99 New Years Resolutions Ideas You Should try.

With how crazy this year has been I think it’s safe to assume most of us are ready and welcoming this next year. And a lot of us are ready to make it the year that last year was supposed to be! A great way to make that goal possible is to set some exciting and life improving new years resolutions. But if you aren’t sure what exactly that means for you then I have the perfect list of 99 new years resolutions ideas you should try!

Since this is a huge list of new years resolutions ideas I have broke the list down into 5 different categories. The categories are: Health and wellness, Financial, Self improvement, Personal Growth, and Fun resolutions ideas.

If you want to see me go more in depth about these resolutions and give some tips then head over to my YouTube video here: https://youtu.be/qpm-Ojm_YRE !

So let’s jump into this new years goals ideas list!

99 new years resolutions ideas you should try!

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99 New Years Resolutions Ideas:

Health and Wellness New Years Resolution Ideas:

  1. Get 10k steps a day- or whatever is the best step goal for you and your lifestyle.
  2. Drink more water daily- try a water bottle like this with hourly lines on it to help!
  3. Make a goal for how often to work out each week.
  4. Start waking up earlier in the morning- I have some tips for this here.
  5. Eat breakfast every day.
  6. Set a fruits/vegetable daily intake goal!
  7. Start meal planning every week.
  8. Create a healthy night time routine- here’s some ideas for it.
  9. Try a new type of exercise every month for a year.
  10. Start stretching every morning when you wake up.
  11. Get at least 10 minutes of fresh air every day.
  12. Cut out a bad food or drink- for example, stop drinking energy drinks.
  13. Create a sleep schedule- for example, getting up and going to bed at the same time every day.
  14. Do a 30 day fitness challenge.
  15. Do a monthly spa/self care day for the whole year.
  16. Substitute one pop (or coffee or energy drink) a day for tea.
  17. Keep a habit journal – this will help you build new positive habits!
  18.  Make your bed every day- and wash your bedding regularly too.
  19. Go one day without sugar each week- your body will thank you.
  20. Start taking personalized vitamins (do research on what you need)!
  21. Try doing meatless Mondays.
  22. Pack your lunch if you are going to work or school.
  23. Do an elimination diet.
  24. Start every morning with a glass of water.
  25. Make all of the correct annual appointments- annual physical, eye doctor, dentist, etc.

Financial New Years Resolution Ideas:

  1. Set a monthly budget every month.
  2. Set up a saving plan and actually stick to it- if you have debt like student loans or a car payment setting a goal for paying off a certain percent of those is a great idea.
  3. Make a total debt repayment plan.
  4. Go through any subscriptions you pay for and stop the ones you don’t use.
  5. Make a credit score goal and work towards achieving it (with a plan) this year.
  6. Learn and read about financial literacy.
  7. Sell your unused clothing online- it’s a bonus that this helps to declutter your home.
  8. Do a full no-spend month.
  9. Learn to make coffee you love at home (this can really help save money!).
  10. Make it a goal to always go to the grocery store with a grocery list.
  11.  Cook dinner at home 1 more day a week than previously.
  12. Put together an emergency kit including an emergency fund.
  13. Try starting a side hustle.
  14. Make a plan to start saving for retirement.
  15. Learn how insurance works (health, car, home, life, etc).
  16. Learn how to really do your taxes.

Self Improvement New Years Resolutions Ideas:

  1. Improve your time management abilities- here’s some tips for this.
  2. Pick a bad habit and work on eliminating it.
  3. Learn to stop procrastinating on tasks to improve yourself.
  4. Set a goal to do a daily to do list every day for the year.
  5. Make a personal website (this is great for job applications)- no matter your career path this can be very helpful.
  6. Create a one year plan- figure out what the next 365 days will look like.
  7. Refresh your resume- here are 20 resume tips to help.
  8. Learn a new word everyday- get an app for this and watch your vocabulary grow!
  9. Create a productive Sunday routine to set your week up for success!
  10. Listen to more podcasts.
  11. Work on improving your interpersonal skills and communication abilities.
  12. Start using a planner- this is the one I am using this year.
  13. Read at least one full news article a day.
  14. Make a list of things that challenge you and accomplish at least one a month.
  15. Substitute some of your normal TV time for documentaries instead.
  16. Work on improving your mental endurance- playing brain games is a great way to do this.
  17. Get more comfortable with public speaking.
  18. Get a certificate in something new- it can be related to your education/career or not at all!
  19. Work on learning to prioritize- start prioritizing all of your to do lists.
  20. Donate to charity if you are able to.
99 new year resolutions for this year!

Personal Growth New Years Resolution Ideas:

  1. Start volunteering or start volunteering more.
  2. Start a gratitude journal- here’s a guided one to get you started.
  3. Spend less time on your phone and be more present in the moment.
  4. Do a deep cleaning challenge in the first month- here’s one I made!
  5. Start talking to yourself positively and practice daily positive self talk.
  6. Try meditation- there are free guided ones on YouTube!
  7.  Work on taking criticism and growing from it- here are my tips for taking criticism like a pro.
  8. Do 5 positive affirmations every day.
  9. Learn a stress management technique that works for you.
  10. Watch less TV every day.
  11. Do a complete social media detox.
  12. Become a blood donor and go regularly for your community.
  13. Spend 15 minutes every day cleaning.
  14. Practice saying no to things that don’t make you happy.
  15. Work on letting go of any toxic relationships in your life.
  16. Make a plan to check in on your mental health once a day- usually at the end of the day.
  17. Give out at lease 3 compliments to people every day.
  18. Start attending therapy if you don’t already.

Fun New Years Resolution Ideas:

  1. Set a travel resolution- is your goal to go on 2 trips? Go out of the country? Whatever fun travel goal works for you!
  2. Create a vision board for your future dreams!
  3. Participate in more community events.
  4. Read a new book every month- or more often if you can!
  5. Get out of your comfort zone every month.
  6. Find a hobby that you truly enjoy!
  7. Declutter your home- try this 18 day decluttering challenge.
  8. Find and stick to a skin care routine that really works for you.
  9. Learn how to cook a new recipe every week.
  10. Start creating a capsule wardrobe.
  11. Take an online course on something you want to learn!
  12. Meet new people every month.
  13. Work on learning a new language!
  14. Start a blog to share about your knowledge and passions.
  15. Do random acts of kindness- here is 51 ideas for random acts of kindness
  16. Learn a fun DIY craft or hobby- get creative!
  17. Go to more events- concerts, festivals, fairs, career events, etc.
  18. Start a dream journal.
  19. Make an effort to make your home and life more sustainable and better for the earth.
  20. Buy yourself flowers twice a month this year.

I know that setting new years resolutions can be daunting so pick a few that are the most important to you and make a game plan!

This can be your year with some focus and effort- I believe in you!


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