Ultimate Experiences Holiday Gift Guide

This is the first gift guide I am getting out because it is my favorite and the most important to me.

Presents are fun and can be super meaningful but in world so full of stuff it’s important to ensure that we are also getting to spend time with our loved ones and gifting experiences during the holidays is a great way to do that.

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Part 1: Gift Cards

eGift Card design preview

Hotels.com Gift Card – Email Delivery

Hotel gift cards are such an easy experience gift card but make sure that you think about who you are giving the gift card to. Do they have the capability to leave for a weekend for a trip? If so then hotel gift cards to sites like Hotels.Com are great because it leaves it open to them to decide what brand they want to stay at and more importantly where they want to stay.


Southwest Airlines Gift Card

Airline gift cards another great travel gift during the holidays. Southwest is one of my favorites since they have so many flight options at great prices so the loved one you gift this to can get more distance out of it!

AMC Theatre Gift Card

Movie gift cards are great for the movie lover in your life OR for someone that maybe you don’t know as well but still want to get an experience gift, or a gift that is easy to mail!

Landry’s Multibrand Gift Card

I have always been a fan of multibrand gift cards. They give the receiver an option in case they aren’t a fan of a restaurant you are AND it gives people the opportunity to try out a restaurant that they may have been wanting to try but didn’t have the money or time.

Worldwide Experience Gifts – Premium Tinggly Voucher/Gift Card in a Gift Box

The last of the gift cards is this awesome one from Tinggly. The idea is that you gift them this card and they get to go online and select from hundred of different experiences ranging from wine tasting to swimming with dolphins. You can select from a variety of different packages too so there is an option for all price ranges.

Part 2: Projects

Craft A Brew Cabernet Sauvignon Making Home Kit

We have done a couple different wine making kits and they are SO MUCH FUN. Seriously the process and excitement of waiting for the wine is actually more fun than drinking it. So for the same cost as getting someone you love 2 bottles of wine you can get them an equivalent of like 5 bottles and a fun afternoon activity!

Real Homemade Gin Kit & Stainless Steel Personalized Flask

Similar concept as above but an option for those that are not big wine drinkers! There are also tons of beer making kits online too for the craft beer fanatics in your life.

Grow and Make Deluxe DIY Hot Sauce Making Kit – Learn How to Make 6 Spicy Sauces at Home with Chipotle, Arbol, and Guajillo Peppers

I would say there is approximately an 80% chance someone in my family will get me this because I freaking love hot sauce! I almost got this for myself when I was shopping around for this guide because how fun is this?!

bMAKER DIY Bath Bomb Making Kit – Lavender, Rose Essential Oil and Dried Flowers

Okay… is there anything you can’t DIY at home with a handy little kit?! Of course it’s cheaper to buy someone a couple bath bombs from Lush but this is about 102938x more fun than that. This is a great option for any teenage girls on your list because let’s be honest unless you ARE a teenage girl they are the hardest category to shop for!

Cactus Succulent Seed Starter Kit



Part 3: Memberships/ Tickets/ Classes

This part is hard to actually link for you all and will involve some research of your local options. Think about the person you are gifting this to and what they like to do. Some options are:

-Yoga Classes (most studios allow you to pre-purchase a couple of classes)

-Tickets to their favorite sports game (if they are a college alumni and you want to save some money get them tickets to a game at their formed stomping grounds. Brings them down memory lane but is way cheaper than professional sports tickets usually!)

-Mini golf gift card (you’ll have to find a local option for this)

-Pub crawl tickets (go to the local Facebook Events for where they live, as long as it is near a large enough city you will be able to find awesome themed bar crawls. Columbus has 90s themed ones and ones for almost every Holiday and it is such a fun and unexpected gift)

-Wine tasting (again it has to be local but if making their own wine isn’t the style of the person you’re gifting then maybe sending them to a wine tasting is the way to go!)


Thankfully if you aren’t able to go in person to get the gift cards or memberships there are some you can buy online!

3 Months of Spotify

This is an awesome gift for college students! Spotify is so nice to have when you spend time walking around campus and waiting for classes but it can be a little more than college kids have the budget for.

Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa

Thankfully there are some larger chain spas that you can get gift cards for online! Just make sure to check there is a location close to whomever you are giving the gift to.

COZYMEAL Gift Cards for Cooking Classes & Gourmet Food Tours

Cooking classes are an awesome gift to give couples! COZYMEAL offers classes all over America. If they don’t have one near the person you want to give a cooking class to then I recommend checking Groupon for some options near them.

eGift Card design preview

Dave & Buster’s Gift Cards – E-mail Delivery

Who doesn’t want to go to grown up Chuck E Cheese? Dave and Busters are located all over America and are great for people of all ages- especially great as a “whole family” gift! There is games for the kids (AND ADULTS) and food and adult drinks.


I would LOVE to hear what some ideas you have for experience gifts for this Holiday season!

Happy Holidays,





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