Plan With Me // May 12th

Trying to get into the habit of planning your week? Looking to ensure productivity? Maybe just wanting a little planner inspo? Then welcome!

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This is the 2nd edition of my plan with me series and I am so excited to continue it. Photographing the whole process has helped me track what I want to do and each week I hope to see improved creativity and productivity.

If you are interested in this planner then I highly recommend checking out MAMBI’s (Me and My Big Idea) website.

This exact cover is not available but my current favorite one they have is:

This weeks layout was inspired by the green notes on the side of the planner. I also LOVE the quote on the bottom “there is no time to be bored in a world as beautiful as this.”I often cover the corny quotes on the bottom but this one I decided to keep and to make a major highlight of the layout this week.

My first step is always to plan out 3 important things.

1) The logistics

The main part of logistics is of course the work hours. This week I have 6 days of work so I find it a little more important to plan other logistical details such as groceries and cleaning schedule.

2) My exercise plan

I am currently on a fitness plan that involves either  or 6 days a week. Because of this I think it is so important to plan my rest day(s) early in the week to avoid slipping and having too many rest days. On this planner I put a summary of the fitness plan for that day and I always put the minimum minutes on it so I can plan my after work hours better. I maintain a separate and more detailed fitness plan (that I’m working on getting more posts out for).

3) My dinner plan

This is primarily important so that I can get the correct groceries for the week. I try to plan out Monday- Friday dinners. For Saturday and Sunday I usually end up eating out for one or both dinners and we do eat at home we usually make a more fun and a little less healthy weekend dinner. Meal planning is so vital to the success of a health plan as well as keeping from wasting time figuring out what to cook/ where to eat everyday.

Instead of the normal “top priority” column I replaced it with a hydration goal list. Drinking more water has been a huge goal of mine recently and unfortunately  I am not the best at it 🙁

This cute book from Michael’s had some fun green stickers including the two stickers that are on either side of the quote on the bottom. I recently did a Michael’s sticker haul and I can’t wait to share all of them!

The green weights, water bottle, and treadmill stickers were all from this adorable and simple sheet from Hello Cupcake Plans. Purchased on Etsy – which is probably the best place to find more unique and specific stickers.

I end up using these almost every week for my laundry day! They are wonderful quality and can also be purchased on Etsy from GP Stickers.

Inspirational stickers for the win! This pack is also from Me and My Big Ideas, purchased from Michaels.

The last but certainly not least important part of a good weekly planner is the pen. Seriously having a good pen can be so underrated. I have been loyal to the Staedtler TriPlus Fineliner pens since I started taking detailed notes my freshman year of college (which was 5 years ago now!). They don’t leak, they don’t bleed through, they are easy to write with. Can’t say enough about how much I like them!


I hope everyone has a beautiful and productive week!



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