365 Blog Post Ideas For 2021 To Grow Your Blog: Unique Blog Ideas!

2021 is going to be your blogging year- you heard it here first! But coming up with new content ideas can be a struggle especially if you are trying to come out with multiple posts a week. So I wanted to help everyone out and come up with a mega list of blog post ideas for 2021! These fun and unique blog post ideas can really help you keep going as a new blogger.

I broke these down based on some of the most common niches but a lot of these posts can get slightly altered and work in a ton of niches.

The categories we are going to talk about in this list of unique blog post ideas for 2021 are: Lifestyle, Beauty, Fashion, Food & Drink, DIY, Blogging/Social Media, Self Development/Improvement, Financial, and Travel.

I don’t “blog about blogging” very much anymore but I am always interested and passionate about providing free content to help out my amazing fellow bloggers so I hope this is helpful!

Note: I know there are so many more niches out there but I don’t write about/have any knowledge on those niches (like parenting!) so I don’t know what your audience would like!

So now let’s jump into it and don’t be afraid to scroll to the relevant list of unique blog ideas for 2021 for your blog niche! This list is super long full of so many unique blog post ideas for 2021 so make sure to save this so you can look back at it later when you need blogging inspiration. Okay enough chatting let’s get into the list.

365 blog post ideas for 2021 to grow your blog!

*** This article may contain Amazon affiliate links that I receive a small commission off of. I always appreciate any support to keep this site running! Thank you!***

365 Unique Blog Post Ideas For 2021 To Grow Your Blog:

Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

  1. Morning routine inspiration/ your morning routine.
  2. Your workout playlist essentials.
  3. Stay at home date night ideas.
  4. iPhone organization tips/ideas.
  5. Your spring cleaning routine.
  6. How you decorate your home for each season.
  7. Health habits you want to start this year.
  8. Share your night routine.
  9. What a self care day looks like for you.
  10. Free self care routine ideas.
  11. Your top 10 essential cleaning hacks.
  12. Do a Q&A post with questions from your audience.
  13. iPhone photography tips and tricks.
  14. Where do you want to be in 10 years?
  15. Monthly Amazon favorites.
  16. Do a roundup each month of your Instagram posts.
  17. Share your favorite first date ideas.
  18. What to do based on your partners love language.
  19. Create seasonal bucket lists.
  20. Do a birthday post of what you want to do in the next year.
  21. Do a roundup of everything you learned last year.
  22. Make a roundup of your most popular posts.
  23. Share a day in my life.
  24. Share your fitness routine.
  25. Tips for communicating beter with people in your life.
  26. How you spend a night alone post.
  27. Share your monthly goals each month.
  28. Make a bucket list of things to do in your city.
  29. Do a series of organizing your home.
  30. How to relax after a long day.
  31. Tips for hosting parties/holidays.
  32. Do a roundup of your top favorite purchases of 2020.
  33. Your favorite inspirational quotes.
  34. How you organize your computer.
  35. Share what you are reading each month.
  36. Create a self care daily challenge.
  37. Share the ways you practice gratitude.
  38. Hobbies you want to try this year.
  39. How to make friends as an adult.
  40. Signs of a healthy relationships.
  41. List of Random acts of kindness.
  42. Give us a tour of your house.
  43. How to decorate your front porch for each season.
  44. Self care gift ideas for the women in your life.

Beauty Blog Post Ideas

  1. Share your updated skincare routine.
  2. 21 products you are going to try in 2021.
  3. Share your top 10 favorite face masks.
  4. Your spa night routine.
  5. 15 eye looks with one palette.
  6. Makeup trends over the year that you have hated.
  7. Pick one makeup brand and only use it for a week.
  8. Heatless hairstyles ideas.
  9. Makeup hacks every newbie needs to know.
  10. How to save money on makeup products.
  11. Your go to daily makeup routine.
  12. How to spend less time on your makeup.
  13. Makeup items from last year that were 100% worth the hype.
  14. Makeup items that are totally overrated.
  15. Skincare tips for every skin type.
  16. Sephora beauty favorites each season.
  17. The haircare products you swear by.
  18. A makeup trend you wish would come back in style.
  19. The beauty YouTubers you watch all the time.
  20. Holiday makeup looks for beginners.
  21. How to make your nail polish stay on longer.
  22. Tips for making your hair grow faster.
  23. How to make a DIY face mask.
  24. Skincare products you absolutely hated.
  25. Compare your favorite beauty subscription boxes.
  26. How you store and organize your makeup.
  27. Holiday makeup wish list.
  28. Your top makeup dos and don’ts.
  29. Do a roundup of beauty gift sets that are worth it.
  30. What is in your makeup bag tips.
  31. Your top 10 all time favorite makeup items.
  32. How to refresh your beauty routine.
  33. Your favorite nail polish shades for each season.
  34. Share what makeup items you bring on vacation.
  35. What to pack in your weekend makeup bag.
  36. The makeup kit you recommend for beginners.
  37. Gift ideas for beauty lovers.
  38. Makeup items you are so sad were discontinued.
  39. Share your monthly empty products every month.

Fashion Blog Post Ideas

  1. Your 20 favorite outfits in 2020.
  2. New trends you are loving and hating for this year.
  3. Trends you thought you hated but ended up loving last year.
  4. Work place outfit ideas.
  5. Transitional outfits for each season.
  6. How to create a capsule wardrobe.
  7. Your 10 staples for each season.
  8. 5 shoes you can wear year round.
  9. How to find cute fashion items on Amazon.
  10. The basics you didn’t know you needed.
  11. First date outfit ideas you will love.
  12. Affordable versions of each seasons high end trends.
  13. Designer items you didn’t regret buying.
  14. 5 coats that everyone needs.
  15. The ultimate guide to Black Friday.
  16. 50 shoe essentials under $50.
  17. Reinvent celebrities outfits at affordable prices.
  18. 10 outfits to wear to holiday parties.
  19. Statement jewelry you will love forever.
  20. Do a style challenge series.
  21. How to thrift for stylish clothes.
  22. 5 little black dresses for 2021.
  23. How to dress down a blazer.
  24. A tour of your wardrobe.
  25. 10 casual outfit ideas.
  26. What to wear to a job interview.
  27. 5 outfit ideas for a bachelorette party.
  28. Your favorite accessories for this year.
  29. The fashion essentials that you believe won’t go out of style.
  30. How to select the best accessories for any outfit.
  31. Not ugly, ugly Christmas sweaters.
  32. The best bags for work.
  33. How to try new styles without breaking the bank.
  34. Re-create looks that your mom wore at your age.
  35. Outfit ideas for a dinner party.
  36. How I organize my accessories.
  37. The 3 boots you have to own.
  38. How to dress up leggings.
  39. Airport outfit ideas you love.
  40. What to wear for a beach vacation.
  41. How to style a certain type of jeans (black, boyfriend fit, high rise, etc).
  42. What to wear to an office party.
  43. How your style has evolved over the years.

Food and Drink Blog Post Ideas

  1. 10 recipes that are each under 10 minutes.
  2. Your favorite unique cocktails for 2021.
  3. Roundup of your favorite snacks.
  4. Your best slow cooker recipes.
  5. A seasonal cocktail recipe for each season.
  6. What I eat in a day.
  7. Re-make your first “adult” recipe you ever made.
  8. Share your grocery list for 2021.
  9. Easy dinner ideas for people in a hurry.
  10. Do a 5 ingredients food challenge.
  11. Do a meatless Monday trend.
  12. Share your Christmas dinner recipe.
  13. Create a full menu (multiple courses) for beginners.
  14. Tips for what to do with leftovers.
  15. 10 tips for incorporating veggies into your diet.
  16. Your most crowd pleasing recipes.
  17. Experiment with a new ingredient you have never used before.
  18. Make a “kids” meal more “grown up”.
  19. Tips for meal prepping tasty food.
  20. Ideas for packing your lunch.
  21. Your favorite date night dinner recipes.
  22. Your top 5 favorite Christmas cookie recipes.
  23. Cocktail recipes that are easy but will impress.
  24. What your favorite “cheat” meal recipe is.
  25. The 10 items that are always in your fridge.
  26. How to take food/drink blog pictures.
  27. Create your own food challenge for others to try.
  28. Review hyped foods (like from Trader Joe’s).
  29. Share your Thanksgiving dinner menu.
  30. Do a review of talked about kitchen gadgets.
  31. How to make your kitchen more sustainable.
  32. Do a local farmers market haul.
  33. Share some healthy treats.
  34. Gift ideas for foodies in your life.
  35. What food did you think you didn’t like until you learned to cook it right?
  36. Modernize recipes from your older relatives.
  37. Easy salad recipes.
  38. Make an ultimate food and drink pairings list.
  39. Cocktail recipes that don’t taste like alcohol.
  40. Share the recipe of the meal you made the most last year.
365 blog post ideas for everyone!

DIY Blog Post Ideas for 2021

  1. Wrap up of your favorite DIY projects from 2020.
  2. DIY fleece blanket.
  3. How to make your own candles.
  4. Your top essential tools for crafters.
  5. A craft trend that you are hating.
  6. A roundup of your favorite crafts from last year.
  7. DIY gift ideas for teachers.
  8. Craft bucket list for projects you want to do.
  9. How you organize your craft supplies.
  10. Your favorite crafts for each season.
  11. How to make your own Valentines day cards.
  12. A seasonal wreath DIY for each season.
  13. Tips for when a DIY project is overwhelming.
  14. Home DIY’s that are easier than people think
  15. DIY mothers day and fathers day crafts.
  16. Homemade gift ideas that kids can do.
  17. How to start an indoor garden
  18. DIY gift ideas for graduates.
  19. Your favorite dollar store crafts.
  20. Unique Christmas ornament craft ideas.
  21. How to make an arm knit blanket.
  22. DIY Halloween decor ideas.
  23. Gift ideas for the crafter in your life.
  24. How to tie dye clothing with cool patterns.
  25. DIY projects that you gave up on last year.
  26. How to make your own advent calendar.
  27. DIY spring decor ideas.
  28. How to upcycle clothes from the thrift store.
  29. How to save money when buying craft supplies.
  30. Tips for using leftover craft supplies.
  31. DIY home organization ideas.
  32. How you package a DIY gift.
  33. How to craft your Christmas cards.
  34. Share your favorite places to buy craft supplies.
  35. Why did you start crafting?

Blogging/Social Media Blog Post Ideas

  1. Behind the scenes of your blogging process.
  2. Instagram caption ideas for 2021.
  3. Do a Q & A with some of your favorite bloggers.
  4. A round up of your favorite resources as a blogger.
  5. How you create your content calendar.
  6. Do a seasonal Instagram challenge.
  7. Instagram content calendar ideas.
  8. Share how you handle writers block.
  9. Create a checklist of what every blog post should include.
  10. Monetizing your blog 101.
  11. Tips for growing your blog traffic from each social media platform.
  12. A guide to what content will perform well in 2021.
  13. How to grow an email list.
  14. Mistakes that most new bloggers make.
  15. Tips for how to stay consistent on social media.
  16. Why social media is important for bloggers.
  17. Tips for building a loyal audience.
  18. How to improve engagement on Instagram.
  19. Tips/ a guide to hashtags on Instagram.
  20. How to make clickable pins on Pinterest.
  21. How to make more shareable content.
  22. Guide to promoting your blog posts after they are live.
  23. Guide to understanding the 2021 Instagram algorithm.
  24. Lessons you have learned about blogging.
  25. What your blogging set up looks like.
  26. Paid blogging tools that aren’t worth it.
  27. Your favorite blogging/social media guides/books.
  28. Share your blogging goals.
  29. How to successfully start a second blog.
  30. How to attract your ideal reader.
  31. Gift ideas for bloggers.
  32. How to take blog photos.
  33. The hardest things you learned while blogging.
  34. How to define your blog brand.
  35. Your guide to using SEO as a blogger.
  36. How to blog if you also have a full time job.
  37. Tips for making a digital product.
  38. How to network as a blogger.
  39. How to narrow down your blog niche.
  40. Habits of a successful blogger.
  41. So an “what you see” vs “what really happened” with blogging pictures.
  42. Why you love being a blogger!
  43. 5 bloggers that you look up to.

Self Development/Improvement (personal growth) Blog Post Ideas

  1. 20 ways you grew as a person in 2020.
  2. Share your goals for 2021.
  3. Your ultimate tips and tricks for staying productive.
  4. Your list of books you want to read this year.
  5. Journaling prompts for each season (or each month!).
  6. Tips/a guide to volunteering.
  7. How to make a better work life balance.
  8. How to create productive morning (or night) routines.
  9. Tips fro starting a journal.
  10. Ways you can invest in yourself.
  11. How to impress at a job interview.
  12. How to declutter your home.
  13. Habits you wish you had learned sooner.
  14. How to simplify your lifestyle.
  15. Advice for making time for your hobbies.
  16. Your ultimate guide to setting goals.
  17. A list of self development goals (or personal growth goals).
  18. Productivity/organization apps that you swear by.
  19. How you stay focused and avoid distractions.
  20. Podcasts to listen to for personal growth.
  21. Where do you find inspiration?
  22. Give advice to your younger self.
  23. How to reduce stress in your life.
  24. Why is improving yourself so important to you?
  25. How I’m living more intentional this year.
  26. Share the first book you should read for personal growth.
  27. 10 Ways to stop worrying.
  28. How to improve your self discipline.
  29. How to discover your passions.
  30. Tips for improving time management.
  31. Explain how you set up your planner.
  32. Journal prompts for self discovery.
  33. Productive things to do at home list.
  34. How to be on time for things.
  35. Guide on how to prioritize.
  36. Share the essential tools for keeping you organized.
  37. A list of documentaries that help with personal growth.
  38. How to overcome procrastination.
  39. What lists do you write to stay organized and productive?
  40. Create a personal development challenge for your followers.
  41. List of activities that help improve your mood.
  42. Set up or share a home command center.
  43. How to improve your self confidence.

Unique Blog Post Ideas For Finance/Budgeting

  1. Tips for spending less on groceries.
  2. Budgeting 101 for college students.
  3. Tips for making money online.
  4. How to start a successful side hustle.
  5. The ultimate list of side hustle ideas.
  6. Create a money saving challenge.
  7. 10 money tips you wish you learned sooner.
  8. How to make a plan for retirement.
  9. The basics everyone should know about insurances.
  10. Why you need multiple streams of income.
  11. How to save money and still have fun.
  12. The things most people waste money on.
  13. What credit cards are worth it?
  14. How to build your credit score.
  15. Personal finance books that everyone should read.
  16. How to simplify your finances.
  17. Money lessons you’ve learned the hard way.
  18. How to budget for the holidays.
  19. Tips for saving for a down payment on a house.
  20. The best money/budgeting apps.
  21. How to teach personal finance to your kids.
  22. How to do a no-spend challenge.
  23. What to do if you struggle to stick to a budget.
  24. How to combine finances when you get married.
  25. The money habits of wealthy people.
  26. What “money saving tips” aren’t actually worth it?
  27. Guide to stop living paycheck to paycheck.
  28. How to really create an emergency fund.
  29. Tips for making a get out of debt plan.
  30. Your top tips for staying out of debt.
  31. Guide to getting a mortgage.
  32. Investing 101 for beginners.
  33. Do you need a financial advisor?
  34. 15 things to do with spare change.
  35. Common mistakes that result in more debt.
  36. Your ultimate guide to making a financial plan.
  37. How to find deals/bargains at stores.
The ultimate list of blog post ideas!

Travel Blog Post Ideas for 2021

  1. Your travel bucket list for 2021.
  2. Do a series of your favorite short weekend trips.
  3. Tips and tricks for packing.
  4. How you create your perfect packing list.
  5. A travel guide to your own city/state.
  6. Lessons you have learned from traveling mistakes.
  7. How to save money on your next vacation.
  8. The most affordable vacations to take in 2021.
  9. Tips for traveling alone safely.
  10. What to do the night before you leave for a trip.
  11. Tips for staying healthy while traveling.
  12. The travel apps that you love.
  13. Tips for road tripping with kids (or a pet!).
  14. How to handle when things go wrong when traveling.
  15. How to take better travel photos.
  16. Tips for staring a travel Instagram account.
  17. What budget travel items are worth it?
  18. Rank all of your trips from best to worst.
  19. What to do when you feel homesick?
  20. Visit your hometown as if you were a tourist.
  21. Why travel blogging is or isn’t as glamorous as people think.
  22. The things that are worth splurging on when traveling.
  23. Your favorite food you have eaten while traveling.
  24. Your top recommendation for honeymoon destinations.
  25. Where you should and shouldn’t travel to with kids.
  26. How to handle not knowing the language of where you are.
  27. What to pack in your carry-on.
  28. Road trip across America bucket list.
  29. Souvenirs that are and aren’t worth buying.
  30. Travel beauty essentials to pack.
  31. What lessons do you value the most that traveling taught you?
  32. The best camera gear for travel photography.
  33. Your top favorite travel books.
  34. If you could travel the world with one person who would it be?
  35. How to write blog posts while traveling.
  36. Tips for your first international trip.
  37. Destinations wedding locations you would recommend.
  38. Tips for traveling during the holidays.
  39. How to properly pack a suitcase.
  40. Things you are packing that you won’t actually use.
  41. Debunk some commonly believed travel myths.

I hope this ultimate list of 365 unique blog post ideas for 2021 helps you out! I know coming up with blog post ideas can be difficult so I hope this is helpful. If you want more posts like this let me know! Coming up with unique blog ideas can feel overwhelming so hopefully this list was helpful for you.


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