Winter Night Time Routine For Cozy Nights

Creating a warm and cozy winter night time routine is a perfect way to end your days in the winter. It can be so easy to fall for the dark nights trick and just roll into bed a little early because it’s been dark for hours. But taking the time to have a cozy night with an actual night time routine will make your winter days better!

So I wanted to share a couple of the things I have added to my winter night time routine that you may enjoy as well! These are the coziest items that are apart of my winter night routine.

Also, I shared my winter night time routine over on my YouTube so if you want to see it rather than reading about it go check it out here!

Now let’s get into these night time habits!

Winter night time routine for cozy nights!

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Winter Night Time Routine Habits For Cozy Nights:

{ My cozy winter night time routine }

1) Add some winter scents to your shower routine.

Winter scents can really make any night time routine feel warm and cozy.

And so many people already know/think of lighting some winter candles or wax melts.

But if you really want to step up the “coziness” of your routine then I recommend also adding some winter scents to your shower (or bath) nightly routine.

A couple of my absolute favorite winter scented shower/bath products are:

2) Drink a cup of non-caffeinated tea.

Tea is one of the coziest things to me and a nice, warm mug of tea is a great addition to your cozy routine.

Remember to check the tea you are using to make sure that it is non caffeinated so you don’t accidentally get way too energized before bed!

My current favorite caffeine free tea is: Numi ORganic Tea Rooibos Chai.

Also, if you really want to get into the winter mood it’s perfect to drink your tea out of a cute winter themed mug.

cozy night time routine

3) Read a few chapters of a book.

Reading is absolutely my favorite cozy evening activity.

I just moved into a home with two fireplaces and there is seriously nothing cozier than reading a book next to a fireplace. Or if you don’t have a fireplace you can put on a video of fireplaces (there is a bunch of free ones on YouTube) which is just as cozy!

Plus, reading is a great way to disconnect and unwind before bed so this is a great habit to add to your night time routine any time of the year.

4) Wear comfy pj’s and slippers.

Okay this isn’t really a “habit” but it is a very fun and comfy way to add some extra coziness to your winter bedtime routine!

I absolutely swear by cozy slippers and comfy pajamas and when you are wearing them there is nothing that feels cozier! So I really recommend finding a couple pairs of PJs that you love and a set of comfy slippers that are perfect for you.

If you need some these are some really cute winter slippers here! Or some cute winter pajamas here!

winter night time routine ideas

5) Make a winter skin care routine.

The next habit is so essential to add to your winter bedtime routine because your skin can change so much in the winter. Because of dryness in the air and less vitamin D!

So adjusting your skin care routine for the winter is something that your skin will absolutely thank you for.

Also, if you want an extra winter-y evening you can do a winter/holiday themed face mask too!

6) Spend at least one hour off your phone.

My final habit that I think is so important for a winter morning routine is to spend less time on your phone. I try in the evening/night to spend at least an hour off of my phone.

This allows you to be more present and really enjoy your cozy evening! Plus it is great for your mental wellness to disconnect from your phone.

If you need help/advice for learning to get off your phone for at least an hour a day then go check out my guide on it: How To Unplug From Your Phone Every Day.

disconnect at night from your phone

I hope these ideas for your winter night time routine inspired you a bit! Your winter bedtime routine can become a cozy part of your day that you look forward to each night. Best of luck!


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