51 Self Care Gift Ideas

Self care gifts are always in season.

Getting a self care gift for a loved one shows them that you care about them and you care about them taking care of themselves!

So many people but especially moms forget to take care of themselves and getting them a present that gives them a reason and a way to provide themselves with some self care is so important.

Which is why I have compiled this list of 51 self care gift ideas that you can get for your loved ones!

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  1. Face mask kit- check out this one for inspiration
  2. Pedicure gift basket (include polish, pumice, and lotion for sure!)
  3. Soft robe- get it in their favorite color
  4. Calming candles- lavender candles is a great go to
  5. Nail polish– in their favorite shades
  6. Himalayan salt lamp
  7. Body scrub- personal favorites are fruit scented like this one!
  8. Gift card to local spa
  9. Gratitude journal
  10. Home wine making kit
  11. Mindfulness books
  12. Adult coloring books– bonus if you can find ones related to their hobbies or favorite characters!
  13. Weighted blanket– this one is super cute too
  14. Slippers- fluffy ones like this are always a hit
  15. Seasonal candles- this is my favorite for summer
  16. Bath bomb set
  17. Water bottle- try getting a cute insulated one like this
  18. Gift card for a delivery service for a stay at home dinner
  19. Bullet journal & pens
  20. Calming tea
  21. Spirituality books
  22. Body lotion- my current favorite here
  23. A subscription to a wine service like Winc
  24. Bath pillow- like this one
  25. Silk pillow cases– these are perfect!
  26. Gentle lighting lamp
  27. Sleep mask- these ones are amazing and don’t press against your eyes
  28. Super soft blanket– this one is like a dream
  29. Coffee/tea mug- get an inspirational one!
  30. A sweets gift basket
  31. Bath and body works gift card
  32. A cookie baking kit
  33. Cute PJ set- this one is perfect!
  34. Aromatic room diffuser
  35. Wine gift basket (include a bottle, an opener, and 2 glasses)
  36. Pillow spray- get a calming scent!
  37. Inspirational wall art- this one is perfect for any style
  38. DIY bath bomb kit
  39. Oversized comfy hoodie
  40. Jade face roller
  41. Infused water bottle
  42. Yoga mat- this one is super pretty
  43. Affirmations cards- this set is great!
  44. Hair towel wrap
  45. Bath caddy- check out this bamboo one
  46. Flower vase– bonus gift it with fresh flowers already in it
  47. Mini skincare fridge– this one is adorable
  48. Makeup remover towel
  49. Hot cocoa mix & a mug
  50. Lip scrub– try to get a scent they like
  51. Cozy socks- these are so darn cute!

Go ahead and share this to give your friends and family ideas too!

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