How To Create Your Best Possible Life

I chat a lot on here about living your best life and working on bettering yourself. But I figured it was time for a full guide with my best tips for how to create your best possible life. Because you are completely possible of living the life that you want and creating the best life for yourself.

Before we get into this post fully I do want to mention that creating your best life/dream life is all about your preferences. It should be what you want out of your life and what you are envisioning your dream life as. Don’t feel pressured to make your life what you think it should be based on society or others opinions.

And also remember to be patient with yourself. This will be a journey and it can take awhile but it will be worth it in the long run. But don’t let yourself get down if you don’t immediately feel like your life has been bettered.

Please keep that in mind as I share these tips to create your best possible life.

That being said, let’s get into this guide for how to create your dream life so you can start implementing your new knowledge!

How To Create Your Best Possible Life

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How To Create Your Best Possible Life

Guide For How To Create Your Dream Life:

Tip 1: Make a vision board.

First up is such a helpful tip. It will be pretty difficult to start creating your dream life if you don’t know what you want that life to look like.

So start brainstorming! Collect words, images, ideas, etc of what you are envisioning this better life to be.

Then either print out the stuff you collected or (my preference) make it digitally on

I shared the process of making my last vision board on my YouTube channel that you can watch here if you ware wanting some inspiration or tips.

Tip 2: Start forming an actionable plan.

After you know what you want your dream life to be it’s time to start forming an actionable plan.

You probably have heard of SMART goals in school or work. And the idea of SMART goals is so important but I won’t tell you they need to be formatted like that. But I do really advise making an actionable plan for what you can do to make this dream life happen.

I find that just making a list of actionable steps you can take for achieving each element of your dream life is a simple but efficient way to do this!

Also, a little bonus tip is to make this action plan and then put it somewhere visible. When you keep keep your plan somewhere you see every day you are more likely to stick to it. I always recommend putting it in your closet or bathroom so you see it every single morning.

I also recommend grabbing a notebook like this “action plan notebook” for working on this tip!

Tip 3: Hold yourself accountable.

Accountability is so important.

Honestly I can’t stress enough how important it is to hold yourself accountable in order to start living your best life.

You need to be honest with yourself and then also hold yourself accountable to the actionable steps that you made. If you aren’t holding yourself accountable then who will? Also, it can get a bit lonely on the journey of self improvement and creating your dream life. So it’s often best to focus on your own accountability rather than depending on others.

A good way to work on holding yourself accountable is to do a monthly check in at the end of every month. At the check in look at what progress you made this month and what you can do better or more of next month.

Tip 4: Keep all areas of your life in mind.

If you are trying to create your best possible life then you need to include all elements of your life.

Personal growth, mental wellness, career, finances, family, relationships, physical, etc. There are so many areas to keep in mind when you are working on this process of making your best life.

If you are just focusing on one or two areas of your life you won’t actually be creating your dream life.

I specifically want to remind you that personal growth and mental wellness are two very important but often overlooked areas of your life. So when you are making plans, goals, and vision boards make sure you are focusing on those two in edition to everything else.

If you need help with ideas for your personal growth element check out this post here!

Tip 5: Remember change comes from within.

This little tip is so important!

We often focus on outside influences. Especially when thinking about how our lives could be better. However, the ultimate change comes from within.

So, if you are wanting a better job in your dream life then you need to work for that and make it happen. You can’t just wait for the right job to reach out to you!

Instead of thinking about what others need to do for your dream life you need to focus on what you can do. So when you are visualizing and setting steps make sure to only include things you can change. And remember that the change comes from within you. It can’t just be change on the surface level.

Tip 6: Keep visualizing regularly.

Visualization is something that you will need to maintain regularly.

Just making a vision board at the beginning of this process is probably not enough! So take some time every week to think about your dream life. Try thinking not only about what it will look like but how you will internally feel if you have done the work to grow and better yourself.

By visualizing regularly you are keeping these dreams and goals at the forefront of your mind! Which is an essential part of staying inspired to design your best life.

Tip 7: Accept the changes.

This probably seems really obvious. And it is but it is still often forgotten!

When you aren’t in the mindset to accept things changing in your life then it will never change. Which means you can’t accept the changes that are necessary for creating your best life.

If you find yourself struggling to accept changes it is so important to address that. I recommend journaling to address it and following these prompts/questions:

  • What is the change you are struggling to accept?
  • How would this change play into your dream life?
  • What are you afraid of about this change?
  • What steps can you do to accept this change?
  • Visualize your future life with this change- what does it look like?

Hopefully those questions can help you start to accept that change so you can work towards creating your dream life.

Tip 8: Embrace the new challenges.

The final tip for how to create your dream life is to accept new challenges.

Making your dream life happen isn’t going to be easy. It will involve work and stepping out of your comfort zone. Which means you need to embrace new challenges that may come up during this process.

I talk about this a lot in my post about how to escape your comfort zone (linked here!) so I really recommend checking this out if you are struggling with accepting new challenges.


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