Socially Distanced Holiday Bucket List Ideas

This holiday season is definitely going to be different. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun and build memories with your family! Which is why I created this list of socially distanced holiday bucket list ideas! These are all safe and fun holiday activities that are great for your 2020 holiday bucket list.

I believe that with the right planning and attitude anyone can make the best of this bizarre holiday season.

So if you are putting together your holiday bucket list for 2020 then keep reading for my favorite ideas! These at home holiday activities are fun but still safe. But first I want to quickly chat about this socially distanced holiday bucket list.

What is a socially distanced holiday bucket list?

This is just a bucket list of ideas that are holiday themed but are all either activities you can do at home, virtually, or in a safe and socially distanced situation! And remember if the activity isn’t in your home to wear a mask and be safe. So keep reading for this list 15 of safe holiday activities.

Socially distanced holiday bucket list ideas!

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15 Socially Distanced Holiday Bucket List Ideas:

{ Safe holiday activities for 2020 }

1) Make your own wreath.

This is such a fun idea that you can safely do at home and you can re-use a wreath every year moving forward!

A couple supplies you may need are: wreath frame, ribbon, faux pine, and a big red bow!

2) Watch a virtual Christmas concert!

There are already so many of these being planned and the majority of them you can watch for free online.

Keep an eye out on the social platforms of your favorite musical artists to see if they are doing one! This is fun and super safe holiday activity.

3) Do an advent calendar in December.

There are so many fun and unique advent calendars out there that you could try this year. Seriously there is something for everyone!

This is a really safe holiday activity that you can do a bit of every single day to keep the joy all month long.

Here are a few of my favorite unique advent calendars for 2020:

4) Have a slumber party in your living room.

This is such a fun idea to add to your socially distanced holiday bucket list! Do this with your kids for a whole family slumber party with cute holiday treats.

No kids? Pour some wine for you and your significant other and make a date night out of it. Or make it into a fun night with roommates!

5) Virtual holiday movie night.

Do you have friends and family you won’t be able to see this year?

Then plan a cute holiday movie night and make it virtual! Most of the streaming services have a “party” option now so you can all stream the same video together while face timing!

6) Decorate a gingerbread house.

This is a holiday classic that you can do with your family members that you live with so that it is a safe holiday activity! This is definitely a traditional but fun at home holiday activity.

I really like the unique gingerbread houses kits like this oreo one!

7) Try a new/fun hot cocoa this year!

Last holiday season I tried some more unique hot cocoas and I am so addicted to them! I can’t wait to try all the fun flavors that will come out this year from different companies.

A few that are already out are york peppermint hot cocoa, salted caramel hot cocoa, and this peanut butter hot cocoa.

8) Make your own garland.

Garland is a great holiday decoration that you can make into a family activity to make yours! This is something on my holiday bucket list every year not just 2020 because it’s so fun.

You can either design yours all by yourself (use Pinterest for some inspo) or get a diy garland kit like this.

9) Have a virtual ugly Christmas sweater competition.

Have all your friends and family send in their entry for the best ugly Christmas sweater. Then you can post them and have everyone vote! This has the potential to be a hilarious new holiday tradition!

10) Drive around and look at holiday lights.

This is another one that is something you can do every year but it is totally socially distanced and safe for your 2020 holiday bucket list!

If you are new to your area usually if you search some neighborhoods online you’ll be able to find some articles/information on which neighborhoods go all out for their holiday lights.

11) Shop local businesses online for holiday gifts.

This is such a great at home holiday activity for this year. Check out your local businesses websites to shop for some awesome and unique gift ideas for 2020.

You can stay safe while still supporting local!

12) Have a baking contest with your family.

Take a weekend to have everyone in your family bake their favorite holiday treat.

Then have everyone vote to see who has the best holiday treat!

13) Drop off holiday treats at your neighbors doors.

Spread some cheer in your neighborhood with this socially distanced holiday bucket list idea.

Get little holiday goodie bags like this and fill it with some holiday treats and then drop them off at doorsteps!

14) Make your own ornaments.

This is another super fun and cute craft ideas for the holidays. If you can’t do some of your normal holiday bucket list items this year you can substitute in some fun crafts like making ornaments.

The supplies for this craft are super affordable- here’s a little kit you could get!

15) Go all out on your holiday decor (inside and out).

The last item can be so much fun especially if you have kids!

Going all out and having your most decorated house ever is such a fun way to make sure this holiday season feels festive even if the activities aren’t your normal ones.

Deck out your house inside and outside with all the holiday decor!

Stay at home holiday activity ideas!

I hope you get some inspiration and ideas from this list of safe holiday activities! This holiday season is going to be unique but with some effort and the right positive attitude we can all make the best of it! Stay at home with these fun holiday activities and stay safe!


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