Guide To Setting Goals Every Single Week

Goal setting is an incredible tool for pushing you and inspiring you to work harder and to achieve your dreams. And to get the most possible out of goals it’s important to set them regularly including at the start of each week. Which is why we are going to be discussing today these 7 essential tips for how to set weekly goals that work. Goals that really help to motivate and encourage you to start working towards them! So keep reading for this guide to setting goals every single week.

Goals can make or break whether your dreams come true. Because they are actionable items that you can work towards and make plans for.

You are more than capable of pushing yourself and becoming who you want to be and setting the goals that will help you get there is just one of many tools you can use to make that happen.

So let’s just jump into talking about the tips that can help you set weekly goals that really help you accomplish those dreams you have.

Guide To Setting Goals Every Single Week

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Guide To Setting Goals Every Single Week

How to start setting weekly goals:

Tip 1: Do a timed brainstorming session.

Set a time for how long you want to brainstorm. And don’t let yourself stop until that timer has stopped. 

This will “force” you to think about your goals and what you want to accomplish without any distractions or anything else to do.

Turn your phone off (or put it on do not disturb if you are using it for the timer) so that you aren’t tempted to peak at it.

And really focus your energy for a set period minutes into brainstorming goal ideas and things you really want to accomplish. This gives you a great list to work off of to narrow down things, pick the time frame for each goal, and to help you think of actionable steps for your goals.

Goal brainstorming is always helpful to do. But if you are lacking motivation right now then set a timer and only brainstorm for a set period of time. 

Also, if you are being realistic about the challenges you are having setting goals then you need to be realistic about the steps you are taking! So don’t try and set a timer for an hour. That is probably not a realistic amount of time to be brainstorming goals. Instead aim for 10-20 minutes.

Grab a cute goals notepad to help with this tip because we all know a new notepad can motivate us all!

Tip 2: Keep your long term goals in mind.

A big part of why weekly goals are so important is that they are helpful for you achieving your long term goals.

So take a minute to think about some bigger, long term goals that you are wanting to make happen. And then think about any things you could do this week that would can help you make them happen.

Then incorporate those actions into your weekly goals list. Weekly goals are an amazing tool for making your long term goals actually happen.

Tip 3: Figure out your weekly time commitments.

It is so easy to think of all these incredible things you want to do with your life and really it is not hard to figure out what daily goals will help you get there. However, it is not realistic that you can do everything that you want to right away. You need to sit down and analyze what your days look like currently and what can fit into your life.

Do you work 10 hours a day plus an hour of commuting? Then a goal of working out for 60 minutes a day, cooking dinner at home, writing 2 blog posts, and walking the dog for 45 minutes are probably all together not attainable.

There are ways to incorporate your goals into your time restraints though! For example, if your health goal is to walk 10,000 steps and also to not eat out then during your lunch break instead of driving to a fast food restaurant, instead you can take a walk around the area. That can quickly add up to 5,000 steps before you even get home and you avoided grabbing unhealthy food.

Tip 4: Prioritize your goals.

Prioritizing is an essential part of having a successful weekly goals list. And learning how to set goals every single week that help you better your life!

My best advice for this is to first make your list for the week of all the goals you would love to accomplish.

Then go back through and prioritize them starting with number 1 and working your way down the goals list. That way you can work towards each goal in order of the highest prioritized to the least prioritized.

Tip 5: Figure out what makes you stick to it.

There is no point to writing this list and figuring out your goals if you are not going to stick to them. It can be overwhelming to feel like you are making so many life changes at once (it will be worth it though!). So part of making this list is making sure that you stick to it.

For me, daily reminders of what I am trying to achieve help me stay on track. Remembering why I am doing these steps re-motivates me every day to actually complete my goals because it reminds me that every day I complete my little goals is one day closer to achieving my major goals.

Tip 6: Focus on goals that are measurable.

Measurable goals is something talked about a lot but it is still often forgotten about.

But it is so important to set goals that you can measure if you can accomplish them and how much progress you made on them.

So when you are setting each of your weekly goals make sure to determine how you will measure if you accomplished them.

Tip 7: Reflect on your goals at the end of the week.

The final tip is to make sure you are reflecting on your goals at the end of the week! This is so important for your overall goal setting skills. And part of learning to setting goals every single week you need to do. Don’t skip this!

Make sure that you are seeing which goals you completed, which ones you didn’t, and how you can incorporate those results into the next week.


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