21 Ideas For Your 2021 Vision Board

2021 is basically here. Which is absolutely crazy! I have talked a lot about re-evaluating goals and setting new years resolutions. But I also want to chat about ideas for what to add to your 2021 vision board.

With how awful 2020 was for most people coming up with inspiration for your 2021 vision board can be hard. Of course we all want to envision 2021 as a much better year but thinking about what to add to your vision board might be a lot harder this year!

If you want to watch me do my 2021 vision board then check out my video here!

But before we jump into the 21 ideas for your vision board let’s quickly chat about the 2 ways to make a vision board and some advice on how to make each if it’s your first year making one!

Traditional crafted vision board

This is what most people think of when they think of a vision board.

It used to be grabbing poster paper and cutting out magazine but now you can use the internet to find pictures of literally anything.

So you just need poster paper, a printer, scissors, and glue! Then use Pinterest to find the images you want, print them out, and glue them as a collage onto your poster paper.

Digital vision board

I am definitely becoming increasingly partial to digital vision boards!

I love Canva.com and that is definitely where I recommend creating your digital vision board on. There is a lot less mess and it’s easier to play around with what your collage looks like.

And after making mine I like to make mine my laptop screensaver so I can look at it all year!

2021 Vision Board

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So now let’s get into the 21 ideas for your 2021 vision board!

21 Ideas For Your 2021 Vision Board:

{ I made all of these graphics so feel free to use them! }

1) A goals list

You can print out this one or download it for your digital vision board!

2021 goals list

2) Growth quote

We all grew in 2020 but let’s make it intentional growth in 2021.

3) Drink more water

This is a goal we should all have next year so I made a cute graphic for you to add for your vision board.

2021 Vision Board

4) Explore more

Since most of us didn’t get to travel much or at all in 2020 let’s add some travel inspo to your vision board for 2021.

Travel more 2021 vision board

5) Collect memories

Same idea, let’s collect all the memories in 2021 that we couldn’t in 2020.

2021 Vision Board

6) Wear what you want to

Adding this little graphic and then surrounding it with outfits you want to wear is such a great mood for 2021.

2021 Vision Board

7) Happy color palette

Here is my happy color palette for 2021 that you can use too if you also like it or you can use Canva to make your own color palette!

8) Keep going quote

Remembering to keep going is a bit of inspiration we all need for 2021.

9) Your dream luxury item

Grab a photo of your dream luxury item and add it to remind yourself of something fun you are working towards.

10) Include your health goals

After you know what your healthy lifestyle goals are include some images related to it!

2021 Vision Board

11) Plan your year

I love including visions of staying organized and being consistent with planning on my vision board.

12) Show up as your best self quote

These types of motivating quotes as showing up as your best self is awesome for some motivation on your vision board.

13) Scrabble letter words

This is such a fun touch for any words you want to emphasize on your vision board.

2021 Vision Board

14) Dare to explore reminder

I love adding little reminders like this throughout a vision board.

15) Ripped paper elements

This is just a fun little element that I want to show you that you can add to your vision board.

16) Post it notes

I think this is such a fun element to add and if you are doing digital for your vision board here is a picture you can use!

2021 Vision Board

17) Polaroid pictures

This is one of the cutest elements you can add! If you are doing a traditional vision board and don’t have a Polaroid camera you can print off a picture of a frame and add your own photo over it. Adds a fun touch!

18) Friendship

Include some pictures of friendships you want to improve on in 2021 or just use a general graphic like this one.

19) Washi tape

Another fun and cute element to fill in gaps in your vision board.

20) Fun add on words

Another fun add on is cute words and graphics words.

2021 Vision Board

21) A big 2021 graphic!

The final element you can add for your 2021 vision board is a cute 2021 graphic!

2021 Vision Board

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