9 End Of The Month Tasks To Do To Wrap Up Your Month

When your month is ending it is so important to wrap it up correctly. So that nothing gets missed and you can ensure that you are setting yourself up for a successful next month. But it is so often forgotten to wrap up our months correctly because we are very focused on starting the next month right! So today I want to talk about these important 9 end of the month tasks to do to wrap up your month!

Let’s get into these ideas so you can wrap up your month successfully.

9 End Of The Month Tasks To Do To Wrap Up Your Month

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9 End Of The Month Tasks To Do To Wrap Up Your Month

How To End Your Month Ideas:

Task 1: Check your monthly calendar.

The first end of the month task we need to chat about is checking your monthly calendar. It is so important to go over what you had planned for the month. So you can make sure that you didn’t miss anything and that you are staying on track with things. Especially if you have things like work projects or coursework that you are needing to keep on track with.

But no matter what this is not a task you should skip when you are wrapping up your month.

If you do not have a monthly calendar yet I highly recommend getting one. Specifically, I recommend using a big wall calendar for the “big picture” and then a weekly planner throughout the month.

They are meant to be a snapshot of your month to keep you on track and also to help remind you of what is happening this month as you are making it.

Task 2: Do some home deep cleaning.

While wrapping up your month it is a great idea to get your home cleaned up. So you can enter into the next month with a super clean month and can focus on your goals and not have to spend quite as much time cleaning at that point.

You will get yourself into the right mindset by ensuring that your home is totally cleaned up and ready for whatever the next month throws at you.

If you need some ideas for deep cleaning your home then check this out: 30 Days of Deep Cleaning Your Home Challenge.

Task 3: Check on your monthly budget.

It is so important to check on your monthly budget at the end. Even if you think you may have over spent! It is helpful to know where you over spent and where you saved. And then you can use that information to re-adjust your next months budget.

This may seem a bit daunting if you aren’t used to doing this task. Especially if you don’t currently have a monthly budget. But each month this will become easier and more accurate as you get a better picture of your spending. And as you become better at tracking you can start to improve the budget by going more into detail and limiting different areas of “leisure” spending to save money.

If you want more tips on how to set up and stick to your monthly budget then check out this post: Monthly Budget Tips and Tricks + Free Printable Monthly Budget!

Task 4: Check on your goals from this month.

This is such a vital one of the end of month tasks to start doing to ensure your end of month helps you better yourself and your life.

Going back and checking on your goals is so helpful for keeping you on track with your goals. And it gives you a good opportunity to see if you need to re-evaluate your goals or change your actionable steps for achieving your goals. Use this task to better yourself by seeing how you are doing on your goals and what you can start doing better next month.

And this task leads into the next task you should be doing each month!

Task 5: Set goals for the next month.

This is an incredibly important task to do at the end of every month. Setting goals helps remind you of what you want to accomplish and the monthly steps you can take to get there.

I like to make a digital list on my phone of my monthly goals then take a screenshot and save it on my phone as my background.

This helps remind you every single day of your goals and helps you stay on track to achieve them. For more advice on your daily goals follow this guide.

Task 6: Follow up on your monthly to do list.

Following up and checking on things you did this month is a common theme with these end of the month tasks. For a good reason! It is so important to wrap up your month by looking at what you did accomplish and what you wish you had accomplished. So you can use that information and run into next month ready to have an even better month!

And this task falls right into that mindset. Take the time to look back at your monthly to do list and think about what you did and didn’t do. And what you can do next month to accomplish the items that you didn’t accomplish this month.

Task 7: Do your household shopping trip.

After a month of using household items chances are you are a big depleted!

You don’t have to go on 15 quick (but not really quick) shopping trips for little items throughout the month if you keep track of what you need and shop strategically!

This trip should be for things like paper towels, cleaning supplies, pet food, etc. For groceries most people have to get them weekly but any non-perishables or seasonings you can consider trying to buy on a monthly schedule too, this helps eliminate some of the stress when weekly grocery shopping.

Remember, the end of the month shouldn’t be stressful! It should be an opportunity to help make the rest of the month smoother and less stressful.

Task 8: Organize important papers.

It’s amazing how quickly important papers can get piled up all over your desk and the whole house throughout the month.

So take this opportunity to organize those papers. Get an affordable accordion folder and take the 10 minutes to label the tabs and put all the papers in the correct folder.

Then in the future when you get new important papers you just have to put them in there and save yourself future troubles. This is a great habit of organized people, for more habits of organized people check out – 8 Essential Habits of Organized People.

Also, make sure that if you can you scan them onto a digital folder so if something were to happen you always have a digital back up. This is such an important one of the ways to organize your life.

Task 9: Organize and clean up your work space.

This is a frequently forgotten task so making it a habit to do it at the end of each month is so important.

Having an organized workspace is beyond essential for being organized as well as being productive. 

Committing a bit of your end of month time to really getting your workspace organized can really help you out. This is one of the areas of your life to get organized that may seem obvious but is often overlooked. So go get to it!

9 End Of The Month Tasks To Do To Wrap Up Your Month


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