10 Festive Activities To Do On Christmas Eve For Adults

There is always such a focus on Christmas day and having lots of fun activities, yummy food, and of course the presents! But in so many households Christmas Eve gets a little neglected. So you may be looking for some Christmas Eve 2020 ideas? If that sounds familiar to you then keep reading for this awesome list of 10 festive activities to do on Christmas Eve for adults!

Every household has their own traditions and routines but I have talked with so many friends around my age that are working on forming and creating their own traditions.

This is our first Christmas Eve Day in our own home and we are in that situation too of wanting to create some of our own traditions which is what inspired this list.

I know that there are so many awesome resources out there for Christmas activities for children but let’s have some fun and focus on adult activities! Also, I believe in whenever possible doing festive things all day so don’t be afraid to do a bunch of activities on Christmas Eve day!

So keep reading to get inspired with these fun and festive activities to add to your Christmas Eve this year!

10 festive activities to do on Christmas eve for adults!

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10 Festive Activities To Do On Christmas Eve for adults:

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1. Have an Ugly Christmas Sweaters competition.

This is such a fun Christmas eve idea so you can get some wear out of your fun Christmas sweaters and still rock a stylish Christmas look for Christmas day.

So have everyone you are celebrating Christmas Eve with wear their funnest ugly Christmas sweater. If you are only celebrating with a couple people then take pictures and post them on Facebook to have your friends vote on who’s was the best sweater. Or if there are enough of you have everyone vote but don’t allow people to vote for themselves!

2. Make Gingerbread houses.

Gingerbread houses are absolutely a festive activity for everyone!

I love making these on Christmas eve day and I love finding fun and unique gingerbread house kits!

Here are a couple unique gingerbread house kits that I found for 2020:

3. Drive around looking at Christmas lights.

This is a great way to get out of the house and check out some fun neighborhoods!

I definitely recommend going online (Facebook or even just googling it) and searching for the best neighborhoods in your city to drive through. For most major cities or areas there are posts about this and resources.

I recommend bringing a bag of Christmas treats and some hot cocoa to enjoy while driving around to really keep up the festive feelings.

4. Have a Christmas cookie baking competition.

This is not only a super fun Christmas eve activity but it has a great reward- a whole Christmas Eve day of test tasting Christmas cookies!

Have everyone in your household, or if you are having friends/family over, pick out their favorite Christmas cookie recipe. Then when they are done have everyone vote for that was their favorite cookie after lots of taste testing.

5. Play some a Christmas movie trivia game.

Christmas movie trivia is almost a guarantee you will have a laughter filled Christmas eve.

You van totally find free Christmas movie trivia online with a little digging or you can go pro and get a book like this filled with Christmas movie trivia and either have everyone fill out their answers or break out into teams and have an announcer! You could go all out and get buzzers like this to really make this a fun night.

If you commit to this experience it could be one of your new favorite Christmas eve activities!

6. Make a hot cocoa bar.

This is definitely one of my personal favorite Christmas eve activity ideas. Creating a hot cocoa bar full of your favorite toppings and flavor add ons is such a great activity and just fills your home with holiday spirit!

If you aren’t sure where to start with this then I definitely recommend heading over to Pinterest for some inspiration. Just search for hot cocoa bar and you will find hundreds of ideas and links to blog posts telling you how to create one.

7. Have an nontraditional Christmas Eve dinner!

Who says you have to have the same food every Christmas eve?

If you love what your normal Christmas eve dinner food is then don’t feel obligated to try something new.

But if you aren’t the biggest fan of your normal food then try something new! Try something different and exciting and don’t be afraid to try something totally out of the box.

Again, check out Pinterest for so many fun ideas.

8. Have everyone make a holiday cocktail.

Of course you don’t need to drink on Christmas eve but there’s a good chance you are reading this list because you are spending Christmas eve with just adults so why not add a different sort of holiday spirit to the evening?!

Have every 21+ adult make a fun holiday themed cocktail and do a taste testing. Don’t be afraid to try something different and remember- baileys is always a great idea for a Christmas-y drink!

9. Make a drinking game out of a Christmas movie.

Another very 21+ activity for Christmas eve is to make a drinking game out of your favorite Christmas movie.

There are already drinking games made for just about every Christmas movie out there if you search for them online! I would say the most fun one I found was definitely the ones for the movie Elf!

10. Give out Christmas eve boxes.

I saved the best for last! Christmas eve boxes are something I discovered this year and I am obsessed.

Growing up we did stockings on Christmas eve and that was always fun but this is a totally different tradition that keeps the stockings for Christmas morning.

Make a Christmas eve box filled with little goodies and treats for the people in your household and open them before bed. I have seen a lot of cute boxes that include things like holiday pajamas. Again, Pinterest is filled with lots of ideas and inspiration.

10 festive activities to do on Christmas eve 2020!

We know that Christmas eve 2020 is going to be different this year but you can stay home and stay safe with these fun Christmas eve activities!

I hope you found some inspiration for your Christmas eve day and remember that just kids don’t have to have fun this Christmas eve. Comment below any additional ideas for Christmas activities for adults!


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