Instagram Content Calendar for Bloggers

Instagram can be a bloggers dream or worst nightmare.

So much of your Instagram “success” depends on consistency and thought out content.


Posting on a whim can lead to poor quality content with bland captions that people don’t want to engage with and more importantly- that they don’t want to see again.

Does that make you wonder what you can do to beat the Instagram algorithm? How can you get more Instagram engagement? How can Instagram help you as a blogger?

The key is having a solid content calendar.

Planning out a whole month worth of content sounds terrifying (I know) but after the first month it will get easier and easier to plan out your social content.

For your first month I went ahead and listed out a whole months worth of Instagram content ideas!

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If you are wanting to copy and paste the ideas here they are:

  1. Preview of the month
  2. Share a personal win
  3. Ask for advice
  4. Throwback picture
  5. Share a weekday outfit
  6. Share your vision board
  7. Weekend makeup look
  8. A favorite new product
  9. Motivation Monday
  10. Career tip
  11. Behind the scenes
  12. Share your pet
  13. Date night look
  14. Why did you start
  15. Sunday routine
  16. Your desk/ work area
  17. Share your role model
  18. Half way- discuss goals
  19. What’s in your bag
  20. Share your favorite travel spot
  21. Share a weekend outfit
  22. Childhood memory
  23. Food flatlay
  24. Inspirational quote
  25. Wine Wednesday
  26. What motivates you
  27. Quick how to tutorial
  28. Weekend adventure
  29. Show your favorite local spot
  30. Monday coffee
  31. How you edit your Insta pictures
  32. Weekday makeup look
  33. Share your closet
  34. New discovery of the month
  35. Favorite blog post of the month


***Tip: I find it super helpful to write out my Instagram content for the month on alarge wall calendar so I can visualize everything!


Also for more tips and tricks on planning out your social media posts check this out: Social Media Printable Calendar

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