Stay Healthy During The Holidays: 8 Essential Tips!

Holiday treats, food, and drinks are the BEST. There is no debate there! However, the food and activities surrounding the holidays can make it very difficult to stick to a healthy lifestyle this time of the year. However, it is totally possible with the right focus and mindset to say no to those holiday treats. Which is why I am sharing these helpful tips to stay healthy during the holidays.

There are so many aspects to staying healthy during the holidays and it’s not just avoiding sweets.

There are a lot of ways that you can stay healthy and a lot of factors to staying healthy and it’s not just all about weight and food!

I also fully believe that mental wellness comes first! Which means that you need to enjoy your holidays and spend time with your friends and family first. Prioritize having positive experiences and making memories and then after that you can work on staying healthy during the holidays. Holiday tips for weight don’t have to sacrifice your holiday memories.

So now let’s get onto the healthy tips for the holidays!

Stay healthy during the holidays: 8 essential tips!

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8 Tips To Stay Healthy During The Holidays:

Tip 1) Don’t start baking too soon to stay healthy during the holidays.

This is such an important healthy tip for the holidays if your goal for staying healthy is more weight related.

It is so tempting to start baking your holiday goodies the day after thanksgiving (or before, we don’t judge here!) but if you are trying to stay healthy that won’t help.

Save your baking for closer to the actual holiday events and ideally in situations where you are giving the baked goods out and they won’t be sitting in your home all day.

Tip 2) Match each treat with a fruit or veggie serving.

This is such an easy tip that can make a huge difference in your diet during the holidays. Remember, holiday weight loss tips are all about moderation!

Each time you grab a holiday treat, immediately follow it up with a handful of berries or grapes! Or any fruit/veggies. Not only will this help to ensure you are eating nutritious food during the holidays it will also keep you fuller on healthy food.

Tip 3) Make healthy substitutes for holiday staple foods.

This tip is so essential for the days around the actual holidays. I would never recommend cutting calorie corners on the actual holidays

But for the days around the holidays when you are still eating holiday time foods- make healthy substitutes!

Switching regular mashed potatoes for mashed sweet potatoes or switching standard dinner rolls for whole grain rolls. This tip can be so helpful for holiday weight loss!

Tip 4) Take your vitamins during the holidays.

Really, this tip is something you should do year round.

But during the holidays it is extra important to take your vitamins.

This is for a couple of reasons!

First, cold weather increases the chances of getting sick and vitamins can help combat that. Second, when you are around elderly relatives it is important to make sure you aren’t sick! And lastly, when you throw your body out of wack by eating different food and changing your daily routines it is important to stay healthy with vitamins.

How to stay healthy during the holidays!

Tip 5) Make sure you are getting enough sleep.

I totally know that it is hard to get enough sleep with all of the holiday activities going on.

But your body will seriously thank you! And remember, if you are focusing on weight loss tips during the holidays you really need to make sure you are getting enough sleep. Sleep is totally vital to actually loosing weight.

I have 5 super helpful tips for learning how to get better sleep here that might help!

Tip 6) Remember to not drink your calories for holiday weight loss!

Eggnog, hot chocolate, Christmas cocktails, all of it quickly adds up!

It’s so easy to forget not only how many calories but how much sugar and unhealthy additives can be in drinks.

So whenever possible try to stick to water or hot tea. And if you want to join the party I recommend sticking to red wine for your alcohol. Put it in a holiday wine glass if you want to feel more festive.

Tip 7) Exercise in the morning to stay healthy during the holidays.

The next of the tips is for those focusing on holiday weight loss.

Afternoons and evening during the holidays tend to be full of lots of activities and excitement.

Which means that getting your exercise in during the evening can be difficult. Plus, it’s darker sooner during the winter which means you will be working out in the dark which is less motivating.

So if you want to make sure you are getting enough exercise in every day then it’s time to start trying to work out in the morning instead.

Tip 8) Focus your holiday activities around family and entertainment.

The final of the healthy tips for the holidays is so important!

So many holiday activities revolve around food and drink but they really don’t have to! Incorporating healthy and fun activities that don’t involve eating or baking is not only fun and unique but also so important for getting healthier.

I recommend coming up with a list of activities for you and your family that don’t involve food before the holidays actually start. Use Pinterest for tons of inspiration!

Then make it into a fun bucket list and put it up in your home to pump up the kids for the activities.

8 tips for being healthy during the holidays!

Remember to have fun and enjoy your family during the holidays. Staying healthy during the holidays is important but building lasting holiday memories is more important! Tips for holiday weight loss don’t have to involve sacrificing your family time!

That being said, I hope these healthy tips for the holidays do help you to stay healthy and keep working towards a healthier lifestyle!


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