Plan With Me // May 19

Planning out your week is the most efficient way to ensure that you have the best and most productive week that you can have. Planners are the most obvious and still the best way I have found to plan your week.

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For me I find that adding the decoration is something that makes a pretty dull but necessary task more fun. However, this isn’t a step that everyone has time for or likes dong and that is totally fine! Whatever you need to do personally to make a plan and stick to it. But if you find some fun stickers are your way to go then check out my Plan With Me series.

Interested in getting this planner? Then welcome to the club! Me and My Big Ideas makes my favorite planners hands down, and you can get one HERE.

A beautiful blank page… but before you get to writing make sure you know what you want to focus on. I don’t write down every little detail and for some bigger categories I have separate planning systems (like for my fitness plan).

Every week I break down the 3 boxes into 1) logistics 2) fitness 3) meals. These are the 3 categories that I find the most important to plan out on my life planner.

Logistics is primarily my work schedule and any appointments or meetings. This is a pretty slow logistics week for me but I am excited to have time to focus on other goals before the long holiday weekend.

Fitness is a large priority this week. I run a more detailed fitness planner but find it so important to include the basics in my weekly life planner. It helps me see what needs to get done for the day.

Meal planning is ALWAYS a priority for me. Knowing exactly what groceries I need to get for Monday – Friday dinners helps avoid chaos in the evenings and allows me to plan out healthy meals and actually stick to them. I don’t write down my breakfast or lunch meals as of now because they are simple and repetitive. It is a long-term goal of mine to start changing them up with new healthy options!

Dreaming of blue skies with this weeks color theme.

I was excited to get a chance to use these stickers without a vacation this week. Given that this upcoming weekend is a long holiday weekend I thought it was celebratory enough to use them. Check out that cute blue banner!

Used the Flamingo box sticker because it is so darn cute. I am so excited to use the pink pineapple sticker on the bottom right… maybe next week?!

This is a repeat sticker pack from last week. Purchased at Michael’s and are seriously something everyone needs for their summer planner weeks!

Every time I finish a weeks planner I feel so ready to take on the week. I love seeing others planner layouts and how you plan for a productive week! If you have a planner Instagram account leave username in the comments. Mine is @KorraShayPlans if you want to see daily planner related posts!

Have a wonderful, beautiful, and productive week.



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