7 Tips For Enjoying The Holidays As A Young Adult

This can be a weird stage in most young adults lives. You have grown out of a lot of the childhood traditions but if you don’t have your own children then it can put you into a different situation around the holidays. Especially if you (like me!) don’t have any nieces, nephews, or just generally younger kids that you spend the holidays with. Honestly, for the past few years it has made me feel like the holidays aren’t as enjoyable. But I have started working on that feeling and today I want to share these 7 tips for enjoying the holidays as a young adult!

Or really any adult who is struggling with enjoying the holidays if your traditions have grown or changed at all in recent times. The holidays can bring up a lot of emotions in most people but focusing on being positive and enjoying the holidays is so important for our mental wellbeing. So if that all sounds relatable to you then keep reading for these helpful tips.

Now let’s get into these tips for enjoying the holidays as a young adult!

7 Tips For Enjoying The Holidays As A Young Adult

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7 Tips For Enjoying The Holidays As A Young Adult

How to have a great holiday season as a young adult:

Tip 1: Participate as much as possible.

Participating during the holidays is the first and arguable most important tip for enjoying the holidays as a young adult.

If you are refusing to participate in anything “cheesy” then it will be difficult for you to have fun! So embrace the cheesy activities and get into them. You are never too old to watch silly holiday movies, decorate cookies, or any other traditions that your family is doing.

A lot of families start to think they don’t need to do those activities when all of the kids are grown but keep doing them! Embrace the silly things and keep building the memories even if you are all grown up. The holidays are the perfect time to release your inner child and have some fun with family and friends. So go participate and don’t worry about the appearance of participating!

Tip 2: Minimize screen time.

It is so important to stay present during the holidays so you can truly spend time with your family.

But it is also important because it will help you relax! Disconnecting from the stressed that come from your phone (like work and social media) is a fantastic way to stay in a less stressed mindset.

If you need tips for spending this hour off your phone then go check out my guide on this: How To Unplug From Your Phone Every Day.

Also, it is definitely more enjoyable to spend time with your loved ones rather than staring at the TV. So unless it’s a cute Christmas movie try to opt for more engaging activities that don’t involve screen time.

Tip 3: Embrace the giving side of things.

One of the best parts of becoming an adult during the holidays (in my experience) is being able to give. Even if you aren’t in a financial situation to give a lot you can still either make or put a lot of thought into an affordable gift.

But the key is to embrace the giving! When you do that you will feel so much more fulfilled with the holiday season.

One of my favorite things to do is give my family and friends experiences rather than physical gifts. I have a guide linked here full of ideas for giving experiences during the holidays!

Tip 4: Don’t be afraid to say no.

Saying no can be one of the hardest things to do around the holidays but it is vital to enjoying the holidays as a young adult.

Saying no to seeing a toxic family member, saying no to your boss when they want you to work on a holiday (if you have it off!), saying no to things that make you dread the holidays is essential for enjoying them. Learning to stand up for yourself is difficult for most young adults but now is the best time to start setting boundaries and growing as a person.

This is a skill you can take into a lot of areas of your life as well. I have a guide here with tips for learning to say no but the most important thing is to have the right mindset going into it!

Tip 5: Take time to volunteer in your community.

I fully believe that focusing your efforts on volunteer and better the lives of others is a great way to put your holiday stress into perspective. Which can really help with making the holidays more joyful and enjoyable!

How to enjoy yourself during the holidays doesn’t just have to mean disconnecting from people, it can also mean connecting with people in a positive way!

Take some time to think about how your skills could help others in the community during the holiday time.

Tip 6: Make sure you are getting enough sleep.

I totally know that it is hard to get enough sleep with all of the holiday activities going on. 

But your body will seriously thank you! And remember, enjoying the holidays will be way easier if you are happy. And it is beyond difficult to be happy if you are sleep deprived and tired. So make sure that you are not sacrificing sleep during this holiday season.

I have 5 super helpful tips for learning how to get better sleep here that might help with this tip!

An extension of this tip is to make sure you are eating healthy so you don’t get sluggish from all the yummy food and sweets. Of course I am not saying to eat the great food but be aware that it could make you feel sleepy. Which can overall make the holidays less enjoyable.

Tip 7: Practice a lot of gratitude.

Okay not to sound incredible cheesy but it is so important to be grateful during the holidays.

It can get difficult to be thankful when things are changing and when the holidays don’t feel like they used to. But you are still going to have holidays no matter how much you participate in them and no matter what your mindset is.

So focusing on a mindset of gratitude and positivity is incredibly important for enjoying and embracing the holidays.

If you find yourself struggling with a gratitude mentality during the holidays then try getting a gratitude journal (here is an affordable one to consider). So that you can really encourage your mind to focus on gratitude and stay in that mindset.


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