How To Shake The Monday Blues

The Monday Blues are one of the most frequently dreaded part of the work week. But they can also be one of the worst things for your productivity levels. It’s hard to be productive when you are fighting the Monday Blues! Which is why I have put together this list of tips for how to shake the Monday Blues.

Why is it so important to shake the Monday Blues?

  • The Monday Blues will hold you back from being productive.
  • If you’re suffering from the Monday Blues you won’t be able to set yourself up for a successful week.
  • Feeling sad on Monday can impact your mood for the whole week resulting in lower mental wellness.
Tips for shaking the Monday Blues!

Now let’s get into talking about how to beat the Monday Morning Blues!

Note: not everyone’s “Monday” is actually on Monday but these tips apply to whatever day you go back into work after a day or two off. I worked in hotels for years and didn’t have a “Monday” so I totally get that but these tips are things I learned during that time as well!

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How to shake the Monday Blues:

How to shake the Monday Blues!

Tip 1: Disconnect over the weekend.

Disconnecting from your work over the weekend (or whichever days are your “weekend”) is essential for shaking the Monday Blues.

If you don’t allow yourself to disconnect from work while you are off then going back to work on Monday will feel even more difficult. You need to have that break from work while you aren’t at work.

Tip 2: Don’t over schedule Mondays.

The next tip that is super important for shaking the Monday blues is to avoid over scheduling your Mondays.

Be realistic about your Monday schedule and acknowledge that your productivity levels may be a little lower on Mondays. And that’s okay but if you are less productive but have a busier than usual day then you are just going to hate Mondays even more!

Tip 3: Dress for success.

Dressing for success is important every day but it is extra important on a day you aren’t feeling overly motivated at work.

Putting on a cute outfit and some makeup can help get you in a positive mindset for the day and help you beat those Monday blues.

(my current favorite work outfit trends are blue blazers!)

Tip 4: Set yourself up for success on Friday.

Thinking ahead can really help you shake the Monday blues.

Get all caught up on emails and calls on Friday so that you don’t have a huge stack of work to do right away on Monday morning.

Also, make sure to create your daily plan for Monday on Friday afternoon to set yourself up for success!

Tip 5: Get plenty of sleep on Sunday night.

Another important tip for how to shake the Monday blues is to make sure that you get plenty of sleep the night before.

If you go into your Monday morning feeling tired because you are lacking sleep then you won’t be able to shake the Monday Blues!

Struggling to get better sleep at night? Check out these 5 helpful sleep tips!

Tip 6: Take breaks throughout the day.

This tip is helpful for every work day but it is extra important on Monday when you are getting back into the swing of things.

Breaks actually increase and improve productivity when you are strategic about the breaks.

Wondering how to take strategic breaks? Then check out this guide on how to prioritize your day through taking breaks!

Tip 7: Don’t skip breakfast or coffee.

Skipping breakfast and your morning coffee can put you in a bad mood any day and you are the most likely to need that food and caffeine on Mondays!

So make sure to drink your coffee and eat a nutritious breakfast on Monday mornings.

Tip 8: Treat yourself a bit on Mondays.

Do you only eat out for lunch one day a week? Instead of making it a celebratory Friday lunch try to do it on Monday instead as a way to treat yourself and something to look forward to on Mondays.

You can also try to plan something like dinner dates after work on Mondays to give yourself something to look forward to on Mondays!

How to beat the monday morning blues!

Now that you know these tips start implementing them ASAP. It will help you shake the Monday morning blues and start having happier and more productive weeks!

Beating the Monday morning blues can be difficult but it is totally doable with a little extra effort and attention.


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