12 Couple Activities for New Years Eve

It’s so crazy that this year is almost over and it’s almost New Years eve! Which also means you are probably planning for your New Years eve celebrations. But if you (like me) are choosing to stay home with just your significant other this New Years eve I wanted to share some activities you can do as a couple. So keep reading for 12 Couple Activities for New Years Eve!

Remember, don’t stress too much about making New Years Eve “perfect”. It is just a great night to celebrate new beginnings so enjoy it and have fun with your significant other!

12 couple activities for New Years Eve!

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12 Couple Activities for New Years Eve:

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Idea 1) Make a fun signature cocktail that “reflects” your year.

This is such a fun and entertaining thing to do on new years eve.

I would recommend telling your significant other about it in advance so they can start to think of their recipe. And then on New Years Eve you can both make and give to each other your signature cocktail representing your year.

I think there are so many fun ideas for this for 2020 that are going to be absolutely hilarious!

Idea 2) Set your resolutions together.

This is a very sweet and motivating way to spend part of your New Years eve.

For a lot of people resolutions are a great way to set yourself up for a successful next year so why not do it with your significant other?

It’s also a great way to start chatting about plans for the next year and what you want to accomplish individually and together.

Idea 3) Have a spa night in together.

This can be a super romantic way to spend New Years eve as a couple together.

Make sure to light lots of romantic candles (here’s a set) and do some relaxing messages and drink lots of champagne. A super chill, relaxing, and romantic way to spend the evening.

Idea 4) Build a fort and have a cozy night in the living room.

How fun is this idea!?

Build a fort just like when you were a kid and spend the evening celebrating and reminiscing in your fort. Oh, and it would be so fun to order some pizza for your dinner to eat in the fort!

Idea 5) Make a time capsule to open in 10 years.

If you are in a pretty serious relationship you should definitely do 10 years or else you could do ones individually as well!

Either way, spending the night looking back at your year and making a time capsule together is a very sweet and romantic New Years eve activity.

Idea 6) Binge watch your favorite movies from the year.

This can be either watching your favorite new releases from the year or just any of your favorite movies from the year.

Or if you are like me and my boyfriend who always says we’re going to watch movies and never do… you could binge watch all the movies you meant to watch this year!

Idea 7) Have a couples game night.

Couples game nights are a fun at home date night any year but it is a great way to have fun while you and your significant other are spending New Years eve just the two of you!

Playing games and ordering take out is a fantastic and fun way to spend the night together.

Idea 8) Do a “paint n sip” at home together.

This is a super fun date activity in general but you can put a New Years eve spin on it by painting pictures that are relevant to the year that is ending or beginning.

Again, there are so many fun things you could do for 2020 that will be a lifelong memory! This is one of the most fun couple activities for new years eve!

Idea 9) Make a dream board for the next year together.

Dream boards are a great way for a couple to have fun while also talking about what you want your lives to be like together next year.

It can also lead to some great conversations and growth in your relationship!

Idea 10) Drink around the world at home.

This is such a fun game/activity and you can add food as well to make this a whole night long activity!

In different rooms in your house do a “bar crawl” and set up different drinks and food from different countries. Be warned though that you could get very tipsy from this!

Idea 11) Do a virtual dance class/watch dance instruction videos together.

This is such a sweet way to spend a bit of your evening together.

If you can’t find a virtual dance class you can definitely find thousands of options for instructional dance videos on YouTube. There is videos for every dance level and dance style depending on what you and your significant other want to do.

Idea 12) Do a champagne tasting flight.

The final idea is probably my favorite on this list (or at least this year!) and it’s to do a champagne tasting flight.

You can do this at home by getting a tasting flight set like this and some different styles of champagne and spend a while tasting and rating them to see what you and your significant others favorites are.

Date night ideas for new years eve!

I hope this list gave you some inspiration and ideas for activities for your couples New Years Eve! And that you found your couples activities for New Years Eve. Comment below what your New Years Eve is going to be like this year!


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