31 Winter Self Care Ideas For A Better Winter

Taking care of yourself in the winter (and the rest of the year!) is so important. In order to stay healthy and happy you have to take care of yourself and make yourself your priority. Which is why I am sharing 31 winter self care ideas for this winter!

Also, if you want to see my go through my 12 favorite winter self care routine items check out my video here!

But before we get into the winter self care essentials we are going to quickly chat about why taking care of yourself is so important for your general wellness.

Why is Self Care so important?

  • Self care helps improve your mental and emotional wellness.
  • Helps you prioritize your physical wellness and physical well being.
  • Assists with helping cultivate personal relationships if you put effort into taking care of yourself.
  • Self care is important because it helps you learn more about yourself.
  • It actually helps you be in a better mindset to be more productive. Self care helping productivity is an underappreciated benefit!
31 winter self care ideas for a better winter!

Now let’s get onto the self care routine ideas for winter time!

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31 Winter Self Care Ideas For A Better Winter

1) Get fresh air every day– even if it is chilly outside it’s still so helpful to get a little fresh air everyday. Walk the dog in the afternoon or drink some hot coffee or tea outside! Remember fresh air is so important for taking care of yourself even if it’s cold outside.

2) Light a winter scented candle– this is so relaxing and makes your home smell like a winter wonderland. My favorite scent so far this winter is linked here.

3) Bake a winter treat– get some inspo from Pinterest or go with a classic you know you like and bake some winter treats! You can do this with your friends and family as well for group self care this winter!

4) Spend an afternoon decorating– holiday decor is my favorite! So throw some holiday music on and light your candles and decorate your home.

5) Take a relaxing bubble bath– grab a holiday bath bomb and take a long, relaxing bath.

6) Curl up and read a book– grab a favorite or start a new book but curling up under a comfy blanket and reading is a great self care idea for the winter time.

7) Daily Gratitude journal– this is great for helping you stay thankful and calm during the stressful holidays. You can get one here!

8) Have a pajama day– spend a weekend day in your pjs the whole day! Feeling cozy and comfy is always great for self care and it is extra fun to do a PJ day in the winter months when it’s cold outside.

9) Binge watch Holiday movies– spending an evening binge watching feel good Holiday movies is probably my favorite winter self care ideas! It is so fun and nostalgic.

10) Do a moisturizing face mask– skin gets dryer in the winter so doing a moisturizing face mask is great for self care and for your skin! Your skin will thank you.

11) Stay hydrated– set some water drinking goals for this winter self care essential. You will feel better mentally and physically if you stay hydrated during these dry months!

12) Buy yourself flowers– get a winter themed bouquet from a florist or your grocery store. Bringing some life into your home in the winter is so important and helpful!

How to take care of yourself this winter!

13) Do an at home manicure– grab your favorite winter nail polish color and spend an evening drinking some wine and doing an at home manicure. This can also be a group winter self care essential activity!

14) Drink some hot chocolate– try a yummy gourmet one like this to really treat yourself.

15) Make a vision board for next year– this is such a fun and inspirational winter self care idea. You can also just do a general mood board.

16) Try a new exercise– this is a physical wellness based self care idea that you can make really fun. Try a fun new type of exercise to add some excitement to your exercise routines this winter!

17) Get yourself some fuzzy socks– who doesn’t love some comfy and cute fuzzy socks? I love these ones for the winter time!

19) Write a love letter to yourself– you can read it in the future when you aren’t having a great day! Self care routine items that will help you in the future are some of my favorites.

20) Make a winter playlist– create a playlist for the winter months full of happy songs that make you smile!

21) Get a weighted blanket– I absolutely swear by this for self care. I use my weighted blanket every single night and it’s so great for helping with anxious feelings! Linking mine here if you want in on this great tool!

22) Have a one person dance party– put on some holiday music and dance around! Release some energy and have fun with this winter self care essential!

23) Volunteer- spread some joy and take care of others too during the holiday season and volunteer at your favorite local charity.

24) Try out guided meditation– there are lots of free ones on YouTube that you can check out to help you relax this winter.

25) Unplug from your phone– Do a social media detox and live in the moment! Here is some tips for this- How To Unplug From Your Phone Every Day.

26) Make a bucket list for next year– this is such a fun winter self care idea that I do every year! Spending a few hours thinking about what you want to do next year is really motivating!

27) Try a new winter hobby– try something like crocheting (here’s the supplies for beginners) to keep you busy when it’s so cold outside. Staying productive is definitely a part of taking care of yourself this winter.

28) Light a fire in your fireplace– if you have one this is such a warm and comforting way to spend an evening relaxing and taking care of yourself.

31 self care ideas for this winter!

29) Get a new winter tea– trying a warm and comforting winter tea is something you can enjoy all winter and do consistent self care throughout the winter.

30) Spread kindness– you can do this in your community by doing a random act of kindness. Here is 51 Ideas For Random Acts Of Kindness that you can do in the winter.

31) Buy yourself a gift– the last idea for taking care of yourself this winter is to buy yourself a gift. No need to wait for the holidays and hope you got the item you are wanting- treat yourself to it now!

Hope you enjoyed these tips for taking care of yourself this winter! Practicing self care with these 31 self care ideas for winter is so helpful for making sure your wellness is a priority this season!


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