Summer Instagram Challenge: 40 photos edition for 2023!

Instagram is a very helpful and important tool for growing your blog and connecting with your audience. Or you can just do this challenge just for fun! But we all know how difficult it can be to come up with content ideas that are fun and make your audience want to truly engage. Which is why I put together this Summer Instagram challenge for this summer!

The challenge is simple- throughout the 3 main months of summer (June, July, and August) post all 40 of these picture ideas!

By following this Summer Instagram challenge throughout the summer you would have enough content for 2-3 posts a week and then add an additional 2-3 that are specific to your brand or blog. Remember that consistency is key for growing your Instagram account.

Also at the bottom of the post is my top tips for growing an Instagram account so keep reading for that. There is a lot more than just posting occasional pictures to really growing your Instagram account. Which is what I cover and go into depth with at the bottom after the IG challenge.

Now let’s just jump right into the 40 edition summer Instagram challenge for summer 2023!

Summer Instagram Challenge: 40 photos edition for 2023!

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Summer Instagram Challenge: 40 photos edition for 2023!

Instagram photo ideas for summer time:

  1. Share a summer drink (and include the recipe)

  2. #national best friend day – June 8th

  3. Flat lay pic of pool or beach supplies

  4. Fun pic with a summer treat (think popsicles or DQ bar!)

  5. #national selfie day – June 21st

  6. Summer travel tips and tricks

  7. Behind the scenes of your photos

    I shared one the other day featuring my camera bag (this one!) and it was so cute!
  8. #world social media day – June 30th

  9. Share your favorite books for summer reading

  10. Sunrise snap

  11. 4th of July (try using sparklers!)

  12. #national ice cream day – July 19th

  13. Pic at your favorite outdoor patio

  14. Playing in the water picture

  15. #National wine and cheese day – July 25th

  16. Throwback to a summer childhood picture

  17. Favorite summer outfits

  18. A snap of your summer lunch ideas

  19. Field of flowers (drive a little out of town if you can’t find one!)

  20. Selfie with a fun summer hat

  21. Fun pic with fruit (recommend using Pinterest for inspo!)

  22. Snap of your coffee, summer edition!

  23. #International Beer Day – August 7th (21+)

  24. Summer manicure (bright colors really pop)

  25. Classic feet in the sand pic

  26. Summer hair style (beach waves or french braids anyone?!)

  27. Nature inspired- get creative with summer flowers!

  28. #National relaxation day – August 15th

  29. Snap of you at your favorite summer event

  30. Road Tripping (try the “out the car window” challenge!)

  31. #National Dog Day – August 26th show off that cute pup

  32. Celebrate the end of the Dog Days of Summer on August 11th

  33. Picture on the beach or the park

  34. Snap of you playing with summer inspired makeup

  35. Get creative with bubbles or a sparklers

  36. Under the stars pic

  37. Try an underwater camera for some awesome snaps

  38. Goofy pic with your friends- don’t be afraid to show a fun side!

  39. Sunglasses selfie- keep it simple!

  40. A wrap up of your favorite pics from summer

Helpful Instagram tips and tricks for growing your blog:

Tip 1) Before posting ask yourself if your content is providing value? Will it inform or entertain your followers? If not then consider what you can add in the caption to provide value.

Tip 2) Stay consistent but don’t overwhelm. Posting at least 5 times a week is ideal but don’t overwhelm your followers by posting 5 times a day! You don’t want anyone getting annoyed and unfollowing or forgetting who you are because you don’t post enough.

Tip 3) Try to link your content back into recent blog posts. Especially if you are a lifestyle blogger who blogs about a lot of different things. For example, if you just did a home decor post then try to link your most recent Instagram post to something home decor related.

Tip 4) Utilize relevant hashtags. Don’t just add 30 trending hashtags! Keep it relevant and think about things people could be searching that if they saw your picture would make them actually want to click on your account and follow you.

Tip 5) Fix your bio! Make sure that when someone clicks on your account that they know who you are based on your bio and what type of content they can expect.

Tip 6) Make sure you are staying active on stories. A lot of people just look at stories now on Instagram and don’t spend much time looking at in feed posts. 

Tip 7) Don’t forget to location tag. This is a great way to reach more people especially people that aren’t bloggers and don’t necessarily follow a lot of bloggers. Which tend to be the people who will shop your links the most!

Tip 8) Respond to comments. Of course you don’t need to respond to spam/bots but everyone who is “real” try to respond to those comments. It’ll encourage people to comment again and the algorithm likes comments.

Tip 9) Share each new post on other platforms. If you want to grow your Instagram make sure to share the post across platforms. Especially Twitter and Pinterest!

If you try this challenge I would love if you tag me in Instagram- @korrashay !

For tips on planning your social media content then check out this calendar and for more Instagram content ideas check this out: Instagram Content Calendar for Bloggers.

Now let’s keep going a bit longer so you can get connected with me and always know when I have new challenges and helpful posts!


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