How To Stick To Your Morning Routine For Good

We chat a lot about creating your best possible morning routine. And what a good morning routine looks like. Oh, and how that routine can better your life. But we often skip on talking about the most difficult part- actually sticking to your morning routine. So that helpful element is what we are chatting about below! How to stick to your morning routine for good so you can get all the benefits of your amazing morning routine.

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But for now let’s get into learning how to stick to your morning routine for good!

How To Stick To Your Morning Routine For Good

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How To Stick To Your Morning Routine For Good

Tips for sticking to your morning routine:

Tip 1: Be realistic with your alarm time.

It can feel wonderful to set a super early alarm… or at least it can feel wonderful the night before.

But when that 5am alarm starts going off are you really getting up? Give it a try but if you aren’t getting up at your ambitious alarm time then it is probably time to re-evaluate. Not getting up when your alarm goes off is often a huge reason that stops you from sticking to your dream morning routine.

So be patient with yourself and be realistic with the time you set your alarm for.

Tip 2: Use a habit tracker.

Habit trackers are something I swear for in so many different situations. And morning routines are definitely one of them!

Grab an affordable habit tracker like this one and put it somewhere super visible.

Tracking your habits is not only a great way to see what habits are coming easily to you and which habits you are struggling with. It also helps you remember your routine and works as a small reminder every day of what your routines and habits should be.

And of course you can use this habit tracker to develop additional routines throughout the day as well!

Tip 3: Incorporate positive elements into your routine.

If your morning routine is all “boring” things that you are not looking forward to at all it will be way harder to stick to.

But if you have parts of your morning routine that you look forward to and are happy about doing then you are more likely to actually stick to it.

So when you are creating your morning routine make sure you add at minimum one part of it that you really enjoy and will make you excited to not only get out of bed but will give you an overall positive experience that you associate with your morning routine.

Tip 4: Try habit stacking.

Habit stacking is the process of adding habits on top of each other.

Such as doing your skin care after brushing your teeth in the morning. When you stack habits on top of ones that you already do regularly you are going to have a better chance of making the new habits actually stick. And actually be come apart of the morning routine you are striving for.

So take note of what habits you already do every morning and then think about the habits you want to add to your morning routine. Figure out which new habits can be attached on top of habits that you already have. This is so helpful for actually sticking to and making your morning routine.

Tip 5: Actually write down your morning plan.

This may seem obvious but it is something that is so often forgotten about.

Take the time to write down your ideal morning routine. I recommend either writing it down and hanging it up somewhere visible in your bedroom or bathroom. Or making the plan on a note in your phone and pinning it so you can access it and see it regularly.

Remember that having a plan is an essential part of actually making things happen!

Tip 6: Don’t overcommit yourself.

When you are doing the tip above and write your morning plan make sure you are pushing yourself but also being realistic.

So when you are making your plan be realistic with yourself about how long each thing on your morning routine will take.

And of course you need to keep in mind how long you have until you need to start your actual day!

Tip 7: Remember the importance of the night before.

Getting enough sleep and setting yourself up for success the night before can be crucial to you accomplishing your morning routine.

If you are dragging yourself out of bed exhausted it will be harder than necessary to complete everything you want to in your morning routine. And to do it at all!

Also, if there is anything you can add to your night routine to help make your mornings easier (like picking out your workout outfit) then try to do that. Especially if you are someone who has more energy at night compared to the morning.

Tip 8: Gradually add to your routine.

It is so important to gradually add to your routine rather than overwhelm yourself by trying to make it all happen at once. Because there is a solid chance your morning routine will not stick if you try to completely change your days all at once.

I also recommend starting with the routine items that are the easiest to add into your routine so you have a good base to start with. Then add the more challenging ones on after you have mastered the simpler ones.

Tip 9: Celebrate your progress!

This final tip is one I recommend any time you are working on bettering yourself!

Take some time to celebrate your progress and the work that you have put into bettering your life and your routines.

I talk about ways to celebrate small wins here and I recommend checking it out next: 25 Ideas For Celebrating Small Wins To Achieve Long Term Goals.


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