How To Find Joy In Your Daily Life

Each day of your life is an opportunity to find joy and small pockets of happiness. But knowing where to look for that joy isn’t always obvious. Which is why today I am talking about the best tips and ideas for how to find joy in your daily life!

Focusing on finding little bits of joy in your daily life is an incredible way to boost your mood and keep you mentally energized. Life can get difficult and finding the joy may not always be easy but your long term mental health will hopefully be better if you take a few minutes each day to find the joy in your daily life.

How To Find Joy In Your Daily Life

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How To Find Joy In Your Daily Life

Steps for finding joy in every day:

1: Start doing positive affirmations every morning.

The first of the ideas and steps for finding daily joy is creating your own through doing affirmations. Daily positive affirmations are an incredible tool for helping you have a more positive and happy mindset daily.

Starting your day by hyping yourself up and taking a bit to be positive is amazing for living a happier life.

A few of my favorite morning affirmations are:

  • I am capable of anything.
  • The lessons I have learned have prepared me for today.
  • I am creating the future I have dreamed of.
  • My life is going exactly how I want it to.
  • I believe there is so much good in the world.

2: Prioritize interacting with positive people.

The people that you surround yourself with have a huge impact on the happiness and joy that you experience each day.

So if you are trying to find joy in your daily life then a great way to do that is to surround yourself with people that are positive and will feed into a joyful and positive attitude.

Along the same lines, trying to minimize interactions with negative people whenever possible will also help you with this step!

3:  Practice daily gratitude.

If you are lacking that mentality of thankfulness and gratitude then you need to start learning how to! When you are thankful for the things in your life and regularly taking the time to think about your blessings you will feel yourself start to feel happier with your life. 

One of the best ways to do this is to start doing daily gratitude journaling. This doesn’t have to be a huge time commitment. Just grab a gratitude journal (here’s one that is less than $10) and add it into your night time routine. It should only take about 10 minutes but it can really help you feel more grateful and happier.

Daily gratitude is a simple yet so helpful way to find more joy in your day to day life.

4: Add positive moments to your daily routines.

Small positive moments can serve as your daily joy and you can incorporate them into your daily routines.

A few examples of this are drinking your morning coffee with a loved one rather than on the way to work, journaling during your before bed routine, listening to a happy podcast during your lunch break, etc.

Those small changes can bring consistent positivity and joy into your days.

5:  Smile more!

This follows an actually helpful idea of “fake it till you make it”.

Smiling, even if you are forcing it, helps to bring you joy and help brighten your mood. Think about things that naturally make you smile and focus on that for 10-15 minutes. Even if you REALLY don’t feel like smiling it’s worth trying to make yourself smile for a bit to help your mood.

*bonus tip- I find that putting a little effort into my smile makes me want to smile more! Get some whitening strips or a lip stick you have been wanting to incentivize yourself to smile more.

6: Start making time for your hobbies and interests!

When you commit time in your life to your hobbies, interests, and passions you will feel like you are in control of your life. Which can lead to an increased level of daily joy in your life. 

And of course spending time on the things you love should mean that you are happy while you are doing those things. Which means more happiness throughout the course of your day. If you aren’t making time for the things you love then there is a good chance you have serious room for improvement on the happiness scale!

7: Focus on your purpose a bit each day.

Something that brings so much of us joy is focusing on what we feel our purpose in life is.

And that is something you can do a bit of each day to bring yourself joy and help you all around!

Of course what your purpose in life is will vary greatly from person to person. But it is so important for your life to think about what you feel is the most important purpose to you and do a bit each day to make that a part of your days.

8: Reflect on recent positives.

Grab your favorite notebook and write down 5 positive things that have happened in the past month.

They can be major or more minor positive experience that has happened to you. Anything positive.

Taking this time to reflect on positives will remind you of positive aspects of your life and help pull your brain out of it’s rut. This is actually a great routine to do once a month or even once a week, especially if it brings you joy and helps you live a more fulfilled life.

9: Make an effort to add value to others lives. 

Interpersonal relationships are also a helpful part of being more joyful. Joy can be added to your life by bring joy to the lives of others.

Have you ever brought a giant smile to a kids face by giving them a gift or telling a funny story? Did that make you feel truly happy? Probably! 

So if you are making an effort to make others happy and add value to their lives you will also be adding more value to yours. Value that will in the long run help you become a happier person. So start by trying to do one small thing a day that brings additional value to someone else’s life. And gradually this will become an actual habit in your life.


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