I am so obsessed with. It sends me ocean vibes without actually being a picture of the ocean. Definitely has summer vibes while still being a notebook you can completely use in a professional environment.

11: Castelli Notebook – Tatami Card Cover Medium A5, Ruled, White Milk

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This one is a bit more subtle in the summer vibes like the one above but I still love it. And it also would be perfect in a work environment where you can’t have anything too crazy.

I hope that this post helped you find your new favorite notebook for summer!

I tried to ensure that there was something for everyone in this post. So make sure to let me know in the comments which notebook here is your favorite. And let me know what your favorite ways to use your notebook are. Are you a daily to do list person? Do you love journaling? Doodling? Let me know below so we can all inspire each other!

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