8 Of The Best Planners For 2022 For Everyone!

Planners are an incredible tool for organizing your life this year. But it can be challenging to find the right planner for what you need with so many options out there! So today I am going to narrow it down based on your needs and sharing these 8 of the best planners for 2022 with one that should work for just about everyone.

Before we get into these 8 planners for 2022 let’s quickly chat about the benefits of using a planner. Because knowing the benefits can help to keep you inspired and motivated to stick to your planner. And of course the only way for your planner to help you organize and improve your life is to actually use it! So here are some of my personal favorite benefits of using a planner.

Benefits of using a planner:

  • The first benefit is that it can help really keep you organized. This is probably the most obvious benefit but it is so important.
  • Planners also help you stay focused and on track with your life.
  • Using a planner can help you achieve more of your goals by keeping you on track with the smaller, actionable steps.
  • The final benefit I want to mention is that using a planner regularly can help give you some mental clarity. Which is such a wonderful benefit of using a planner.

Now that we have covered those planner benefits let’s get into these 8 of the best planners for 2022 for everyone!

8 Of The Best Planners For 2022 For Everyone!

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8 Of The Best Planners For 2022 For Everyone!

2022 Planners To Consider:

Planner 1: Weekly LifePlanner by Erin Condren

8 Of The Best Planners For 2022 For Everyone!
8 Of The Best Planners For 2022 For Everyone!

Shop them here!

This is the first planner I have to share because it is my planner and has been for the past few years. Which is saying something as someone who is obsessed with planners!

I love the layout and style of the life planners. I find that the 3 box style works perfectly for dividing up elements of my life. And if you relate to that feeling of feeling like you need a planner that can handle all of your life then this is the planner for you!

Who is this planner best for? Busy professionals, college students, parents

Planner 2: Pocket Planner by Papier

8 Of The Best Planners For 2022 For Everyone!
8 Of The Best Planners For 2022 For Everyone!

Shop it here!

Love the convenience factor of this planner! It is truly pocket sized ands to helpful for anyone who is constantly on the go. It can get really annoying when you are always on the go to carry around a large or even normal size planner. So if that is something that you think would help you actually use your planner then this is the planner for you!

There are lots of other designs so you can find the perfect pocket sized planner for you and your aesthetic.

Who is this planner best for? Anyone who doesn’t like carrying around a large planner, high school students, anyone with traveling careers

Planner 3: Weekly/monthly large planner from The Time Factory

best planners for 2022

Shop it here!

The layout of this planner is so unique with each week having not only a planning page but also a side for special areas.

This is a fantastic planner for anyone who really likes goals (which I do! if I didn’t use my current planner this is one I would be seriously considering). Or anyone who has a lot going on in life and changes in life and you want to try to keep your life on track.

Who is this planner best for? Goal oriented people, anyone going through life changes such as high school or college freshman, new moms, people starting new careers

Planner 4: Weekly/Monthly Wirebound Clear Pocket Cover Rosalyn – Rachel Parcell by Blue Sky

Shop it here!

This planner has it all! A monthly calendar, weekly calendar with goals section, note pages, storage pockets, bookmark, and more. Seriously if you are into a one stop planner this is it. The size is great too (5 x 8) which is perfect for throwing into a bag or backpack to bring with you whenever you need it.

Also, can’t ignore how pretty the cover is. Always a bonus when a planner is not only functional but also cute!

Who is this planner best for? People who need everything in one place, college students

Planner 5: Smythson The Wafer by Net A Porter

Shop it here!

This is such a gorgeous classic planner. Perfect for someone who is in a professional work environment and needs a professional planner to match. And the quality of these planners is so cool and great. Also, yes that pen is included!

This is the 2.8 inches by 4.3 inches size so it’s easy to throw into a bag or briefcase at work.

Who is this planner best for? Someone committed to their planner and wants something simple but high quality, professionals

Planner 6: Perpetual Goal Setting Planner by Talking Out Of Turn

Shop it here!

This is such a fun and colorful planner to consider using in 2022! Definitely a planner that will make you smile when you open it every day to use it.

This whole planner is focused on goal planning and tracking. So it is a phenomenal planner to check out if you want this to be your year. Because bettering yourself and your life is so heavily correlated to setting ambitious goals and working hard towards those goals.

Who is this planner best for? Anyone goal oriented, students, project based careers

Planner 7: Monthly Planner 17 Months 8.5″ x 11″ Barbarian – Artisan by Lang

8 Of The Best Planners For 2022 For Everyone!

Shop it here!

This planner is definitely one of the simplest you can use as it doesn’t have weekly or daily pages just a monthly spread each month with space for to do lists.

This is perfect for anyone who wants to work on planning and organize their life but doesn’t have the time to commit to updated a planner daily or weekly. And it’s great to give you an overlook of your month and help you see everything you need to do that month.

Who is this planner best for? Anyone who loves simplicity, busy parents

Planner 8: Coil bound academic planner from Erin Condren

Shop it here!

I couldn’t end this post without including my favorite academic planner! If you are a student of any academic level then this is a fantastic planner full of helpful tools and resources for students.

Plus you can personalize the cover which is so fun.

Who is this planner best for? Students at any level


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