Invest In Yourself For Your Best Life: 15 Successful Ways!

Investing in yourself is an essential part of growing into the best version of yourself. What it will look like for every person is different but if you aren’t sure where to start then don’t worry! I compiled 15 ways to invest in yourself that you can modify to fit your life and dreams.

Before we fully jump into these ideas for how to invest in yourself let’s quickly chat about what it really means in invest in yourself and why it’s so important to invest in yourself.

15 Successful Ways To Invest In Yourself For Your Best Life!

What does it mean to invest in yourself?

Investing in yourself is putting time, money, and/or effort into yourself.

To some the initial reaction will be that it sounds selfish but it is not. Investing in yourself is a necessary part of growing as a person and bettering yourself. Which in turn also betters the lives of those around you! Investing in yourself is all about focusing on becoming the best version of yourself that is the version you want to be. Invest into making yourself that person.

Why is it important to invest in yourself?

It is so important to invest in yourself because you are the only person who can control your future.

You need to take the time to figure out how you can invest in yourself and then act upon it. This is the best way to become the person you are meant to be and get closer to achieving your dreams and goals.

Have you ever heard someone say that to make money you have to spend money? Well investing in yourself is a similar idea!

In order to become the best you and create a life you want you have to put time and effort into that! And the best way to do that is investing in yourself in a positive and successful way. Which is what the ideas below cover!

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15 Successful Ways To Invest In Yourself

How to invest in yourself for your best life!

  • Take online courses: online courses are an amazing way to invest in yourself and is number one for a reason. There are thousands of free and paid courses out there that you can take from the comfort of your home to invest in your skills, career, and dreams.

  • Read self improvement books: self improvement books take a little money and slightly more time but they are so good for investing in yourself and becoming a better person. I do recommend getting a kindle if you find yourself benefiting from self improvement books because you can access so many more books at lower prices.

  • Work on creating a wardrobe you love: this is such an incredible way to invest in yourself. By creating a wardrobe filled with high quality staples you can have a wardrobe that doesn’t limit you professionally and makes you feel confident when you wear the outfits.

  • Purchase time saving appliances: time saving appliances are absolutely worth investing in because they are an investment in your time. Things like an air fryer, pressure cookers, and Keurig’s all can save you a lot of time that can instead be spent bettering yourself.

  • Create a life bucket list: creating annual and a whole life bucket list is a time investment that is worth it. Writing down what you would love to do in your life keeps your dreams in your line of vision. For inspiration on your bucket list check out: 24 Things To Do When I’m 24.

  • Work on new skills: new skills will look completely different for everyone but investing in the tools and training to gain new skills in a terrific way to invest in yourself. The skill could be a new language, a new hobby, a skill related to your career. The ideas are endless!

You’re halfway through the list of ideas! Make sure that you are implementing these slowly so that you aren’t overwhelming yourself and don’t run the risk of burnout! If need be then bookmark this post and come back in a month for the rest of the list!

Invest In Yourself For Your Best Life: 15 Successful Ways!
  • Let go of toxic people in your life: this can be a difficult way to invest in yourself but it is necessary. Letting go of toxic people helps you align your life with people who are going to support you becoming the best version of yourself.

  • Start building healthy life habits: healthy habits are a time consuming but incredibly important part of investing in yourself because your health is important to invest in. Check this out for 25 Habits For a Healthier Life.

  • Find or create a relaxing space to unwind: an investment in yourself that you will be so thankful that you did is to create or find a relaxing space. Ideally this space should be in your home but it’s okay if it’s not. Having a space to unwind is so refreshing for your mental health.

  • Travel as often as possible: travel is my personal favorite way to invest in yourself. You can read about places and cultures but it is never the same as going and visiting yourself. I strive for one larger trip and 1-2 smaller trips a year but if you can travel more that is awesome or if you can’t travel that often that’s okay too but trying to travel is a great investment in you.

  • Learn to never settle for things: stop settling for things that are less than you dream of. It is worth investing in yourself by refusing to settle for less than what you want for your future. This looks different for everyone but take the time to evaluate whether you are settling for anything.

“The secret to success lies in your daily routines”

  • Do things outside of your comfort zone: if you stay in your comfort zone you will never grow. So invest in that trip you are dreaming of. Invest in sky diving classes. Invest in night school. Try to invest in things that are out of your comfort zone that will help you grow!

  • Do regular self care: self care is one of the most genuine ways to invest in yourself and your happiness. Self care is an investment in your mental health which is so important for a happy life. Not sure where to start with this? Then read: 10 Self Care Ideas When You Only Have 30 Minutes.

  • Set long and short term goals with plans: the final way to invest in yourself (for now) is to grab a pen and paper and list out your short term and long term goals. And then after writing down all those goals then take the next step and write down the plans to actually achieve those goals.

Continue to focus on investing in yourself and your dreams! It is the best way to become the person you want to be and to create an amazing future for yourself.

You are capable of wonderful, incredible, amazing things! And by focusing on yourself and investing in yourself you are setting yourself up to become that person you want to be. So keep going and keep making a regular effort to invest in yourself and watch your dreams come true!

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