How To Celebrate Achieving Your Goals and Resolutions

In January we talk all the time about resolutions and goal setting to create your best self this year. And that is so important to talk about and we should continue to do so! But we also should be talking about that glorious time when you do achieve your goal or resolution and what that means next for you. There are logistical things that you need to do as well after achieving your goals that we will be talking about soon (keep an eye out for that article!). However, there is also the fun side of it of celebrating your achievement. Which is why we are chatting about how to celebrate achieving your goals and resolutions.

And I want to take a quick second to remind you how important it is to celebrate your wins in life! You accomplished a goal no matter how small or large it was and that is something to be proud of.

We often feel that it isn’t humble to celebrate goals we achieved but that isn’t true. You can absolutely be proud and encouraging yourself for celebrating a goal without bragging or putting anyone else down which is the line between humble vs. rude.

That being said, let’s start getting these ideas rolling so you can celebrate your goals and resolutions that I have full faith you will achieve this year!

How To Celebrate Achieving Your Goals and Resolutions

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How To Celebrate Achieving Your Goals and Resolutions

Ideas for celebrating a goal you achieved:

Idea 1: Practice some self care.

Self care is my personal favorite way to celebrate accomplishing a goal! Here are my favorite self care ideas if you need some ideas and inspiration.

Self care is a great way to reward yourself with a breather and prioritize your wellbeing after working so hard to achieve your goals.

Idea 2: Get yourself a treat.

Stop by your favorite bakery and grab a treat. If you are talented at baking (and genuinely enjoy baking) you can also bake your own treat!

Idea 3: Order something you have been wanting.

Look at what you have sitting in an online cart and get it for yourself. Rewarding yourself with something you have been wanting is a super fun way to cheer on your small victories.

Idea 4: Try a restaurant you have been wanting to try.

Look at your accounts (like Yelp and IG) to see what restaurants you have been interested in and treat yourself to a victory meal.

Idea 5: Treat yourself to Starbucks.

This is definitely one of my favorite ways to celebrate a small win! Head to your local Starbucks and get your favorite drink.

Or of course any other coffee or tea or drink of your choosing!

Idea 6: Pamper yourself.

Get your nails done, get a massage, or anything else that you like to do for pampering yourself. Make sure it is the pampering that you really want to do and not what someone else wants for you or to do with you!

Idea 7: Journal about your win.

Grab a journal and write down your thoughts. This is a great way to really reflect on your win and how it will impact your long term goals.

Journaling is generally also a great way to record goals that you have achieved of any size. Including a great way to keep track of your daily and weekly goals that you have accomplished.

Idea 8: Mark it off on your goal plan.

Hopefully you already have a goal plan (check out this post on re-evaluating goals). But if not then quickly make one and then go ahead and mark this off of your goal plan!

This is a small idea but it can make you feel so great to cross those things off of your goal plan.

Idea 9: Create a vision board.

Vision boards are a great way to ride off the inspiration and motivation boost of a win! And they can boost your mood as well. If you need some inspo for your vision board then check out my video here!

Idea 10: Go to a happy hour!

If you are 21+ then this is a fun little way to celebrate your small win. You can go with a friend, partner, or make a whole group thing of it to really celebrate!

Idea 11: Make a gratitude list.

Sitting down and making a gratitude list is a great way to calmly celebrate your victory

Idea 12: Open/eat/use something you’ve been “waiting for”.

This is going to be very specific to you and your life. But the idea is to use something you have been waiting for. Have a nice bottle of wine that you are saving for a “special occasion”? Pop it open! And celebrate!

 Idea 13: Take a fun lunch break.

Spend your lunch break doing something fun! Go shopping, get a nice lunch, or whatever you like.

Idea 14: Buy yourself flowers.

The final idea I want to share is so sweet. You don’t need anyone else to get you flowers! Get yourself your favorite bouquet to celebrate your small win.


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