April 2021 Calendar: 10 Free Printable Designs!

April is here! And I couldn’t be more excited for the spring time. Spring is absolutely my favorite weather and time of the year! But a new month also means it’s time to find a cute new printable and downloadable calendar. So keep scrolling for a quick summary of how this works and then the 10 designs options for your March 2021 calendar!

How does it work?

For each fun April 2021 calendar below you can print them all from your house for free!

Step 1) Scroll through to pick out which of the pretty April 2021 calendar is perfect for you. Or pick a couple of cute ones for different rooms and spaces.

Step 2) Click the download here link below the calendar picture and a PDF will start downloading.

Step 3) Print the calendar from your printer. They look the best in color but they should all convert okay to gray scale as well! Each of these cute April 2021 calendars are designed on standard printer size pages (11 x 8.5in).

So now that you know how this works (and how easy it is!) let’s get into the actual designs!

April 2021 Calendar: 10 Free Printable Designs!

April 2021 Calendar: 10 Free Printable Designs!

Download this free calendar here!

I love how simple and girly this calendar turned out. Definitely great for a girly or trendy desk/room!

April 2021 Calendar: 10 Free Printable Designs!

Download this pretty April 2021 calendar here.

This option is so pretty and modern- would work great in an office space.

Blue April free calendar

Get this floral April downloadable calendar here.

This free April calendar is so cute and perfect for this month and super pretty!

April 2021 Calendar: 10 Free Printable Designs!

You can download this pretty pink April calendar here.

I love the blue vibes and tulle look of this one, it works with so many different spaces.

Yellow flowers april printable calendar

Download this cool April calendar here.

Love the fun yet simple and trendy vibes on this calendar!

April 2021 Calendar: 10 Free Printable Designs!

Download this spring and trendy April 2021 calendar here!

If you are looking for a spring themed super sweet calendar that is still trendy this is it!

April 2021 Calendar: 10 Free Printable Designs!

Download this simple but floral and cute calendar here.

If you are looking for a trendy print April 2021 calendar then this is perfect for you.

modern april free calendar

Download this modern floral calendar here!

I am so obsessed with the modern floral background on this calendar!

Download this girly and modern April 2021 calendar here.

Another pretty yet still modern and unique calendar is so great for April.

Download this calendar now right here!

A more neutral and simple one for April is last!

I hope that you found the perfect calendar for you this month. Remember to subscribe to my email newsletter below so that you can get my weekly round-up and never miss my newest freebies and printables!

Let me know in the comments what your favorite calendar is and tag me on Instagram if you ever post a picture of them! I love to see it!


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