10 Habits of Confident People: confidence boosting tips!

So you need a confidence boost because confidence is key? And because learning to be confident is a wonderful life skill that can significantly help you in life. Which is why we are talking about the 10 habits of confident people and the confidence boosting tips you need. Specifically, to become the confident women you want to be!

One of the best ways to learn to be a more confident person is by working on the habits in your life. Trying to create and form the habits of confident people will result in you actually becoming a more confident person!

So here are 10 habits that confident people have and how you can start to take the steps in your own life to be a more confident person (or confident women!). This is the confidence boost you have been waiting for!

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10 Habits of Confident People:

Confidence boosting tips!

To start this process I recommend getting a confidence journal to start this process. Working on the habits below will be much more effective if you record and log your progress!

1) Keep your goals in mind at all times

The first, and arguably most important, habit of confident people is to always be focusing on your goals.

When you are focusing on your goals and plans you are not as easily distracted by unimportant things. Focusing on your goals only is an amazing confidence boost.

Confident people are always making conscious efforts to work towards their goals. This motivated mentality is a large part of why certain people come off as confident and motivated.

Note: if you don’t already have written down goals then make sure to work on that right away. For tips and tricks on writing every day goals then head over here!

Confidence boosting tips: keep your goals in mind

2) Embodies positive body language

Positive body language signals to the world before you even talk that you are confident and successful. Confident women know the importance of positive body language!

Positive body language includes things such as shoulders back, arms down (not crossed), good posture, and relaxed facial expressions.

Your body language is the most visual way to seem confident!

If you are struggling with how to turn your body language into more positive and confident then I recommend reading Without Saying a Word: Master the Science of Body Language and Maximize Your Success.

If you aren’t sure how your body language is coming across to others than don’t be afraid to ask someone in your life that you trust to evaluate your body language and give you feedback on how it comes across to people.

Confident women have better positive body language

3) Always aim for better time management

A habit that everyone who is truly confident has is the habit of focusing on time management.

That does not necessarily mean always having perfect time management because time management is a skill that you will always improve on through your whole life. But confident people make a daily effort to maximize their time.

What does that have to do with confidence? Because confident people know the value of their time and know that it is better for the success of their life to manage their time better.

If you focus on better time management you will accomplish more and provide the ultimate confidence boost!

I have an 8 step guide to better time management that I recommend checking out for improving your time management while improving your confidence.

How to be more confident by learning better time management

4) Saying no to things that don’t help

Confident people know that in order to be successful you do need to prioritize things in their life that help them accomplish their goals and dreams.

A large part of that prioritization is to say no to things that do not align with your goals.

This is something that you will need to practice and put effort into. You will need to learn how to determine what to say no to and what to say yes to and then how to correctly and kindly say no to things that aren’t helping you. For more advice on this then please read: Learn to Prioritize: Say No.

Confidence boost through learning to say no to things.

5) Don’t avoid new challenges

Confident people know that they are strong and capable.

Which means they know that they can take on new challenges even if they are a scary opportunity.

A great way to start building up this confidence is to start taking on smaller new challenges and start to build up the confidence to take on larger and more important new challenges.

Confident women don't avoid new challenges

6) Focus on learning and improving

There is always opportunities to learn more and improve yourself.

What each confident person focuses on in terms of their personal or professional growth is different but the concept is the same that learning and improving is part of being a better and more confident person.

If you aren’t sure where to start with improving yourself then look through this list 50 Ideas For Self Improvement.

Make sure to log your progress on the different areas you are learning and improving. Try using a habit tracker!

How to be more confident and self assures by improving and learning so you can better your self confidence

7) Speak and present with clarity

Speaking and holding yourself with clarity and conviction not only makes you appear more confident but it will help you actually become a more confident person.

Speaking with clarity means speaking at a loud but calm level, eliminating filler words (like, um, uh), and using definite language that conveys your thoughts and opinions without uncertainty.

Tip: sometimes it is hard to realize what filler words you use because you do not always realize you are saying them. So don’t be afraid to ask someone what words you use a lot to help you start to eliminate them!

Confident people habits- speak with clarity

8) Knowing and addressing weakness

Every single person has weaknesses but a confident person takes this knowledge to another level.

A confident person fully acknowledges and accepts what their weaknesses are. Knowing your weakness allows you to take the steps to improve and work on fixing these weaknesses. This then leads to you feeling better about your weaknesses and thus helping you improve your confidence even more. Confidence boosting involves knowing what you can improve on.

Tip: Work on improving your weaknesses by first addressing your self discipline.

How to be more confident by knowing your wekness

9) Don’t compete with others for a confidence boost

Confident people know that they are successful and wonderful and that they don’t need to “beat” others to prove their worth.

For confident people it is important to improve yourself and know your worth, not to feel that you need to just be better than others.

Unhealthy competition is now how you grow so focus first and foremost on improving yourself and don’t worry about others. Confident women know they don’t need to compete with other people.

Confident people don't compete with others to improve your confidence. Confident women never compete with others!

10) Accept that everything’s not perfect

The final habit that all confident people have is a complete understanding that not everything is perfect. Confidence boosting also involves understanding that not everything is always going to be perfect.

This is an incredibly hard thing to accept, especially for those of us that are perfectionists. The key is to be confident in knowing that you don’t NEED to be perfect to be happy and successful which is what confidence is all about, knowing that you are WORTH being proud of YOU.

How to be more confident by learning to accept its not perfect. Confidence boosting tips

Remember, confidence is something you have to focus on and work on to improve! It does not happen over night but increasing your confidence is a wonderful thing for your life!

You can become the confident women you want to be! And remember that confidence boosting is a life long journey but you can do it.


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  • Evolving, growing, developing and changing, they’re all a constant part of life. We’re always learning and bettering ourselves. It’s a huge part of life, just like making mistakes and failing are. We just have to learn from it and utilize it to our benefit, to do better in the future. And that’s all okay. Accepting this will make us so much happier. And understanding that just because we have much to learn and improve, doesn’t make us any less. 💜💜💜

    Too many influencers promote perfection, which is usually (if not always) fake. Perfection is boring and overrated, and personally I don’t even think it exists. And yet society makes us feel ashamed of ourselves , instead of helping us embrace ourselves and all of our “imperfections”. Quirks, scars and flaws are what make us special and unique 💜🔥😋

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