Erin Condren Holiday Collection 2020: Gift Ideas

Watch my Erin Condren 2020 Holiday Collection Unboxing here:

I have to say this is probably going to be my favorite package I get all of the holiday season this year! I am so thankful and excited to have been sent one of the Erin Condren Holiday Collection Gifting Collaboration Box for 2020.

Today is the day these products all go live and I am so excited that today I can finally chat about the fun items in this gorgeous holiday box.

And this box also felt like the perfect time to do something I have been wanting to for a while- start a YouTube channel! So below is my unboxing video full of my reactions to everything in this Erin Condren Holiday 2020 box.

Erin condren holiday collection 2020: gift ideas!

Now that you have watched my first video (it was a bit rough, but they will get better guys!) it’s time to go into the items in a little more detail. I’ll talk about how each one would make a fantastic gift and for who!

This gift guide has something for everyone and some really unique gift ideas. So let’s get into it!

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Erin Condren 2020 Holiday Collection Gift Ideas:

Mid Century Puzzles

The first item we’re going to talk about is such a great gift idea for 2020.

Staying home so much means that giving presents like puzzles is a wonderful gift. And this mid century circles puzzle is so cute and would make a great gift for anyone in your life.

Wooden Tangram Puzzle

This puzzle would make a great stocking stuffer for a child in your life. Or for anyone (like a teacher!) who interacts with children a lot and has a desk.

Also, if you were wondering this is a super high quality little puzzle!

Mid Century Inspired Playing Cards

Playing cards are another great stocking stuffer option.

Playing games is my families favorite past time so I will definitely be popping a few of these into stockings this year. Plus they are so cute!

Plan Bookmark

I am so obsessed with this! If you have anyone in your life who uses a planner they will love this. It’s such a great way to mark where you are in your planner and its super pretty.

Pinks Honeycomb Decoration Set

These ornament-esque decor pieces are adorable and they don’t just need to be used for the holidays! They have a ton of color options and could be used for any celebration and are great to have a few of on hand for birthdays.

Perpetual Desk Calendar

This is definitely one of my favorite items from this Erin Condren Holiday collection!

With the rise in work from home desk areas adding some cute decor like this can really add some fun to a home office. Plus these are sustainable because you can use them year after year which is awesome!

Planner/Notebook covers

This is a great gift for anyone in your life but if you have a high schooler or college student you are shopping for this is so fun. I would have loved in high school or college to be able to change out my notebook or planner covers. Such a fun gift idea.

Drink Gift Set

This is one of the most fun gift ideas I have seen for young adult women!

It includes a drink shaker, martini glass, nail wraps, and these adorable stickers that go on your drink cup and then dissolve so you know which drink is yours. An absolute win of a gift from the Erin Condren Holiday collection!

*I can’t find this one online but if I will watch closely and update if it comes available, it may have just been for this box!*

Planner folio

I am totally obsessed with this. If you watch my video above you will here be talking about it for so long but honestly it’s so great!

If you are buying for a student, a teacher, anyone who works in an office, etc this is such a useful gift that they will totally love. Or really anyone who loves planners.

2021 Life Planner

Lastly is the main attraction from the Erin Condren Holiday collection- the 2021 life planners!

I personally love vertical planners so much and this is a classic from EC that I am so in love with. They have so many cover options too so there is totally a style for anyone you are getting a gift for this year.

Click here to shop the whole Erin Condren 2020 Holiday Collection!

Hope you have as much fun shopping this holiday collection as I have had! Head on over to the Erin Condren website or save this post for later when you are doing your holiday shopping and want to shop the Erin Condren Holiday Collection!


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